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Venue Navi

Have you ever been in Japan, wanted to see a live, but have had no idea how to get there? The staff at are putting together a comprehensive guide to live houses in Japan, making it easier for our readers to find their way around.

Included in our venue navi are easy-to-follow instructions on how to get there, information about the venue, maps and a few helpful hints. We hope that our guide helps you with your live going experiences in Japan!

If you’re looking for information on a venue that isn’t listed here, feel free to leave a comment and our staff will be on it!

Please be aware that most live houses have prohibited the following: outside food or drink, photography or video recording and sound recording.

Note: drink fees are subject to change, but are almost always either 500 or 600 yen. Most home pages do not have it listed out, so the information provided is often from memory.

















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