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Are you interested in the Japanese visual scene? Do you love to keep up to date with the scene and share the latest visual kei news? would love to have you on board! Research staff spend their time gathering raw information to help our news team with its work.
A research position at is ideal for anyone who wants to be a part of the team but does not speak English fluently or lacks confidence writing full articles.

What do you get out of volunteering for

  • The opportunity to be a part of a dedicated, professionally-minded team!
  • Experience building your research and Japanese skills in an exciting industry!

We have a few requirements for research team applications:

  • Motivation. You are willing and motivated to rock your teamwork skills to keep the site running smoothly, to contribute to the site’s growth, and to help promote the site when needed.
  • Dedication. You are not working for any other visual kei-related news site, and you are able to contribute research weekly.
  • Articulation. You have a strong command of English and a moderate command of Japanese (JLPT N3 or equivalent).
  • Education. You are interested in expanding your knowledge of the visual scene by making an effort to keep up with scene news and by researching bands outside of your sphere of interest.
  • Communication. You are reachable on a regular basis via e-mail or Skype.
  • Representation. You are able to conduct yourself (at least semi-) professionally and without bias for all site work and writing. does not offer monetary compensation to its staff.

Think you have what it takes?

With your application, please summarize the information clearly and concisely from the two following excerpts in the space provided. One is a standard announcement and the other is release information for Ernie’s band, The Erninators!

OHP Announcement






The Erninators’ information can be found here. In the specified box, please romanize the track lists of the CD and DVD releases and summarize the corresponding release details.


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