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A Bridge to Japan

As interest in the Japanese visual scene grows around the world, the number of international fans continues to rise. Every day, fans are looking for ways to learn about new artists and stay connected to their favourites. However, the language barrier can make it difficult to cultivate their interests, especially hundreds of miles away from the source. exists to bridge the gap between Japanese visual artists and their overseas fans by providing the latest news, information, interviews, and more in English.



About Us is currently maintained by a multilingual international staff which is largely based in Japan and the United States. The website was founded by Adrienne Tanner, “Mija,” and “Hideko,” and has been in operation since December 6th, 2007.

The site is updated regularly with the latest news from the visual scene in Japan such as release information, formation and disbandment notices, and live and event schedules. We also host a variety of special features:
Exclusive interviews
Live reports
Japanese venue information (Venue Navi)
・ Raffles & Contests is always expanding through original and exclusive content. We strive to provide our readers with up-to-date information in English and offer them a firsthand look into the visual scene.



Audience has acquired more than 40 thousand new readers in a one-year period from December 2016 to December 2017. Our readers have left their thoughts in over 29,000 comments across the website over the years.
With the convenience of the Internet, news on reaches an audience of more than one hundred countries. We are most frequently visited by readers from:

  1. The United States
  2. Japan
  3. Germany
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Indonesia
  6. Singapore
  7. Canada
  8. Brazil
  9. Russia
  10. Australia



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Contacting Us

We are always accepting press releases, interview requests, promotional materials for visual kei-related events and appearances, and affiliate offers. Members of the industry may contact our Editor-in-Chief Shannon at [email protected] in either Japanese or English.

General inquiries and English-language press releases can be sent to [email protected].



Disclaimer is not affiliated with any of the bands presented on the site. All images and media samples on the site are copyrighted to their respectful owners. Translations found on the site are done by staff members, and are not to be reproduced.

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