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DIAURA Dictatorial Garden Toyosu -unbreakable decision- 9.3.2017
Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 9:22pm in Featured, Live Reports

DIAURA Dictatorial Garden Toyosu -unbreakable decision- 9.3.2017


Since we last reported on DIAURA in 2016, the band has only gained speed. The band’s loyal followers, Gumin (愚民), gathered at Toyosu PIT on September 3rd, also known as “Gumin no Hi.” In past years, DIAURA has celebrated this day by holding free shows or guerilla lives in Shinjuku Station Square. This year, however, they decided to mix things up with an epic solo show.

The stage spoke tyranny and elegance – large cage-like structures were spaced out by long velvet curtains. A large screen was centered in the back, along with DIAURA’s logo.

When the lights went out, the audience roared with loud applause and cheering. The opening sound track—rock mixed with a tinge of EDM influence—was accompanied by blood red lights. The members took their places on stage, each entrance punctuated by a burst of even louder cheering from fans. When vocalist yo-ka took his place, the lights went up, revealing yo-ka’s deep red jacket.

Gumin no Hi 2017 opened with Tousakushou Resistance, a heavy but easy-to-follow track that had DIAURA’s followers to the very back of the venue pumping their fists in the air to the rhythm.

“Give me some more!” yo-ka screamed into the mic to introduce the next track, Akai Kyozou. The maniac 2013 track displayed yo-ka’s vertasile vocal range (and screaming range), while fans rocked their heads and joined in some call-and-response. “Scream!” yo-ka egged on the audience, later joined by drummer Tatsuya‘s call of “Come on!” The band was already in full throttle and they were only on their second song.

Shangri-La and Dancing in the Dark followed, the latter featuring disco lights. Gumin clapped to the catchy, jazz-like beat. The song closed with blue and purple strobe lights and wild headbanging from fans. We’ve heard some pretty intense fans in our past live reports on, but honestly, the cheering and member calls that accompanied the following darkness were almost deafening.

yo-ka delivered the first MC of the evening. He asked if everyone was having fun and officially welcomed everyone to Gumin no Hi 2017. He hoped everyone could leave the venue being proud to say they are DIAURA’s Gumin.

Red and green lights signaled blind message, a song that turned the venue into a sea of heads shaking wildly back and forth. Kei delivered a speedy and prolific guitar solo while bassist Shoya lent his voice to backing vocals. The band and fan chemistry was perfect, especially for the song that followed, Chaos Play. Hardly anyone in the venue was standing still.

The heavy beats of CRIMINAL BEAST and the death vocals of evil followed before the venue cooled down with Zangetsu no Tomoshibi. Following Mr. Isolation, yo-ka delivered his second MC of the night. DIAURA has been together for 7 years, but this marked the band’s 5th Gumin no Hi, he explained. He also realized that fans in the audience were probably a bit down lately with so many bands announcing their haituses and breakups, but yo-ka promised fans that DIAURA was only thinking of moving forward. They want to take their fans to even bigger and better places – even overseas. “I’m Japanese Master,” yo-ka said in English, drawing laughter from fans. He made them laugh even harder by introducing each member in English: “Japanese Tatsuya, Japanese Shoya, and Japanese Kei.” With this positive energy in mind, fans gave their all for the rest of the set, Noah and MASTER.

The band returned for an encore in band tees, beginning with the headbang- and mosh-inducing Beautiful Creature. Then each member said a few words during an extended Gumin no Hi MC. Tatsuya started off his introduction with a drum roll and member calls from fans. He thanked everyone for coming and lamented at how fast the show was coming to an end. He repeated yo-ka’s sentiment that he knew some fans were down about all the band breakups happening lately. He also understood that there were a lot of fans that couldn’t make it to this year’s Gumin no Hi and wanted to assure fans that their voices have been heard.

Shoya was next. He said he couldn’t sleep last night with excitement for the show and ended up going for a run. He said there’s a lot to be excited for and that DIAURA isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Kei thanked everyone—staff, fans, friends, and more—for their constant support. This was the band’s first time playing at Toyosu PIT, and he was a bit unsure of how it would turn out. He mused about how even though the stage setup in most venues are somewhat the same, the floor is usually different. PIT marked the biggest-capacity venue they’d played at to date. No matter the shape or size of the audience, though, Kei said he felt comforted by being able to look to his side and always see his band members with him. He also made the audience chuckle as he mused, “I wasn’t able to make it to the ocean this summer, but this audience is like an ocean. So I guess I made it to the ocean after all!”

yo-ka announced several of the band’s next big steps: a one-man tour and a full album release at the end of November. Each announcement was met with thunderous cheers from the audience. yo-ka asked everyone to join the band in their next steps.

The next song in the encore was actually a new song that they’d played once before and liked how the audience reacted to it – is DEAD. Fans danced left and right, headbanged in the heavy breakdown, and followed Master yo-ka’s lead for the parts they weren’t quite used to yet.

Garden of Eden followed, a bright ballad that brought a shower of golden streamers down onto the audience. DIAURA ended Gumin no Hi 2017 in a special way; they unveiled a brand new song dedicated to the Gumin themselves, titled Gumintou Sanka. Fans listened to the introduction with excitement and fans danced along to the heavy beat and red lights. And so, DIAURA closed out Gumin no Hi in exactly the way it should – celebrating not the band, but its passionate and supportive fans.


1. Tousakushou Resistance (倒錯症レジスタンス)
2. Akai Kyozou (赤い虚像)
3. Shangri-La (シャングリラ)
4. Dancing in the Dark (ダンシンインザダーク)
5. blind message
6. Chaos Play (カオスプレイ)
8. evil
9. Zangetsu no Tomoshibi (残月の灯)
10. Daybreaker
11. Mr. Isolation
12. Noah

En-1. Beautiful Creature
En-2. is DEAD
En-3. Garden of Eden
En-4. Gumintou Sanka (愚民党賛歌)


DIAURA Dictatorial Garden Toyosu -unbreakable decision- 9.3.2017 Reviewed by on . Since we last reported on DIAURA in 2016, the band has only gained speed. The band's loyal followers, Gumin (愚民), gathered at Toyosu PIT on September 3rd, also Since we last reported on DIAURA in 2016, the band has only gained speed. The band's loyal followers, Gumin (愚民), gathered at Toyosu PIT on September 3rd, also Rating: 0

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  • InLoveWithTatsuyaDIAURA

    Being a great fan of the band, read this have make beat so fast my heart and it have made me so emotive, I’m crying cuz I’m proud to be in the fandom of this band and I can’t wait to see them one day in overseas.
    I would recommand to all this band, they’re awesome

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