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SuG to Enter Indefinite Hiatus in September
Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 4:24am in Breaking News, Hiatus, Translations

SuG to Enter Indefinite Hiatus in September

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SuG has been charging towards their first Nippon Budokan show for months now, but unfortunately, it will mark an end as well as a milestone.

SuG has announced that following their Nippon Budokan show on September 2, 2017, the band will enter an indefinite activity pause. While it’s not the same as a breakup, there’s no guarantee as to when (or if) they will restart activities again. Read our translation of the official announcement and member comments below:

Thank you for your continuous support for SuG.
SuG has been together since 2007, but we will enter an indefinite hiatus soon.

Both band and staff discussed what would happen beyond the band’s 10th anniversary.
The result was the decision to enter an indefinite hiatus following our show at Nippon Budokan on September 2, 2017.
We sincerely apologize for this unexpected announcement.
We’d also like to thank our fans and those involved from the bottom of our hearts.
Please support the 5 members on their new roads and challenges.

We’ve said this already, but we extend our sincerest thanks to everyone that has loved and supported SuG.

July 31, 2017
FamEntertainment Inc.
The members and staff of SuG

We’ve done all that we could and all that we couldn’t.
Even that wasn’t enough to save SuG.
I’m so sorry to all of you. I’m truly, honestly disappointed by my weakness.

For me, someone who didn’t have any hopes or dreams, starting this band became my reason for living.
If it hadn’t been for my band members, staff, and everyone that supported me,
I wouldn’t have been able to experience such treasured moments and days.

Then there were times where nothing seemed to go right.
That’s when I, despite being the coward that I am, decided to take a risk in hope for the future.
I could do that thanks to our fans.
Even when I was weak and powerless, you gave me strength.
I’m so grateful that we’re able to be the positive, SuG-like band that we are until the end, even if it seems forced.

Maybe this is selfish of me, but I’d like to show my gratitude instead of apologizing with the little time we have left.

From the words and music torn from my heart to your hearts, you’ve saved me these past 10 years.

Thank you.


I can’t possibly express the amount of gratitude I feel towards everyone that supported SuG these past 10 years.
It’s even more impossible to express how sorry I am.
I’m really upset right now. But I’ve also gained a lot of strength and have been able to come this far thanks to the support of our fans and those involved.
We’re finally reaching our goal of playing at the Nippon Budokan. I’m sorry that there’s nothing past that.
I want to show everyone what these past 10 years have added up to at our Budokan show. Please experience that with us.
Thank you for all of your support until now.


I don’t think fans want to hear excuses, so I won’t make excuses.
I’m sorry!
I don’t think I’ll ever be on stage again after this, but I think there are some members that will continue in the music industry. Please support them!
I want to face our greatest challenge by having the most intense, positive SuG live ever. I’d be grateful if you could help make that happen.
Let’s be positive until the end and rock the Budokan!


I’m sorry for this unexpected announcement.
I’ve powered through 10 years of my life with SuG.
Though we stopped for a while, I honestly regret having to say that something I’ve been doing for a third of my life will be coming to an end.
We knew it’d be even more difficult to keep going on, so that’s why we charged through until we hit 10 years.
But in the end, we know it’s because of our own faults and weaknesses that it’s come to this.
I’m not sure what will become of us and our musical lives after this, but I do know that I’m extremely grateful to all of the fans, staff–and more than anyone, the band members–for spending these days and months with me.
Thank you so much!
In my own musical career, I’ve met, left, and reunited with all kinds of people.
I’m not sure where we’ll all end up, but I want you to support everyone in their future choices.
To everyone that shared the most amazing 10 years of my life,
I promise the Nippon Budokan show on September 2 will be our best on in SuG’s 10 years, so look forward to it!


We’ve done nothing but look forward in these 10 years as SuG.
It’s been 8 years since I joined.
We’ve overcome so many difficulties in order to finally reach the Budokan.
We’ve been helped by so many people to get where we are today.
From the support I’ve received from these amazing members, the staff backstage, and from our loving fans,
it’s all become my fortune.
I have nothing but gratitude for everyone that I’ve met. Thank you so much.
We’re facing the last day we have to create a show with our fans.
This is the culmination of SuG. Whether you face it smiling or crying, let’s make it the best.


While we’re still not sure what the members will end up doing, we do know that yuji will not be continuing in his music career. As for Takeru, many fans are probably wondering what will happen to his solo activities and his solo project Uwakimono. According to a Tweet he made last night, all of that is up in the air as well, since he will be leaving his label and management company entirely.

Do you know where SuG’s members will end up? Are you attending their final show at Nippon Budokan? Let us know!

Sources: OHP, Takeru’s Twitter

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SuG to Enter Indefinite Hiatus in September Reviewed by on . SuG has been charging towards their first Nippon Budokan show for months now, but unfortunately, it will mark an end as well as a milestone. SuG has announced t SuG has been charging towards their first Nippon Budokan show for months now, but unfortunately, it will mark an end as well as a milestone. SuG has announced t Rating: 0

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