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sukekiyo “Rakka suru getsumen” 6.13.2017
Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 9:49am in Featured, Live Reports

sukekiyo "Rakka suru getsumen" 6.13.2017


sukekiyo 6.13.2017 Tokyo International Forum Hall C
“Rakka suru getsumen”

Since their beginnings in 2013, sukekiyo has been drawing interest from fans worldwide. Headed by DIR EN GREY‘s own Kyo, the 5-member band is known for putting on shows in both livehouse and hall settings that boast high-quality light and visual sets, technical instrument setups, and their unique, maniac music.

Rakka suru getsumen” is a series of hall shows based on the band’s latest release “ADORATIO.” The first show in the three-stop tour took place at Tokyo’s International Forum Hall C, which was completely sold out, despite it being a weekday.

The black-clad audience fell into a dead silence as the lights went down. A thin screen separated the stage from the audience. The dark and eerie sounds of giji necromancer—a track off of “ADORATIO”—permeated the stillness. The members were present on stage, but the thin screen barred them from vision; backlighting only revealed the members’ passing shadows. Monochrome visuals of flowers and more flashed on the giant screen. Some lyrics to the song in both Japanese and English were displayed at points through the song.

The thin screen lifted and revealed the members clad in black—Kyo sporting black hair; bassist Yuchi in twin braids, and the remaining members Takumi (guitar, piano, manipulator), Uta (guitar), and Mika (drums) in equally dark attire. A series of microphones and instruments were set up around vocalist Kyo, each to come into play throughout the show.

leather field followed the opening track, the members thrashing heads to the heavy and dramatic song. Then hidauta followed, a melodic harp opening giving way to sukekiyo’s signature maniac sound, emphasized by a brilliant display of lasers and lights. Interestingly, the English translation of the lyrics was shown on the back screens throughout the song.

Uta’s acoustic chords led into mannerism na tsumetai souretsusya. In this dark and sultry tune, the cameras behind Kyo’s microphone came into play; though his back was to the audience, his teasing face was displayed in HD screens set above the stage. It allowed audience members even in the back of the venue an intimate glimpse of the vocalist, and at times, the other members.

focus followed, and then came en. The official PV for this was displayed on all screens, offering an interesting juxtaposition between the members in the PV and the members on stage.

A brief interlude in which the piano, guitar, manipulator, and drum skills of each member was displayed followed. This led into hemimetabolism, a mostly instrumental track off of sukekiyo’s first release, “IMMORTALIS.”

Uta took bow to electric guitar in the song that followed, saredo michizure. Fog machines obscured the members briefly, transforming the venue into a stormy sky when the bright lasers cut through. Kyo danced in an almost robotic manner, and Takumi showed off some of his keyboard and manipulator skills. The slow but uneven rhythm, coupled with Kyo’s constantly changing voice, could have unsettled anyone.

The intensity picked up once more with shiryou no ariana. Heavy, almost tribal percussion gave way to fast-paced beat. Kyo utilized the voice-distorting microphones set up behind him, and Yuchi lent his strength to Mika’s percussion with a small drum and manipulator of his own. Takumi abandoned his keyboards to deliver some fast-picked guitar notse.

The members reverted to their original instruments for vandal, also an earlier song in the band’s short but illustrious career thus far. The crazy rhythm and instrumentals brought out each of the members’ personalities. Yuchi provided screaming back vocals. For gunya ketsuron, soshite chimanako., red light saturated the audience. The tune built in intensity until it reached a point of insanity, then came to an abrupt end. Then followed mimi zozo, a track that was released at previous hall shows. The song set vocals at the main focus, in a more tradition band sound.

Mika’s fast and steady pace led the band into aoguroi hysteria, a song that again featured the contrast of acoustic and electric guitar; manipulator and piano; and melodic and screaming vocals.
anima and aftermath brought the show towards a calm end. The thin screen went down once more for aftermath, so that the performance appeared almost like a shadow play.

The final song of the night was naburi, a relatively low-key song that abruptly developed into death metal growls and manipulators. Kyo and the other members thrased heads wildly, letting loose their last reserves of energy. The credits for the show rolled past, and the acoustic ending brought “Rakka suru getsumen” to as silent and as dark of an ending as its beginning.



1. giji necromancer (疑似ネクロマンサー)
2. leather field
3. hidauta (襞謳 )
4. mannerism na tsumetai sourestusya (マニエリスムな冷たい葬列者)
5. focus
6. en (艶)
7. hemimetabolism
8. saredo michizure (されど道連れ)
9. shiryou no ariana (死霊のアリアナ)
10. vandal
11. gunya ketsuron. soshite chimanako. (グニャ結論。そして血眼。)
12. mimi zozo (耳ゾゾ)
13. aoguroi hysteria (黝いヒステリア)
14. anima
15. aftermath
16. naburi (嬲り)

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