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[Interview] A Introduction to SARIGIA
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[Interview] A Introduction to SARIGIA


A while ago, you readers suggested that we introduce the new and upcoming band SARIGIA. Not only have we done that – we also managed to land an interview with them! In this interview, you’ll find out how the band formed, what their goals are as a band, and more. Read until the end to find out how to win a special prize.

An Introduction to SARIGIA

-Let’s start off with member introductions.
Asuka: I’m Asuka on vocals.
Natsu: I’m Natsu, the guitarist.
Shoma: I’m Shoma, the bassist.
Mizuki: I’m Mizuki on drums.

-SARIGIA has been active since the beginning of 2018, but when did the band initially form?
Mizuki: We announced the band’s formation on December 1st, 2017.

-How did you all come together to form the band?
Mizuki: Natsu and I decided to play in a band together, and then we invited Asuka and Shoma.

-Did you all know each other prior to forming the band?
Mizuki: Natsu and I knew each other, yeah.
Asuka: I didn’t know the others before joining.

-What was your first impression of each other?
Asuka: I thought Shoma seemed like a really nice guy.

-Is he actually a nice guy?
Asuka: Yeah, he is. (laughs)

-What made you want to start SARIGIA? What kind of band do you want to be?
Mizuki: We want to be a cool band. We want to express beauty and raw emotion.

-Do you have a concept?
Asuka: Not in particular.

-Where did the name “SARIGIA” come from?
Asuka: It’s the first letter from each of the 7 Deadly Sins, but we’ve changed the “L” from “lust” into “R.”

-What sorts of goals do you have as a band?
Mizuki: Well, we’re not doing this to just make money. We don’t like bands that do that.
Shoma: It’s not something you’re supposed to say, but that’s the one thing we absolutely don’t want to do. We want to do what we think is fun.

-So, what do you think is fun? What do you want to do as a band?
Mizuki: Dark and cool music.

-Is that the kind of music you listen to?
Asuka: Yeah, but we listen to a bit of everything.
Natsu: I like DIR EN GREY.
Shoma: I listen to a variety of music. I love DIR EN GREY, but I also like bright and poppy music. The members want to play more heavy music, so that’s what I’m focusing on now.
Mizuki: I listen to a lot of Western music. I also listen to dubstep, like Skrillex.
Asuka: My taste in music is also varied. What inspired me to start doing music was Japanese rock and pop, like Bump of Chicken. I wasn’t really the type to listen to music.

-Then what made you want to join a band?
Asuka: When I was in school, my friends showed me some live music footage, and I thought, “Wow, that’s cool.” I didn’t want to try it myself at first, but that feeling grew. It started from a simple feeling.

-Does the music you listen to have a big influence on SARIGIA’s music?
Mizuki: Not really, but I do keep overseas music in mind when I write songs.

-Is there any specific band you can compare SARIGIA’s sound to?
Mizuki: Memphis May Fire.

-What kind of lyrics do you write? Are they based on your personal experiences?
Asuka: They’re not so much based on my own experiences as me telling a story.

-Let’s talk a bit about your first single, “RUIN.” What kind of concept is it based on?
Natsu: Ruins.
Mizuki: It’s about reducing the current state of Visual kei to ruins.

-Why do you want to do that?
Mizuki: Everyone just copies each other. It’s not interesting anymore. There aren’t any cool bands anymore, so we want to be a cool band.

-What makes SARIGIA stand out from other Visual kei bands?
Natsu: A lot of foreign fans come to our shows. We get a lot of messages from fans on social media, too.

-You’ve also released a venue-limited single. Releases like that are a bit difficult for overseas fans to get their hands on…
Natsu: But international fans that come to our shows can buy copies for their friends…
Asuka: Those songs will eventually be released on an album, so please wait until then.
Mizuki: It’s hard to sell CD’s lately.

-Is that why you have some of your songs exclusively on YouTube?
Mizuki: Yeah, we’ll release something else around summertime, probably.

-Can we ask why you’ve disabled comments on those uploads?
Natsu: We don’t want people to be influenced by other people’s comments. We want you to listen and create your own impression.

-How would you describe a SARIGIA show to someone who’s never seen you before?
Mizuki: We can’t really explain it. It’s an exciting type of show. But you can’t really understand unless you come see us.

-And for fans who aren’t able to see your shows live…?
Mizuki: We’ll upload live footage.

-SARIGIA isn’t currently with a label or management company. That means you’re doing everything on your own, right?
Mizuki: Yes. I do the recording, mixing, and mastering on my own.

-What are some of the benefits of that? Some of the difficulties?
Natsu: One benefit is that we can do what we want.
Mizuki: One difficulty is that we get cheated. People just take our money.

-We’ve noticed that Asuka has a lot of English on his Instagram account.
Asuka: Yeah, I mostly write in English on there. I’m studying a bit. Recently, I get messages from fans in English every day. There are times when I can’t understand what they’re trying to tell me. Sometimes I get around 15 messages a day. There are some fans that will put what they want to say into Google Translate for me, but there are still messages that I can’t understand.

-Has your English improved since you started studying?
Asuka: A little, but there’s still a lot that I don’t understand.

-How about the other members? How’s your English?
Natsu: I’m not good at English.

-When you post on social media in English, are you doing it with your overseas fans in mind?
Natsu: I just do it for show, honestly. But I do use more English on Instagram since there seem to be more overseas fans using Instagram. We really have a lot of overseas fans.

-Do you want to play overseas someday?
All: Yeah, we want to.

-Where do you want to go?
Natsu: America! Maybe at a rock fest.

-Why America?
Natsu: Because there’s more freedom in rock there.
Shoma: In the “RUIN” music video, the Statue of Liberty makes an appearance.*
Natsu: We’d also like to go to Europe. We hear that Visual kei is more popular there.
*Editor’s Note: You can see a glimpse of it at around 1:50 into the “RUIN” PV.

-What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
Mizuki: We’ll host an event show on August 28 at Shibuya REX.

-Finally, please give a message to your fans and our readers at
Asuka: If you’re reading this and hearing about SARIGIA for the first time, I hope you’ve found us interesting and give our music a listen.
Natsu: We want to go overseas someday, so listen to our music a lot!
Shoma: If you happen to be in Japan for travel or something else, come see SARIGIA live.
Mizuki: If you’re reading this, listen to our music!!

If you’re in Japan, definitely check them out live at the show they’ll host on August 28 at Shibuya REX. Check out their official homepage for details.

We’re giving away one signed autograph board as a freebie to one lucky reader. Enter using one or all of the Rafflecopter entry methods by June 8 to have a shot at winning!


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  • Fenja

    I really love Sarigia♡ managed to get my hands on the live limited cd so thank you very much for the interview!!!

  • Miyagahy

    OMG Thank you so much for this! I love this band so much. I am expecting them to grow fast, their 1st song is great. Asuka voice is beautiful. Cant wait to hear more from them!

  • Username*

    I love you guys! Your interview was amazing! Y’all are so talented and please follow your dreams! I really want to hear more soon! Hopefully I see you someday!!!

  • MTsuzuku

    Awesome interview. Thank you. ❤

  • Kasou

    Hey amazing interview! I found these guys as soon as they first started back in December and always continued to support and love them~ I have both there Limited & Regular version of RUIN and I also have there live limited release DECAYED! it’s amazing!! + some cheki photo’s too :)

    I love SARIGIA and I am a big fan, I will always continue to support them!

    there music, instrumental, vocal & visual is amazing and very inspiring, it always seems like they work extra hard and I love and appreciate that!

    anyway thank you for this interview and I hope to see more interviews with SARIGIA in the future!

    Thank you very much!

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  • Kasou

    I hope to see SARIGIA in Canada one day!

    I would love to see them!

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    I’ve been a fan since I first heard about the band forming! It’s nice to finally know the members a bit better. Thank you for this interview!

  • yumi

    I love this band so much, so thank you for the interview !!
    I really hope they could come to France♥

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    Excited to see more of this band, they’re really right up on the alley on bands I like to listen to!

  • Nina Nide

    Looks pretty interresting!

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    Very interesting interview! :)

    I follow this band since their very beginning and keep loving them so much♥♥♥

    I want them to go on Europe tour soon♥♥

    Thank you for promoting the band^o^

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    I second that as a fellow Canadian! ^-^

  • Kris Wright

    Loved it! I love reading all of these interviews, it’s nice to be able to hear from these bands from so far away!

  • Chalkbird

    I’ve been following SARIGIA since they started and I love them.
    It’s nice to see or rather hear something different to what most bands do right now.
    And of course a nice voice like Asuka has is a huge plus <3

  • Chi_sakurayuu

    They seem to be an interesting band. I’ll definitely check them out after this nice interview

  • Jennifer W

    I do hope you all come to America some day! I’d love to catch a show.

  • Celticmoorish

    First of all… thank you very much for this interview to SARIGIA – also thanks to them to be able to do it.

    I got pretty interested on them for the very beginning when I randomly found them. I manage a page of Jrock (Jrock Portugal) on Facebook and Twitter and I promptly introduced them in both pages. How couldn’t I share them? 😛
    We have quality on here!
    I got amazed to that some of their values and thoughts/concernings towards Visual Kei scene are the same as mine – while as fan – that is also the same thought of other brilliant and beloved band of mine.

    I’m looking forward for their upcoming works. 😉

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