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Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Moi dix Mois
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 4:36am in Events

Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Moi dix Mois

(C) Midi:Nette

By 12:45 p.m. on Friday, April 6th, the line for Moi dix Mois’s Q&A session had grown long enough that fans toward the back were being told they might not make it in. Convention staff darted around making sure everything was in order and at 1 p.m. the line shuffled in and filled the room. At 1:30, Moi dix Mois was introduced to the delight of the gathered crowd, and the session began abruptly after the band entered from the back of the room.

We would like to note that the following questions were asked by various attendees and members of the press. Many of the answers were given directly from the members in English. Photography/audio/video were not permitted, therefore, this is not an absolute transcription but was notated and compiled to the best of our abilities.

Notated by Ku & Juri
Photography courtesy & copyright Midi:Nette
Not for republication.

For Mana – Will you ever make a Matin Mana plush?
Mana via Interpreter: We would like to think very much about our plans for that.

You’ve recently celebrated your 10th Anniversary. Where do you see yourself, or artistically, where do you see yourself going in the next 10 years?
Mana via K: Mana-Sama says, we’re not quite sure yet, but we are releasing a new album in the summer.

What are your band influences?
Mana via K: Mana-sama says Malmsteen.

Any hope for a MALICE MIZER reunion?
Mana via K: In September there will be a live with Kozi and Yu~ki.

Any chance for international releases of back catalog releases?
Mana via K/Interpreter: For now, that is still to be decided.

Might you tour in America?
Mana via K/Interpreter: That’s to be decided.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever written?
Mana via K: The Seventh Veil, in D+Sect.

How long does your hair (and makeup) take for a live?
Hayato: One hour.
Seth: Two hours.
Mana via K: Two and a half hours.
K: Me too [two and a half hours].
Sugiya: Fifteen minutes!

What is the source of your inspiration?
Mana via K: In heart.

For Mana – What will be your next hair color?
Mana via K/Interpreter: You’ll have to look forward to it.

Did you know [Mana’s] blog is translated into English, and English speakers can read it?
Mana via K: He’s so glad.

How does the band feel about being in Seattle and seeing their fans?
Hayato: Thanks.
Seth: I’m happy.
Mana via Interpreter: I’m very happy to be able to eat seafood and seaweed in America.
K: I’m glad to see you.
Sugiya: Very happy

For K – Do you find that you enjoy screaming?
K: (screams) YEAH!! …it’s answer.

Have you seen any cool goth-loli costumes at the convention?
Mana via Interpreter: I’d like to take time after this panel to explore and find some.

Is the fashion you wear at concerts the same you wear every day?
Mana via Interpreter: These are costumes that we wear for live performances.

For Mana – Are you ever planning to reopen Mon+amor International?
Mana via Interpreter: We’ll look in to that.

Is the whole band interested in metal? What other bands do you like?
Seth: (hesitates, laughing) Beatles. BEATLES!
Mana via K: SLAYER!
K: Slipknot.
Sugiya: Queensryche.

For Sugiya – Whose idea was your makeup?
Sugiya: Mana-sama’s.

For Seth – What anime character would you cosplay?
Seth: Ryuk in Death Note.

For Mana – If you were stranded on a deserted island what would you bring with you?
Mana via K: Guitar, Jeune Fille.

For Seth – How do you feel about the overseas fan base?
Seth: I’m just happy.

What’s your favorite drink?
Hayato: Beer.
Seth: Me too.
Mana via K: Pepsi.
K: I like Red Bull.
Sugiya: Of course, beer!!

Describe the band mate next to you in one word.
Sugiya: (to K) Yuck.
K: (to Mana) My boss.
Mana: (to Seth, via Interpreter) Eye patch.
Seth: (to Hayato) Tomboy.
Hayato: (to Sugiya) Drunk.

For K – Visually, what’s your biggest inspiration?
K: I like Tim Burton.

For Mana – What originally inspired you to start in fashion?
Mana via Interpreter: At the time there was no gothic-lolita style so I wanted to make that happen.

For Seth – What’s it like to be in both Art Cube and Moi dix Mois at the same time?
Seth: I’m the vocalist for Moi dix Mois; I know nothing else.

For Hayato – If you had to choose any job beside musician, what would it be?
Hayato: Chef.

Do you have any beauty tips?
Hayato: Beer.
Seth: Eye patch.
Mana via K: (laughs) Just makeup.
K: I think, love.
Sugiya: Alcohol.


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