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[Live Report] sleepyhead “meltbeat” Tour 3/17/2019
Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 10:08pm in Featured, Live Reports

[Live Report] sleepyhead "meltbeat" Tour 3/17/2019

sleepyhead “meltbeat” Tour 3.17.2019


We got the down-low on sleepyhead‘s new release “meltbeat” in our interview with Takeru, and now we’ve been to see it live. On March 17, exactly one year since the project’s first show ever, sleepyhead kicked off their “meltbeat” tour in downtown Tokyo at Shibuya eggman. The audience consisted exclusively of S.A.C.T members, a nickname for the project’s fan club-slash-street team.

The stage was set simply, with only a black sheet with “sleepyhead” written in white flanking the stage. Intro music played in the background, lights refracted onto the audience via disco ball, and fans clapped to the beat until sleepyhead’s members took the stage one by one: Yuya on drums, Shin on bass, Kaoru on keyboard and manipulator, and finally, vocal and project leader Takeru danced on stage.

The set kicked off with meltbeat, which fans eagerly responded to. Kekkyoku from sleepyhead’s previous release “DRIPPING” followed. Takeru and members used their space on the stage generously, hardly staying still for a moment. Kaoru played a keyboard introduction to the next song, BACK TO THE FIRST DAY, with high backtrack vocals alternating with Takeru’s live ones. The melodic trend of songs continued with the slightly more high-energy Ato no Matsuri de, which featured a bass solo from Shin and lots of opportunities for fans to jump to the beat of Yuya’s drums.

Takeru took a moment to thank S.A.C.T members—or “coworkers,” as he named them—for coming to sleepyhead’s first birthday show. He joked that when recently asked, “How old are you?” he answered, “I’m 1 year old.” He expressed his gratitude to fans, saying that he didn’t even know if he’d be able to continue sleepyhead for a year, but that now he was embarking on a nationwide tour.

The band continued the set with akubi_girl, with Takeru smiling the entire song. Fans rocked their head side to side for HURT OF DELAY, and then were surprised when the band began to play Sakura Ame by SuG. The song featured low lights and a comparatively somber mood.

Takeru took a break in the set to try and talk to Shin, who admitted he was a little nervous about the first day of the tour. “Are you nervous, too?” the sleepyhead leader asked the crowd, poking fun at their lack of energy. “No,” was the resounding reply. So Takeru pumped up fans by saying, “Let’s get crazy, Tokyo!” until he was satisfied with the response.

Nettaiya brought up the heat (literally), prompting fans to wave towels in the air and sing along during the chorus. WANT ME BACK and 1 2 3 for hype sex heaven followed, getting fans moving more. The craziest song of the night had to be heartbreaker from “meltbeat,” which despite its debut performance, made fans most excited. Kyouen Souzou followed, and then the set ended with ALIVE and sleepyhead’s catchphrase, “The moon is beautiful tonight, isn’t it?”

The band left the stage, but they were back before long. Takeru expressed his surprise and happiness at S.A.C.T members’ reaction to heartbreaker. He even jokingly accused them of hijacking the song before it was released. He then introduced each member, then made a couple of announcements. sleepyhead rounded off their show with Meitei, which had everyone jumping, and a second round of the title song of the project’s new release, meltbeat.

1. meltbeat
2. Kekkyoku (結局)
4. Ato no Matsuri de (アトノマツリデ)
5. akubi_girl
7. Sakura Ame (桜雨)
8. Nettaiya (熱帯夜)
10. 1 2 3 for hype sex heaven
11. heartbreaker
12. Kyouen Souzou (狂宴騒々)
En-1. Meitei (酩酊)
En-2. meltbeat


[Live Report] sleepyhead “meltbeat” Tour 3/17/2019 Reviewed by on . sleepyhead “meltbeat” Tour 3.17.2019 We got the down-low on sleepyhead's new release “meltbeat” in our interview with Takeru, and now we've been to see it live. sleepyhead “meltbeat” Tour 3.17.2019 We got the down-low on sleepyhead's new release “meltbeat” in our interview with Takeru, and now we've been to see it live. Rating: 0

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