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[Interview] A Chat with JILUKA
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[Interview] A Chat with JILUKA


When we asked you all which bands you wanted to interview in 2018, an overwhelming amount of you said JILUKA. Well, your wish has been granted. With a big solo show coming up on May 20 and talk of a new album out within the year, we thought they’d have something to talk about.

In this interview, the band tells us about all of that and more, including how their relationship as a band has changed since we last interviewed them, and what tuned they’ve been listening to lately. Read until the end to find out how you can win one of two very special prizes!

-So, the last time we talked was a little over two years ago. How has your relationship as band members changed since then?
Sena: Our roots haven’t changed, but since then we’ve clarified the way that we want to express ourselves as a band. It’s more unified. We’ve found out how to mesh together what each of us think is cool. I’ve been noticing that a lot lately.
Zyean: Compared to a couple of years ago, I think our musical skills have really improved.
Sena: But even more than that…
Zyean: But even more than that…our songwriting sense has improved.
Sena: But even more than our songwriting sense, Boogie…
Boogie: But even more than our songwriting sense…we understand better how to express ourselves at live shows, and I think has made us become more of a band in the very sense of the word.
Sena: But even more than becoming more of a band, Ricko…
Boogie: I just summed everything up!
Ricko: I think the band members [besides me] have really improved.
Everyone: (laugh)
Ricko: They’re even better than two years ago. They get along better and have more energy now. We’re able to talk about things with each other now that we couldn’t tell each other one or two years ago. I guess that’s what happens when you spend a lot of time together. We are friends.

-Last time we talked, you told us that you weren’t ready to reveal the meaning of your band name, “JILUKA.” How about now?
Sena: It’s still secret.

-When can you tell us?
Boogie: On our 20th anniversary.

-Tell us about one interesting thing that happened last year.
Zyean: We had an in-store event where we were crossdressers…I arranged that event. That was really interesting. It would be fun if it happened again.

-You’ve been posting some pretty interesting videos on Twitter lately, Ricko. How do you come up with those?
Ricko: It’s whatever I come up with at the moment. When I want to get pumped, I get pumped.
Zyean: You’re always like that.
Ricko: No I’m not.

-Please tell us about your goals for 2018, both personally and as a band.
Sena: My personal and band goals are the same. First, I want to make our solo show on May 20, 2018 at TSUTAYA O-WEST the best that JILUKA has ever had.
Boogie: I’m looking forward to our O-WEST solo show, but in preparation for that big show, I want to continue to improve [as a band].
Zyean: I want our O-WEST show to be one that sticks in peoples’ memories, so I want to work towards that.
Ricko: I want to improve my handwriting.

-Do you have any special plans for your upcoming solo show at TSUTAYA O-WEST?
Ricko: We can’t tell you the specifics yet, but we’re preparing something really interesting. It will make everyone go, “What?” We’ll try our best to pull it off.

-We know you’re planning to release a new album in 2018. You’re probably still in the planning stage, but what can you tell us about it now? What kind of album do you want it to be?
Sena: We’ll keep our JILUKA style intact…
Boogie: …but we also want to try a new sound.
Sena: In a good way.

-What kind of music have you been listening to lately?
Boogie: Utada Hikaru.
Zyean: I’ve been listening to Gospel [the band] a lot lately. I’ve been studying it. The drum parts are really popular among metal drummers right now.

-Are they difficult to play?
Zyean: Yes, they’re difficult. I still haven’t figured out how some of it goes together.
Sena: But if it’s Zyean…
Zyean: …I can do it!
Sena: I’ve been listening to Maroon 5’s “This Love.” I’m also really into Skrillex.
Ricko: I’ve also been into T.M. Revolution. His singing style teaches me a lot.

-If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be (both in a realistic and an unrealistic sense)?
Zyean: Meshuggah.
Boogie: You want to play a show with them? Or do you want to collaborate with them?
Zyean: Collaborate.
Boogie: What would you do?? (laughs)
Zyean: Switch out the drummers…like “feat. Tomas Haake.”
Boogie: But that’s your part!
Everyone: (laugh)
Ricko: I want to collaborate with Nocturnal Bloodlust.
Boogie: It’s not really a collaboration, but I’d like to play more shows with more metal artists.
Sena: I want to collaborate with different types of performers, like dancers or comedians. I also think something with actors in a movie would be interesting. I want to do something unconventional.

-What is “Visual kei” to you?
Ricko: Beauty. Beautiful, piercing, smooth…
Boogie: What’s piercing about it? (laughs)
Ricko: Huh?
Boogie: I think it’s a form of expression.
Zyean: There’s a lot of freedom of expression in Visual kei.
Boogie: It’s not defined by any one genre of music.
Zyean: Anything goes, whether it’s good or bad.
Sena: If we’re speaking honestly here, I think it’s like a combination of many different art forms.

-Finally, please give a message to your fans and our readers at
Boogie: We haven’t had any chances to play overseas yet, so if you’re really interested in seeing us, make a trip to Japan. Please continue to give us your support!
Zyean: I believe we’ll continue to improve our songs and our musical skills, so I want you to expect more from us.
Ricko: There are a lot of fun places to visit in Japan. Think of us as the “Last Samurais.” Make time to see us while you’re sightseeing in Japan. Come see some samurai. I think you’ll have fun.
Sena: I want to cherish the support we get from our fans not only in Japan, but also from fans around the world. I’ve noticed a lot of response from fans overseas in particular lately. I’ve been trying to give those overseas fans something a bit more on platforms like Instagram. I’m hoping it makes us more accessible to them. Maybe it will make it easier for you to come see our O-WEST solo show. We hope to be a band that can play overseas someday.

The prizes we’re giving away this time include an official JILUKA band towel and a JILUKA member pin set. You can enter using any or all of the entry methods on Rafflecopter until March 21. Get sharing, but remember to keep things fair!

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  • starlessking

    What an interesting read! Thank you for doing yet another great interview with the boys! I too want to improve my handwriting Ricko!

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    They really did improve during those two years. Saw them live three times by now and their shows are so much fun, I’d say they’re one of the best bands out there right now. Hope they’ll get the chance to tour outside of Japan some day!

  • Rue

    Thank you for this great interview. I laughed a lot reading their words.

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    good lord… if Ricko and Hiro met, Boogie would have a field day…

    #今日のりっちょ #リコキンTV

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    Thanks for another great interview! I always enjoy reading what these guys have to say.

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    Thanks for the interesting interview! I have friends who are big fans of them and it would be totally awesome to see them perform with NCBL too! Can’t wait to see more from them! Wee

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    Thank you, it was a interesting interview!

  • DKjapanesefreak

    Absolutely stunning how these guys have grown, and continue to do so.

    I hope they’ll get around to re-record SICKS, as it being their very first song, it’d be amazing to hear it with their current abilities.

  • jonnyMAGNUM

    The boys never fail to make me chuckle.

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    Saw them live once and they were extremely good! Can’t wait to see them again.
    A great band with huge potential.

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    I know why I love them.

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    Gosh, I would absolutely DIE if JILUKA did a collab with Nocturnal Bloodlust some day!

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    These pins look great, love the interview!


    They are a awesome band and deserve the BEST💕

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