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ViViD to Disband in April
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ViViD to Disband in April

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ViViD announced on January 28th that they will be disbanding on April 29th, 2015. Their upcoming tour starting in February, “THE BEGINNING of THE END,” will be their last. According to the official announcement on their OHP, the members have simply come to see that their futures lie on separate paths. Read the full translation of the announcement and member comments below (translated by your truly):

An Important Announcement for Our Fans and Staff

ViViD has been together since 2009.04.19, but following our 2015.04.29 (Wed) performance at Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai-Hall, we will put an end to band activities.

We sincerely apologize to all of our supportive fans and staff for causing both worry and trouble with this sudden announcement.

We thank you for your support during these past 6 years of band activities from the bottom of our hearts.
ViViD will perform band activities until the last show on 2015.04.29 (Wed) at Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai-Hall with that gratitude in mind.
Please continue to give us your support.


PS Company
Representative Director Ozaki Tomomi

ViViD will disband with our 4.29 live at Pacifico Yokohama as our last show.

So that I don’t leave any regrets behind in my life as ViViD’s Shin, I’ll give everything I’ve got to give an answer to

“Thank you for all” to everyone who has supported us
“From the beginning” – the new me that will be reborn because of my decision to end one of my lives in ViViD.

I’ll risk everything I am and everything I’ve been until now

Until the moment when the curtain falls, to keep singing to everyone that has helped us.


First of all, I want to express my feelings of gratitude to everyone that has given us their support.
Really, thank you so much for all of your warm support.
I want to make our last show as ViViD on 04.29 a show where the 5 of us—who will be walking on separate paths—can unite.

My chest hurts when I think of how you’ll all react to this disbandment announcement.
But, I’m not going to stop playing guitar until the day I die, so I’ll play guitar with even more energy than ever.
I’ll express my feelings through my guitar.

I hope you can make your way to see the 5 of us play somewhere in the time we have left to perform.

Thank you for all of your support until now.
Please continue to give us your support.

I thought ViViD would always be the future and the dreams that we strove for.
The future we drew when we stopped suddenly, the music I want to express through being in the band.
We were granted the experience of playing in ViViD, and because we’ve grown from those experiences, we’ve gradually started to see other, separate futures.
As well as not being able to align our feelings as 5 members, we also thought that it has become difficult to play music together.
We’ll disband after our next tour.
Every day that people have listened to us, that I’ve played music at places I’ve never been to, and that come to worry so much about this [announcement] because of music – it’s all been one happy dream.
I’m nothing but grateful to all of our supportive fans and staff for coming along with us.
I want to crash into the end with everything I’ve got, wrapping up my gratitude and leaving no regrets behind. I want you to think that we’ve been an awesome band.
These have been a warm and vivid 6 years for me.
Thank you so much for supporting us.

The 6 years I’ve spent with ViViD have been truly happy ones.
I was able to face music seriously.
I’ve experienced a lot of society’s harshness and absurdity.
More than anything, I’ve grown as a person.
The reason I wanted to play music was because music saved me during a time when I gave up on my dreams in school and had a huge setback.
“I want to change someone’s life with music.” “I want to give those who can’t stand strength.”
I really believed in those things.
“Listening to ViViD gave me strength.” “I started a band because ViViD’s music saved me.”
Then I started hearing those kinds of comments.
That alone is enough to make me glad that I played with ViViD.
Our songs will linger forever.
I want to be a band that you love even after we break up.
But we’re not done just yet.
I still have a lot to say.
I’ve been looking for the right words in my head all day,
But I can’t express all of my feelings well enough.
I probably won’t play in front of you again,
So I want to give ViViD all I’ve got.
I’ve come to say “Thank you” easily,
But that’s not enough to express the strength of my feelings.
I’m sort of clumsy, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to convey it properly,
But I want to express my feelings little by little starting today.

Please give us your support until the very end.

People can change through music.
I’ll prove that.

I’m sorry for shocking you all with this news.
We started talking about the idea of disbandment in the spring.
We decided it after talking about our future plans among the members over and over.
It was really painful to play shows after we decided to disband. It felt like we were lying to you.
I’d think about a lot of things during shows and feel like crying,
But I wanted to make each and every live awesome, so that everyone could see the ViViD we are now.
We’re not breaking up because we’re not getting along or that we don’t like ViViD anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault.
It’s just that we’ve come to see the roads we should move along as adults thanks to ViViD.
In order for all of us to walk along our paths, we decided that we had to disband.
I think it’s still too painful for all of you to accept,
But I hope that we can create more memories together in the short time we have left as ViViD.
I’ve made some amazing memories in these 6 years with the band.
Thank you so much.

ViViD started in March 2009 with IV and Ko-ki. They moved to Indie PSC in April of that same year and made their major debut in 2011. They’ve toured Japan multiple times throughout the past 6 years, including a performance at Nippon Budokan, and they have plenty of singles and albums to their name. Their latest single, “Thank you for all/From the beginning”, was just released the same day as the unfortunate announcement.

ViViD’s last tour begins on February 22nd. If you’re in Japan between now and April, see if you can make it to one of ViViD’s last shows:


February 22nd (Sun) @ Shibuya Kokaido
February 27th (Fri) @ Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
March 3rd (Tue) @ Sapporo KRAPS HALL
March 5th (Thu) @ Sendai MACANA
March 6th (Fri) @ Takasaki club FLEEZ
March 9th (Mon) @ Mito LIGHT HOUSE
March 12th (Thu) @ HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shin0toshin VJ-3
March 16th (Mon) @ Kanazawa AZ
March 18th (Wed) @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction
March 21st (Sat) @ Hakata DRUM Be-1
March 23rd (Mon) @ Kobe VARIT.
March 26th (Thu) @ Kyoto MUSE
March 28th (Sat) @ Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
March 29th (Sun) @ Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO

April 29th (Wed) @ Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai-Hall

Tickets for all shows excluding the final performance are 4800yen advance, 5300yen same day. Ticket sales for the Shibuya Kokaido performance have already started, but tickets for the other shows (minus the final) go on sale starting February 14th. The final show at Pacifico Yokohama will cost you 5800yen advance, 6300yen same day to attend. You can purchase tickets beginning on March 1st.

Source: vkdb, OHP


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