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DEVILOOF “Revival and Destruction” 12/16/2017
Friday, January 12, 2018 at 9:55pm in Featured, Live Reports

DEVILOOF "Revival and Destruction" 12/16/2017

Deviloof 12.16.2017 “Revival and Destruction”


Deviloof, an Osaka-based metal band that has been active since late 2015, recently put out their first album “Devil’s Proof” after a long absence. To celebrate, they toured Japan in a tour titled “Revival and Destruction” – but for a very affordable price. They played two solo shows for absolutely no charge. The final leg of this tour took place in Tokyo’s cozy Ebisu club aim.

Keisuke3At most Visual kei shows, girls are definitely the majority of attendees. This was the complete opposite with Deviloof; one had to comb the crowd carefully to find any sign of a female. It makes sense when you consider Deviloof’s indesputably deathcore style. Fans echoed that hardcore spirit by making a lot of noise when the lights went out and the band took the stage. First drummer Hiroto; then bassist Daiki with his shock of red hair; guitarist Seiya followed quietly; Ray on vocals and guitar took his new position on stage; and finally frontman Keisuke walked to the center.

After the SE opening of Devil’s Proof, they kicked off the show with Lover. The crowd headbanged along with Keisuke’s wild screaming and technical guitar melodies. The vocalist’s black lipstick quickly became hopelessly smudged with his performance style. He called for a circle pit and the audience delivered. The small stage didn’t leave much room for the members to move anywhere except forward, to the audience’s delight.

ESCAPE followed, giving each member a chance to shine. Hiroto kept up with the demanding and speedy rhythm. We heard Keisuke’s deep vocals for the first time this night, and Seiya stunned the audience with a fast and technical guitar solo.

The audience hardly rested – whether headbanging, moshing, or jumping, they followed Keisuke and Daiki’s direction. The frontman quickly ditched his jacket in favor of a tanktop that showed off his extensive tattoos. He spit fake blood during Aishite Kudasai off their first mini-album, and Seiya displayed both his technical and songwriting abilities in the almost eerie guitar effects of syphilischancroidchlamydiaclervicitisprotozoaaids (say that five times fast).

Vocalist Keisuke delivered the first MC of the night. “We’re Deviloof!” he began. He also introduced the new member Ray, who immediately pointed out how smudged Keisuke’s lipstick had become. Keisuke talked a bit about the tour and promised the audience that more was coming in 2018, so everyone should look forward to it.

Ray joined on vocals for the next song, Return Of The Curse. His melodic voice offered both a nice companion and contrast for Keisuke’s own vocals and shouting. Deviloof rounded off their set with Taida no Tsumi, Egoist, and HERO=MURDER. Fans cheered and clapped as the band walked off stage.Hiroto2

Daiki returned to the stage to thank the audience and introduce some of the merchandise sold at the show. “The ESCAPE PV must have made us look like a really big band, so you should buy 1 or 2…or 3…things so that we can become that big.” The audience laughed along, but it was clear that many fans planned to do just that. The bassist went on to call out and introduce each member—warning the audience that Seiya would probably be too shy to say anything—ending with Keisuke. Ray encouraged the mostly male audience to “forget about looking good in front of the girls” at the show and let completely loose for the last two songs.

They did just that; for Destination and Ruin, the audience let everything out. Daiki played a rocking bass solo in the former, and Keisuke jumped down from the stage to mosh with the audience in the latter. And on that note, Deviloof ended their solo show with more than a few new followers that will surely look forward to see what the band has to offer in the coming year.


1. Devil’s Proof (SE)
2. Lover
4. Natural Born Killer
6. M.F.JAP
7. Aishite Kudasai (愛してください)
8. syphilischancroidchlamydiaclervicitisprotozoaaids
9. Return Of The Curse
10. Taida no Tsumi (怠惰の罪)
11. Egoist

En-1. Destination
En-2. Ruin


DEVILOOF “Revival and Destruction” 12/16/2017 Reviewed by on . Deviloof 12.16.2017 "Revival and Destruction" Deviloof, an Osaka-based metal band that has been active since late 2015, recently put out their first album "Devi Deviloof 12.16.2017 "Revival and Destruction" Deviloof, an Osaka-based metal band that has been active since late 2015, recently put out their first album "Devi Rating: 0

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  • Kayla

    They’re so fucking awesome. I like vkei buy I hope they keep on metal. This made me want to go to their concert so bad!! They’re really awesome!

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