Interview: METEOROID

METEOROID crashed onto the scene with a bang in late 2012, but began their true trek as a band with their first one-man and release of their first single, "DIVER," back on February 11th of last year. Since that day, this five-man monster of a band has released three more singles and put on dozens of performances, including two sold-out one-man events. However, that's not all that's in METEOROID's future: Read more

Seeking New Staff!

As you may know, is always accepting staff applications, but recently we've had a few openings in different areas and we'd like to look to our readership for newcomers! If you've ever considered applying for the team before, you'll notice that our applications have undergone a few changes. We hope these are only positive changes and encourage anyone interested to apply! Technically, there's no time limit as the Read more

Vote for the Biggest, Weirdest, and Best of 2013

Hello my lovey readers! It's time to do some voting! For the past couple of weeks we've been taking nominations for who you deserves to win 2013 in a variety of categories. I want to give a big thank you to everyone for all the nominations! We have quite the list of nominees to vote on, so take a look through and choose who you think deserves to win. Please Read more

Contest Winners & Celebrations

This year December 6th marks six years of activities for! We held a special Dress Ernie Contest to celebrate, but before we get to the winners, there's a few words from the site's Ku and Adrienne. Message from Ku First, let me thank those of you who entered the contest. I know it can be intimidating to put your art out there for all to see, but our staff -- Read more

Interview: Sophia & Season of Ghosts

  Originally hailing as a music promoter from Thessaloniki, Greece, Sophia suddenly emerged from the business side of the visual scene and into the limelight after she was accepted as Blood Stain Child's new vocalist after the departure of Sadew in 2010. Shortly after, Sophia became one of the most recognized female vocalists within the industry, known not only for her work with Blood Stain Child but for her collaborations Read more

T.M. Revolution Reveals Past and Future at Otakon Press Conference

Article: jazz Coverage: jazz, Jess S. Photography: Adrienne Kubiak © 2013 ----- Refreshingly, T.M. Revolution is a big name absent a big ego. During a brief press conference in Baltimore on the evening of August 9th, he humbly invited members of the press to ask him about his recent activities, from his collaborations with Nana Mizuki to his role as cultural ambassador for his home prefecture to his career in musical theatre. Throughout Read more


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0426_A4_OL_CS2Wow. Let’s take a moment to let this sink in.

6 Venues.

49 Bands.

One Day. Read more

Ruka Leaves RUVISH Hanging on White Day Eve

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Ruka Leaves RUVISH Hanging on White Day Eve
Just in time for a brand new look, RUVISH’s beloved Ruka will be parting ways with the band come this March.


Just a couple of days ago, RUVISH broke the news to fans. Drummer Ruka will be leaving the band following their March 13th live at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, their White Day Eve live event. Needless to say, the event will probably not be a happy one.

You can read RUVISH’s official announcement along with member comments, thanks to our awesome Adventure Tim: Read more

xTRiPx’s “Life iz addition”

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xTRiPx's "Life iz addition"

News for fans of xTRiPx today! After releasing their latest mini album “Lo+ver.[S]” back in December, they’ve announced the details for their next upcoming CD, “Life iz addition,” as well as a brand new two-day oneman! But first, the single , dropping on March 19th, will come in two types, a limited edition with a DVD and a regular type. You can purchase both through CDJapan. Read more


AUBE Gets Bandaged Up

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AUBE Gets Bandaged Up


AUBE has announced their  first release of 2014–and it’s a full length album.  ”Bandage” will be released on February 19th, 2014.

Read more

Hit V-Kei Artists SPEEDDISK Around Japan

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Hit V-Kei Artists SPEEDDISK Around Japan
Japan is getting a little bit of Visual Kei everywhere this spring, thanks to SPEEDDISK.


Before the New Year, SPEEDISK announced their upcoming 「森羅万象tour#1」(Shinrabanshou tour #1) featuring some of the hottest names in the scene. You can see the likes of Moran, MEJIBRAY, 12012, Lycaon, and more performing at one event or just a little chunk of change. Check out the tour schedule below and figure out which ones you’ll be able to go to: Read more

TRIGGAH Complete Set – FLASHBACK – and More

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TRIGGAH Complete Set - FLASHBACK - and More

TRIGGAH is on a roll lately — and they haven’t even had their official activity restart yet! After losing most of their band mates last year, guitarist Tomozo and vocalist Hajime came back to announce new members and a fresh start this spring. With its first live — a “demonstration” live as an opening act — in February and its official comeback in March, TRIGGAH is way ahead of the game in that they, last night, announced yet another release for fans to look forward to.

“ENVY AND JEALOUSY,” the new single, is due out in on March 5th (or February 22nd if you attend the demonstration live), and for anyone who missed the band’s earlier release, you can now get them all in one place starting February 29th.

First, let’s recap the new single, now with cover art and previews!
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ALSDEAD Loses Setsua

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ALSDEAD Loses Setsua

ALSDEAD fans were shocked and saddened earlier today when it was announced that in less than a month’s time, the band’s drummer, Setsua, will be departing.

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Put on Your Party Hats, Here’s the New Year’s Handy Live Companion!

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Put on Your Party Hats, Here's the New Year's Handy Live Companion!

What are your plans for this New Year’s Eve?

If you’re in Tokyo and looking to hit the town for one of the most exciting live events of the year, then you are certainly in luck. Typically, there are events at some livehouses to ring in the new year, but this year there’s so many it’s difficult to keep them all straight! Some bands are playing two, three, even four shows in one day and you can kick it with some of the most popular Visual Kei bands in the scene. Read more

TRIGGAH Makes Their Comeback

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TRIGGAH Makes Their Comeback
triggahnewBack at the end of July, TRIGGAH lost three members, and went on hiatus. If you’ve been patiently awaiting the band’s return, your wait is over!

Today, TRIGGAH announced on the member’s blogs, and on their OHP that they are resuming activities with two new members added to their ranks.

Now on guitar is erina, formerly known as the guitarist for VII-Sense and Dio. On drums, they’ve added 燵-tatsu-, who used to be in ハルシオン (Halsion).

With their new look, and new line-up TRIGGAH has also announced a new single to be released on March 5th, and they’ve already uploaded a sample for fans to check out!
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Details on xTRiPx’s Christmas Lo+ver.[S]

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Details on xTRiPx's Christmas Lo+ver.[S]
triploversnewOn November 6th, xTRiPx released “RIDE-HAZARD”, and as we mentioned at the end of October, they’ll also be having a new mini-album coming out this Christmas.

At that time, all we had was a release date, December 25th, and a title, “Lo+ver.[S]“. Now the details about the mini-album are available. The band is calling this their, “Ballad mini-album”, and it’s coming out in two types.
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Neverland Announces New Vocalist; Moves to New Label

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Neverland Announces New Vocalist; Moves to New Label


Neverland’s fans were devastated earlier in the month when it was announced that vocalist, Natsu, was retired by the band after losing contact with the other members after being sick for some time. Things simply did not look bright for fans, but today we have quite a bit of good news!

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Introducing AXIA

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Introducing AXIA
There’s a new band on the scene! Right on the heels of Halloween, four-member indies band AXIA will commence activity with their very first live tomorrow, on November 1st! With all of its members new to the visual scene, it will be interesting to see what a fresh-slate of a band has to offer. Despite just starting out and being newcomers, AXIA has already been pretty busy online building hype for their commencement. Let’s take a look at who they are and what they’re up to.
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xTRiPx’s Two Upcoming Releases (+ Full Length Music Video!)

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xTRiPx's Two Upcoming Releases (+ Full Length Music Video!)

xTRiPx have been keeping busy, and have announced two releases for the next two months! In about a week and a half, on November 6th, xTRiPx’s newest single will be released, “RIDE-HAZARD”. Then on December 25th, they’re releasing a brand new mini-album called, “Lo+ver.[s]“.

Before we get into the details, take a look at what’s to come by watching the full version of their “RIDE-HAZARD” music video, and let us know what you think about it!

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Awoi Awoi Awoi! Anouncements Galore!

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Awoi Awoi Awoi! Anouncements Galore!

Awoi fans have quite a bit coming up this week, as well as in the near future! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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A New Single, Tour and Preview for REALies

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A New Single, Tour and Preview for REALies


REALies, after the release of their third maxi single “LiNE” last month, have recently announced their next upcoming maxi single, which is slate to release this October! 「彩花唄-いろはうた-」(Irohauta) will drop on October 9th in three types; currently CDJapan links are unavailable, but as soon as they’re updated, we’ll update this post. But for now, you can check out the tracklist and the video preview below. Read more

Autumn Cup TOUR

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Autumn Cup TOUR

Heading to Japan this autumn? If you are, you may very well be in for a treat!

This year many of our favourite visual bands will be participating in a country-wide tour called, “Autumn Cup TOUR 行くぜっ!” (Ikuze). The tour features eleven stops, and Yeti, Blu-BiLLioN, and REALies will be performing at each show, with LOST ASH, xTRiPx, amber gris, and LANDZ also appearing on the majority of the tour.

Dates, venues and cast under the cut!

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THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S Second Full Album “REVERBERATIONS” & …Campfire with the band?

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THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S Second Full Album "REVERBERATIONS" & ...Campfire with the band?
It’s been almost a year since THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S released their first full-length album and are already at it again with a new title set for release in just one week on July 10th. Seeing as August will mark their second anniversary as a band, one has to wonder if we’ll be lucky enough to see an album a year from this active group!

As you might expect, the album, “REVERBERATIONS,” comes in a limited and a regular edition, each containing the same 11 tracks. Read more

xTRiPx’s New Album + Instores

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xTRiPx's New Album + Instores
We haven’t talked about xTRiPx since their revival last year! Recently, they announced the details of their latest album this July, as well as instore events!

Let’s begin with their latest album! Though the tracklisting at the moment is not known, we do know the name! “Any Verse” will go on sale on July 10th in two types, a limited and a regular version. The Limited Edition, for ¥3675, will come with eleven tracks, plus a DVD containing a PV and a making of. For ¥3150, you’ll be able to purchase the Regular Edition, which will include fourteen tracks. You can pre-order them both at CDJapan! We’ll keep you updated as more is updated.

If you buy at least one version of the album, you’ll also be able to attend their instore events around the same time, the last one taking place in August.

07.08 Shibuya ZEAL LINK (18:00 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki, and Yo-shiT produced designs
07.19 little HEARTS. Sendai (14:00 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki
07.21 Jishuban Club (12:00 start)
Talk, handshake, signing, ena produced designs (one of two)
07.21 little HEARTS. Shinjuku (14:30 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki, ena produced designs (two of two)
07.26 Like an Edison Nagoya (14:00 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki
07.27 five Stars Nagoya (18:00 start)
Talk, handshake, signing
07.30 Fukuoka SKULL ROSE (18:00 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki
08.01 Osaka ZEAL LINK (18:00 start)
Talk, handshake, signing
08.02 Like an Edison Osaka (14:00 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki
08.11 Like an Edison Tokyo (15:00 start)
Talk, handshake, four-shot cheki, K produced designs
08.17 Brand X (19:00 start)
Talk, handshake, signing


Source: OHP


xTRiPx Revival and New Single!

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xTRiPx Revival and New Single!

Remember when we talked about xTRiPx’s revival a while back? Well, here are the details for you AND some exciting news– within a year, xTRiPx will be swinging back in action! In addition, they are releasing a new single, 「re;lily」, however it will only be distributed to those who attend their oneman on July 20th. And here are the details for their oneman!

「Promised < Future」
July 20th at Takadanobaba AREA.
Opening/Start time: 18:30/19:00 (6:30 PM/7:00 PM)
Ticket Prices: ¥3,000, ¥3,500 at the door
+Limited CD 「Rest in Peace」 will be sold before the concert at 16:30

And according to ena’s blog and Yuhsuke’s twitter, Yuhsuke (ex. Doremidan) will be joining them as a support bassist!

Such big news for xTRiPx! Anyone particularly excited about all of this?


Sources: OHP, visunavi, ena’s blog, Yuu’s Twitter

xTRiPx’s revival live

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xTRiPx's revival live
Almost one year ago, xTRiP went on hiatus after losing two members. Fans who hoped to hear from the band again won’t have to wait much longer: they have announced a one-day revival live in the Summer!

The live is scheduled to take place at Takadanobaba AREA on July 20th. Pricing and tickets details aren’t available yet.

Their website has also been updated with a mysterious counter leading up to X day… that will run out on May 9th! Undoubtedly, there are more news to come. What do you think it is?

Source: OHP, vkdb