LOST ASH Sizzles at a Sweltering SUMMER PARTY (Part 2)

Part 1, featuring the pre-live activities and talk show, is over here! Article: jazz Live coverage: jazz, Yayoi Photography: Katie F. for Shattered-Tranquility.net Special Thanks: Ku, Alicia © Shattered-Tranquility.net 2014 ----- LOST ASH SUMMER PARTY 2014: LIVE Shibuya Rex - August 3rd, 2014 As the curtains rose and the lights dropped, the SE music began to flow, and immediately hundreds of fists pounded the air in rhythm, many lit by whimsical flashing LED rings. Throughout the evening, the Read more

LOST ASH Sizzles at a Sweltering SUMMER PARTY (Part 1)

  Part 2, featuring the full rundown of the live itself, is this way! Article: jazz Live coverage: jazz, Yayoi Photography: Katie F. for Shattered-Tranquility.net Special Thanks: Ku, Alicia © Shattered-Tranquility.net 2014 ----- In Japan, there are certain motifs that immediately evoke the image of summer. The persistent hum of cicadas, the mirrored burst and sparkle of fireworks reflected in a river, the flavor of fresh grilled takoyaki drenched in sauce and mayonnaise, the petrichor after summer Read more

Interview: LOST ASH

Finding a MESSAGE in the ASHes It may not be easy to place J-Rock’s Jacks-of-all-trades LOST ASH into one convenient category, for all the skills they have. If there ever were an example of “visual kei idols,” it would be LOST ASH, who have the talent, looks, style, and sound to garner both mainstream and niche appeal (and, with their web series and vocalist Daiki’s acting career, they’ve the film Read more

Interview: Chanty

  YOLO, YOLO A Pirate’s Life for Me Chanty first sailed into the Tokyo visual kei scene late last summer, when they shocked us with their hilariously imposturous introduction profiles. But we soon found out that Chanty were anything but imposturous. In just under a year they have pierced our hearts with their light, catchy melodies and left us wanting more. Shattered-Tranquility.net got the opportunity to chat with Chanty just before the Read more

Red Desire LILIA & A Look Back at Royz

After saying farewell to Kazuki last month and heading into the future with Royz, we'd like to take a look back to the spring at Royz's Red Desire LILIA tour, and even farther back, to the beginnings of the band. We caught up with Royz for the first time in more than a year at their Aomori performance of the tour this past April and were treated to another Read more

heidi. 8th Anniversary Live

It was overcast and cloudy in Takadanobaba on the day of heidi.’s Eighth Anniversary Live. This slightly foreboding weather, however, was not enough to stop the hundreds of fans that came to see this special event from flooding into the venue the second doors were opened. Clad in band t-shirts and stylish outfits made up of various mismatched colors, fans greeted each other on the floor, exchanging excited whispers Read more

New member for VELGREED

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New member for VELGREED
As we told you last month, 珪 (Kei) has withdrawn from VELGREED after their live on March 1st due to family circumstances. Since then, they’ve been performing with a support bassist. Great news, it has recently been announced that this support member has formally joined the band!

And I guess it will make a lot of people happy to see him back on stage! His name is 遥 (Haruka) and before becoming a member of VELGREED, he was guitarist for… Villain ! Pretty cool right?

The band is now working on their new look and we don’t have any pictures of the new member to show you as of yet, but we’ll keep you updated ! Anyway, it’s great to see that VELGREED hasn’t decided to disband after two consecutive departures!

Sources: vkdb, OHP

GRiST takes Villain’s place

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GRiST takes Villain's place
For almost a week now, there’s been a rumor about Villain disbanding… and I’m sorry I have to say that it turned out to be true. This has been confirmed for a few days already, and Villain will hold its last one man on June 26 at Kyoto ARC DEUX.

After the disbandments of IRODORI, and now Villain, some people may have thought CROW MUSIC was  going through a rough spot, but Tatsuya has already found a band to replace Villain ! GRiST has announced through their OHP that they were joining CROW MUSIC from now on.

I didn’t see that one coming, I love both Villain and GRiST but if CROW MUSIC needed a replacement, I thought they would try to pick a band similar to Villain, which is far from being the case with GRiST ! Anyway, great news for both the label and GRiST !

Sources : vkdb, GRiST OHP, CROW MUSIC

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Villain to disband…(?)

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Villain to disband...(?)
Sad news again… with one of the most popular indie bands of the past year, Villain, which is going to disband. The news has been spread for a few days already thanks to Phantasmagoria (who apparently saw them live), I’ve just waited for a few days for the situation to become clear, but it seems that the band will really disband after their oneman live on June 26th, as CROW MUSIC is not adding any more lives for the band, but everyone should wait for an official announcement to confirm all this.

Other than that, there’s been quite an interesting debate on why the band was disbanding… now quoting Phantasmagoria :

Not sure, but it’s not surprising after what happened recently. Aoi’s girlfriend comes to shows as a fan and stands in second row and makes it obvious that they’re dating (they both wear the same necklaces and rings) and she brags all over her blog that he is hers. A bunch of Japanese fans tore her to pieces on an anonymous bulletin board, and Aoi posted a response in his blog, cutting down the band’s fans in response. Aoi apologizes, his blog is deleted, then a week later they announce their disbandment out of the blue

If this is the actual reason of their disbandment, don’t you think it’s a bit too much ??? Is it forbidden to have a girlfriend when you’re part of a VK band ? This whole thing reminds me of people whining when they learnt Miyavi was getting married…

Sources : Phantasmagoria, CROW MUSIC


Villain and n’DooL DVDs

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Villain and n'DooL DVDs
n’DooL and Villain are both planning their first live DVDs! They will be shooting the DVDs at the following lives, so if you’re attending either one you have a chance of being in the DVD!

Villain’s will be shot at their performance on January 23rd at Shinsaibashi club ALIVE. On that day the band will be playing for 40 minutes. Other bands performing that night (not on the DVD) are n’DooL, Golden Spider, Grim, Gaara, LOKI, Valentine, C”LOW”N and Ridiot.

n’DooL’s shotting day is February 26th also at Shinsaibashi club ALIVE. The band will have an hour long performance, and other bands playing that night include Villain, Dhalis, GRiST and Valentine.

They have not yet announced the cost or when the n’DooL DVD will be released, but you can find more information about Villain’s in this post here

Source: Crowmusic OHP

More news for Villain

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More news for Villain
Not only are Villain releasing a single in February which Adrienne posted about here, they will be having an ‘o9 Tour starting the same month and going through March!


2/14 – Shinsaibashi club ALIVE
2/22 – Meguro Rock May Kan
2/24 – Urawa NARCISS
2/26 –
Shinsaibashi club ALIVE
3/ 7 – Tokyo bousho
3/20 –  KYOTO MUSE

They will be ending the tour with their first oneman as well!

2009.3.27 – Shinsaibashi club ALIVE

This isn’t the end of the news. There is even more for Villain!

They will be releasing their first live DVD release on March 25th entitled 【IN PAST~「Villain」~SYSTEM】. It will cost 2625yen.

Source: Crow Music


Villain’s new single

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Villain's new single
Villain will be releasing a new single on February 18th called 「-MAZE-」 for 1575 yen.

Source: Brand-x


Event and new band

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Event and new band
January 5th at Shinsaibashi club ALIVE CROW MUSIC is having their first event of the new year, called 「This ambition of one year?」 featuring the following artists:
マディーデュオール (Madieduor)

The price is 2500 yen per ticket.

However, debuting that day is another new band with familiar faces! The band’s name is Arian:rhod and the line-up is as follows:

Vocals - az (ex.Layla)
Guitar - 之 [Kore] (ex.HISKAREA)
Guitar - TOSHI(ex.VULGER)
Bass - 庚 [Kanoe] (ex.IRODORI)
Drums - 麗流 [Reiru] (ex.Vier la drain)

Doesn’t seem to be an OHP available yet, but when there’s more information we’ll update you! I thought at first it might just be a one time session band, however, Reiru’s journal says that it is a new band.

Source: CROW MUSIC OHP, Reiru’s Blog


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Good news for all you SPEED-DISK label fans. They will be holding a 3 different day tour called “『桜華乱舞TOUR’09』” (Sakura Rappu TOUR’09) in January of 2009.

here are the details:

JANUARY 8th 2009 @ Nagoya ell.FITSALL
xTRiPx / LiZ / VanessA / アヲイ / Villain / 平成維新

JANUARY 9th 2009 @ Osaka FAN J-twice
xTRiPx / LiZ / VanessA / Envus / 平成維新 / Madieduor

JANUARY 15th 2009 @ Takadanobaba AREA
LiZ / VanessA / NightingeiL / ラッド / アヲイ / Villain / 平成維新

tickets go on sale NOVEMBER 8th for 2500 yen in advance and 3000 yen at the door.

source: Speed Disk

Villain’s new look

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Villain's new look
So I come with a picture! This picture in particular is of the band Villain and their newest look~

Every one of there looks have been great, and this just tops the cake. For me, their looks just get better and better~

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to pre-order their new single “DISCHARGE” which will be out on June 25th. You can pre-order it over at CDJapan: Discharge / Villain and other cd shops.

A bit more news for Crow Music. It seems that the band 彩-イロドリ-(IRODORI) are coming back. Well, they have a few lives scheduled now for July and August. So be on the look out for changes with that band as well!

Source: Crow Music

Villain Single Update

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Villain Single Update
Remember Villain’s upcoming single that Adrienne announced back in april?

Well we have the tracklisting now!
As you know if you saw the post the single is called 『DISCHARGE』 , it releases June 25th, and cost 1575 yen.
And Adrienne’s assumption about there being 3 tracks was correct.
1. Again
3. of Mine

Thought I’d just give everyone a little update on that.

source: visunavi


More Villain News!

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More Villain News!
As Miku announced back on April 5th, Villain has added two members to their ranks. Along with the new members and them restarting activities, they’ll also be releasing a new single on June 25th!

The single is called “DISCHARGE” and so far the only other details, is that it will cost 1575 yen. Which, of course we can assume will be three tracks. But, don’t take my word for that because it’s not posted on the CD shops I’ve checked, or on their OHP.

Anyways, along with all this good new stuff, is their new look. I actually quite like it.

Source: Brand-x


Villain gains…GOOD NEWS!

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Villain gains...GOOD NEWS!
If you remember, the band Villain lost two of their members a couple of months back. Well, after their section on CROW MUSIC’s OHP was renewed yesterday, it shows that they have gained two new members to the band to fill in the spots that were left!

The two new members are Guitarist 遥 (Haru) and Drummer 仁 (Jin).

The band will start up activities again in May~



Villain Member Withdrawal

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Villain Member Withdrawal
On January 14th, Guitar Natsume of Villain has withdrawn from the band. They apologize for the sudden announcement.

A few days before his withdrawal, Drummer Setsuna also retired from Villain as well.

Source: Crow Music, Setsuna’s Blog