Interview: LOST ASH

Finding a MESSAGE in the ASHes It may not be easy to place J-Rock’s Jacks-of-all-trades LOST ASH into one convenient category, for all the skills they have. If there ever were an example of “visual kei idols,” it would be LOST ASH, who have the talent, looks, style, and sound to garner both mainstream and niche appeal (and, with their web series and vocalist Daiki’s acting career, they’ve the film Read more

Interview: Chanty

  YOLO, YOLO A Pirate’s Life for Me Chanty first sailed into the Tokyo visual kei scene late last summer, when they shocked us with their hilariously imposturous introduction profiles. But we soon found out that Chanty were anything but imposturous. In just under a year they have pierced our hearts with their light, catchy melodies and left us wanting more. got the opportunity to chat with Chanty just before the Read more

Red Desire LILIA & A Look Back at Royz

After saying farewell to Kazuki last month and heading into the future with Royz, we'd like to take a look back to the spring at Royz's Red Desire LILIA tour, and even farther back, to the beginnings of the band. We caught up with Royz for the first time in more than a year at their Aomori performance of the tour this past April and were treated to another Read more

heidi. 8th Anniversary Live

It was overcast and cloudy in Takadanobaba on the day of heidi.’s Eighth Anniversary Live. This slightly foreboding weather, however, was not enough to stop the hundreds of fans that came to see this special event from flooding into the venue the second doors were opened. Clad in band t-shirts and stylish outfits made up of various mismatched colors, fans greeted each other on the floor, exchanging excited whispers Read more

LUNA SEA 25th Anniversary -The Unfinished MOON-

“Today is a day of celebration for LUNA SEA, but also a new beginning.” Ryuichi summed up the momentous occasion as LUNA SEA celebrated its 25th anniversary at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on May 29th. The concert, which sold out its 10,000-plus seats in a single day, saw fans of all demographics teeming around the venue in band t-shirts, ‘90s style visual duds, and even cosplay. Just approaching the area Read more

Interview: UnRealistic

Last month, we introduced you readers to UnRealistic, a 4-member band that kicked off band activities with their first mini album release on April 2nd. The band, featuring ex-Called≠Plan’s Yuuto, has only played a few shows so far, but this up-and-coming band is planning to take on 2014 with all they’ve got. Shattered-Tranquility had the wonderful opportunity to chat with UnRealistic in their first-ever interview. Each member opens up about Read more

Royz Welcomes Rey

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Royz Welcomes Rey

Rey (left) and Tomoya on July 5th, 2014. Image courtesy @VisualJrockJpop

Royz’s new support guitarist Rey (left) and drummer Tomoya on July 5th, 2014. Image courtesy @VisualJrockJpop

Thanks to reader xHime for tipping us off to this news! Royz recently parted ways with guitarist Kazuki in what seemed to be a heartbreaking decision. But not too long after, at the precipice of their summer oneman tour CRISIS CORE, Royz already announced they had found a new guitarist – guitarist Kuina‘s former bandmate, Rey.

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Win a Royz Autographed Board!

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Win a Royz Autographed Board!

It’s time for a giveaway! was able to not only do a live report for Royz, but also got to sit down with the members for an interview which takes a look back at their activities over the past year.

The members of Royz all signed a board for us to give away to readers – and it’s your chance to win!

This time around we’re trying something new. You can earn a total of seven entries by completing all of the following tasks, and recording them in the Rafflecopter application at the bottom of the entry.

Earn entries by:

  • Commenting on the Live Report / Interview Post (2 entries)
  • Tweeting about the Giveaway (2 entries>
  • Sharing the Live Report / Interview on Tumblr (1 entry)
  • Liking on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Following on Twitter (1 entry)

Please note even if you have completed any of the above tasks, you do need to enter your e-mail address and submit confirmation through Rafflecopter.

On July 22nd we announce the lucky winner! All shipping charges will be covered by, so no matter where you are in the world, you are eligible to enter.

So if you haven’t already, check out our live report and interview, and enter to win.


Red Desire LILIA & A Look Back at Royz

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Red Desire LILIA & A Look Back at Royz



After saying farewell to Kazuki last month and heading into the future with Royz, we’d like to take a look back to the spring at Royz’s Red Desire LILIA tour, and even farther back, to the beginnings of the band. We caught up with Royz for the first time in more than a year at their Aomori performance of the tour this past April and were treated to another impressive show as well as an extended interview. How does the band see itself now, compared to their formation? What are some of their most memorable experiences together? And what’s so funny about spare ribs? Find out in this special feature exclusive to

Live report & interview: Ku
Translation: Alicia & Shannon
Photography: Ku & Sabra
Special thanks: Sabra, Yayoi, & K

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Royz Gets Down to the CORE

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Royz Gets Down to the CORE

When Royz abruptly lost guitarist Kazuki due to a family matter, the members and fans alike were heartbroken, and the future of Royz was called into question. Though the announcement was sudden, Kazuki’s mother’s health had been deteriorating for some time, and Kazuki had agonized over the decision, but ultimately, as his mother’s only son, he felt an obligation and a desire to care for her. Meanwhile, Royz assured fans they would continue as a foursome, and their schedule thereafter remained unchanged, including a trip overseas to perform in Seoul.

This week, Royz will continue their uninterrupted progress with a new full album, CORE, dropping on July 2nd. And immediately after, they’ll embark on a national tour as well as an in-store event tour.

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The West Takes Over

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The West Takes Over
compWhat do bands like Royz, RevleZ, Crimson Shiva, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, LUCHe., BIOSPHIA, and FEST VAINQUER have in common?

If you guessed that along with ZIN, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, LIN-the end of corruption world-, and the Raid., they’re appearing on the freshly released compilation album, 「妖幻鏡-WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA 」 (Yogenkyo) – you were right!

Released today, June 25th, this compilation album features bands (all of which are listed above) that are connected to the Kansai Region, and PLUG RECORDS label. Furthermore, each track is either brand new, or a previously unreleased song.

If this is one you have to own you better act quickly! There are still a few copies left on CDJapan, but it appears to be totally sold out on Brand-x!
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Nico Nico Nama Weekly – June 9-15

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly - June 9-15
Happy Monday readers! It’s raining and pouring and old men are snoring here, but Ernie likes to listen to the rain. There’s something musical in the sound of raindrops on windows.

But speaking of music! Last week’s dose of Nico Nico Nama included your weekly allowance of An Cafe, SaTaN, Carat, LEZARD, and AWOI. ViSULOG TV brought us a generous serving of industry insight with an appearance from SHOXX magazine editor-in-chief Pokkun, ViSULOG‘s editor-in-chief and drummer for Romance for~, Takaya, and actor Kimihito Ooshiro. And to top it all off, there was another fortified half-hour of Visualism!

Are you feeling V-itamin K(ei) deficient this week? Ernie’s got just the nutritional supplement for you: 1000 IU of ALSDEAD and GOTCHAROCKA, 30mg of MoNoLith (get your fill before this supplement is discontinued!), two grams of THE GALLO, and 100% of your weekly An Cafe requirement. Lycaon‘s Yuuki will sit down with “visual kei oyaji” Seiichi Hoshiko to give you the essential nutrients you need to keep you rocking into old age. As a special treat, you can get your hands on the last Kazuki-flavored Royz performance during an exclusive livestream of his farewell concert!

This week’s feature on ViSULOG TV has enough LOST ASH to carry you through next week, and just in case you’re not getting enough, Visualism will surely fill in the gaps!

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly – May 26-June 1

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly - May 26-June 1
Hi diddly ho readerinos! Guess what time it is? Ernie knows you’ve been eager to plan out your viewing schedule according to what’s streaming this week, and don’t you fret, because Ernie’s right on top of it.

Last week was a good one to veg out in front of the computer screen: CELL; THE GALLO; Lin*; THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S; Sel’m; An Cafe with special guests ROYZ, Jin-Machine, and Blu-BiLLioN*; SaTaN; Megamasso*; Moran, DuelJewel, and LOST ASH all fought to be seen, while a new Visualism playlist cut the week in half.

What’s in store this week? We’ve got a whole slew of regular favorites and some rarer faces, too! This week, we’ll see An Cafe and SaTaN, and GOLDEN BOMBER all return, as do bosom buddies BORN‘s Ryouga and “visual kei oyaji” Seiichi Hoshiko; new this week we have heidi. and Dangan NO LIMIT; Sixh. designers MINT NeKO and Ibi; and a host of indies bands appearing at Birth Shinjuku‘s monthly SHOCK WAVE~MERCURY~ showcase. Wednesday will bring another episode of Visualism, too!

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly – May 19-26

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly – May 19-26
Hey readers, didya miss dear old Ernie? Sorry about last week, I got a little bit bogged down binging on old episodes of Batman Beyond like whaaaat. But I’m back in full effect, and good timing, too, because this week’s schedule of live streaming events is overflowing!

Last time, the lineup was a bit skinny but still well worth a watch. Alice Nine, SaTaN, Megamasso, and An Cafe all took over the WiFi-waves.

This week, we get to look forward to all the following on Nico Nico alone: CELL, THE GALLO, Lin*, THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S, and Sel’m, plus returning favorites An Cafe (with special guests ROYZ, Jin-Machine, and Blu-BiLLioN*), SaTaN, Megamasso*, and Moran (phew!). That’s not all: we’ve got DuelJewel and LOST ASH both returning to ViSULOG TV, and there’ll be a new Visualism playlist on Wednesday, too!

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DIV’s New Single is Out of This World

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DIV's New Single is Out of This World


Hello, DIV fans! Surely some of you are already aware of DIV’s new single 漂流彼女」 (Hyōryū Kanojo) that was released May 7th. It hasn’t been that long since the release of their previous single “BUTTERFLY DREAMER” in February, and they have yet another single in the making. Expect to hear more about that in August! As for the current single, you can get your hands on the Limited Edition CD and DVD combo, or the CD from CDJapan.

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More Comments on Kazuki’s Departure from ROYZ

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More Comments on Kazuki's Departure from ROYZ

We’ve kept you updated over the past few weeks about Kazuki’s departure from ROYZ, including our translations of their official announcement and Kazuki’s comment on the matter. Our staff has been working hard to translate the remainder of the comments for you, and today, we can finally bring you Subaru’s, Kuina’s, Koudai’s and Tomoya’s comments, courtesy of our translators Ku and Shannon.  Read more


ROYZ Comments on Kazuki’s Departure

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ROYZ Comments on Kazuki's Departure

As many fans are confused and saddened by the sudden announcement that ROYZ would be losing their guitarist, Kazuki, after their upcoming One-Man at Akasaka Blitz, Shattered-Tranquility has begun translating the official comments by the members.

Shattered-Tranquility is still currently working on the comments of the four remaining members, but Ku has graciously translated Kazuki’s personal message to his fans.

You can read more below. Read more


ROYZ Loses Kazuki

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ROYZ Loses Kazuki


Devastating news from ROYZ today. It was announced just a few minutes ago that after their One-Man at Akasaka Blitz* on June 11th, guitarist Kazuki will be leaving the band. This news is on the eve of a summer tour and new album release announcement, which has made the entire situation even more difficult for fans to swallow.

According to the official announcement, Kazuki will be leaving due to a family matter. Shattered Tranquility is currently working as quickly as possible to bring a translation of the comments from the band, but you can read the official announcement, translated by S-T’s Shannon, below.

To all of Royz’ supporters

This is a sudden announcement, but Royz’ rhythm guitarist Kazuki will be leaving the band.
We are extremely sorry to all of our supporters for this unexpected news.

His reason for leaving is due to home-related circumstances. We ask for your understanding for the decision that was extremely difficult for him to make.

After discussing it with both band members and staff, we arrived at the decision to respect the path that Kazuki has chosen.

In light of this news, we will be performing a sudden one-man live at Akasaka Blitz on June 11th.

Kazuki will no longer be in Royz after that date, but we would like to spend our time as fully as possible with the time he has left.

Following June 11th, Royz will continue as a 4-member band with Subaru, Kuina, Koudai, and Tomoya.

Please refer to the post uploaded at the same time as this one for details regarding the one-man show.

[Below are comments from each member and their management company representative.]


Fans may remember that it was only weeks ago we announced that ROYZ would be performing this June in Seoul, South Korea. According to details in the official announcement that the band will continue activities without pause.

Royz OneMan Live
6/11 @ Akasaka Blitz
Doors: 18:00/19:00
Tickets: ¥4500/¥5000
*Please note that fanclub members will have the opportunity to take a 2-shot cheki with Kazuki after the One Man.


Please note that this is a breaking story, so please check back often for more information.

Edit: Our original publishing stated that the One-Man would take place at Shinjuku Blaze. The original message has been edited to their new planned location.

Source: OHP


South Korea to Get a Taste of Royz

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South Korea to Get a Taste of Royz


Overseas fans are going to be in luck this June, as Royz announced they will be embarking on their third overseas activity.

Destination: Seoul, South Korea.

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V-ANIME Collaboration -femme-

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V-ANIME Collaboration -femme-
static_nightmare-1_10002638Back in January, we talked about the upcoming multi-artist V-ANIME release, “V-ANIME collaboration -homme-”, which is set to be out on March 26th.

For everyone who’s a fan of both anime and visual rock and couldn’t wait for more, you won’t have to wait for long! The fourth title in the V-ANIME collection, “V-anime Collaboration -femme-”, will be released on May 14th. Take a look below to see what artists and songs are in store.
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Kiryu Brings “Kyoka Suigetsu” to the Nation and Beyond

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Kiryu Brings "Kyoka Suigetsu" to the Nation and Beyond
Kiryu fans have been waiting almost two years for a new album, but now it’s finally here!


On April 30th, Kiryu will be releasing their 4th full album 「暁歌水月」(Kyoka Suigetsu) in two types. The limited edition includes 11 tracks and a DVD for the title song. It is already available for pre-order on CDJapan for 3780yen. The regular edition, just 3240yen, includes a bonus track for a total of 12 songs. If you purchase both copies at CDJapan, you’ll also get a B3-sized autographed poster!

As with every new album, there is destined to be a new tour. Kiryu has stuck to that precedent, but they’re adding in a little something extra this time around. In addition to the 37 nationwide stops on their one-man tour, Kiryu will also be playing 7 shows throughout Asia!

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly– December 30-January 3

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly-- December 30-January 3
Hiya folks! Hope you’re been having a fantastic week because it’s just going to get more awesome! That’s right, you know it’s coming–it’s time for your Nico Nico Nama weekly broadcasts!

ニコニコ生(Nico Nico Nama) host online broadcasts each and every day! These are the broadcasts that are airing in the upcoming week starting on December 30 that feature some of our favorite visual kei artists. Check it out!

1Name: BORNの『ブラック セオリー レディオスター』 (Born’s BLACK THEORY RADIO STAR)
Date: December 30 (Mon.)
Time: 18:00 JST
Guests: BORN, Moran (Hitomi, Ivy, Soan)
Notes: Radio talk!
Page: here

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly– Dec. 23-29

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly-- Dec. 23-29
Hey there folks! How was your week? Hope it was filled with fantastic broadcasts of your favorite visual kei artists! If not, hey, we’ve got another week filled with visual goodness for you.

ニコニコ生(Nico Nico Nama) hosts many broadcasts online each day. These are the broadcasts in the upcoming week of December 23-29 that feature some of our favorite artists!

We have a lot of Christmas specials, so don’t miss out!

1Name: 「やかん・ダイ・学 #33」年末大忘年会SP
Date: Dec. 24 (Tue.)
Time: 17:00 JST
Notes: Year end party special!
Page: here

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Put on Your Party Hats, Here’s the New Year’s Handy Live Companion!

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Put on Your Party Hats, Here's the New Year's Handy Live Companion!

What are your plans for this New Year’s Eve?

If you’re in Tokyo and looking to hit the town for one of the most exciting live events of the year, then you are certainly in luck. Typically, there are events at some livehouses to ring in the new year, but this year there’s so many it’s difficult to keep them all straight! Some bands are playing two, three, even four shows in one day and you can kick it with some of the most popular Visual Kei bands in the scene. Read more

Codomo Dragon’s Label Change, 1st Full Album, & 2nd Oneman Tour

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Codomo Dragon's Label Change, 1st Full Album, & 2nd Oneman Tour
codomodragonHow off the release of their fifth maxi-single, “NEPENTHES”, and their first oneman tour of the same name, コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) has some great news for the new year!

The band has joined B.P. Records, the same label that Kiryu and Royz belong to. When the announcement was made, Codomo Dragon was on stage with Kiryu and Royz, and didn’t know it was coming. According to reports, the band members were extremely happy about the news.

This is one signing that has quite a nice little story behind it.
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Memento Mori Brings in a Strong Winter

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Memento Mori Brings in a Strong Winter



This winter, Memento Mori will release their 3rd single 「冬将軍」(Fuyu Shogun).  The release is set for December 12th, and will contain 2 new tracks and a DVD.  They will be celebrating this release with a one-man live.

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