Interview: METEOROID

METEOROID crashed onto the scene with a bang in late 2012, but began their true trek as a band with their first one-man and release of their first single, "DIVER," back on February 11th of last year. Since that day, this five-man monster of a band has released three more singles and put on dozens of performances, including two sold-out one-man events. However, that's not all that's in METEOROID's future: Read more

Seeking New Staff!

As you may know, is always accepting staff applications, but recently we've had a few openings in different areas and we'd like to look to our readership for newcomers! If you've ever considered applying for the team before, you'll notice that our applications have undergone a few changes. We hope these are only positive changes and encourage anyone interested to apply! Technically, there's no time limit as the Read more

Vote for the Biggest, Weirdest, and Best of 2013

Hello my lovey readers! It's time to do some voting! For the past couple of weeks we've been taking nominations for who you deserves to win 2013 in a variety of categories. I want to give a big thank you to everyone for all the nominations! We have quite the list of nominees to vote on, so take a look through and choose who you think deserves to win. Please Read more

Contest Winners & Celebrations

This year December 6th marks six years of activities for! We held a special Dress Ernie Contest to celebrate, but before we get to the winners, there's a few words from the site's Ku and Adrienne. Message from Ku First, let me thank those of you who entered the contest. I know it can be intimidating to put your art out there for all to see, but our staff -- Read more

Interview: Sophia & Season of Ghosts

  Originally hailing as a music promoter from Thessaloniki, Greece, Sophia suddenly emerged from the business side of the visual scene and into the limelight after she was accepted as Blood Stain Child's new vocalist after the departure of Sadew in 2010. Shortly after, Sophia became one of the most recognized female vocalists within the industry, known not only for her work with Blood Stain Child but for her collaborations Read more

T.M. Revolution Reveals Past and Future at Otakon Press Conference

Article: jazz Coverage: jazz, Jess S. Photography: Adrienne Kubiak © 2013 ----- Refreshingly, T.M. Revolution is a big name absent a big ego. During a brief press conference in Baltimore on the evening of August 9th, he humbly invited members of the press to ask him about his recent activities, from his collaborations with Nana Mizuki to his role as cultural ambassador for his home prefecture to his career in musical theatre. Throughout Read more

V-ANIME Collaboration -femme-

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V-ANIME Collaboration -femme-
static_nightmare-1_10002638Back in January, we talked about the upcoming multi-artist V-ANIME release, “V-ANIME collaboration -homme-”, which is set to be out on March 26th.

For everyone who’s a fan of both anime and visual rock and couldn’t wait for more, you won’t have to wait for long! The fourth title in the V-ANIME collection, “V-anime Collaboration -femme-”, will be released on May 14th. Take a look below to see what artists and songs are in store.
Read more

Kiryu Brings “Kyoka Suigetsu” to the Nation and Beyond

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Kiryu Brings "Kyoka Suigetsu" to the Nation and Beyond
Kiryu fans have been waiting almost two years for a new album, but now it’s finally here!


On April 30th, Kiryu will be releasing their 4th full album 「暁歌水月」(Kyoka Suigetsu) in two types. The limited edition includes 11 tracks and a DVD for the title song. It is already available for pre-order on CDJapan for 3780yen. The regular edition, just 3240yen, includes a bonus track for a total of 12 songs. If you purchase both copies at CDJapan, you’ll also get a B3-sized autographed poster!

As with every new album, there is destined to be a new tour. Kiryu has stuck to that precedent, but they’re adding in a little something extra this time around. In addition to the 37 nationwide stops on their one-man tour, Kiryu will also be playing 7 shows throughout Asia!

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly– December 30-January 3

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly-- December 30-January 3
Hiya folks! Hope you’re been having a fantastic week because it’s just going to get more awesome! That’s right, you know it’s coming–it’s time for your Nico Nico Nama weekly broadcasts!

ニコニコ生(Nico Nico Nama) host online broadcasts each and every day! These are the broadcasts that are airing in the upcoming week starting on December 30 that feature some of our favorite visual kei artists. Check it out!

1Name: BORNの『ブラック セオリー レディオスター』 (Born’s BLACK THEORY RADIO STAR)
Date: December 30 (Mon.)
Time: 18:00 JST
Guests: BORN, Moran (Hitomi, Ivy, Soan)
Notes: Radio talk!
Page: here

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly– Dec. 23-29

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly-- Dec. 23-29
Hey there folks! How was your week? Hope it was filled with fantastic broadcasts of your favorite visual kei artists! If not, hey, we’ve got another week filled with visual goodness for you.

ニコニコ生(Nico Nico Nama) hosts many broadcasts online each day. These are the broadcasts in the upcoming week of December 23-29 that feature some of our favorite artists!

We have a lot of Christmas specials, so don’t miss out!

1Name: 「やかん・ダイ・学 #33」年末大忘年会SP
Date: Dec. 24 (Tue.)
Time: 17:00 JST
Notes: Year end party special!
Page: here

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Put on Your Party Hats, Here’s the New Year’s Handy Live Companion!

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Put on Your Party Hats, Here's the New Year's Handy Live Companion!

What are your plans for this New Year’s Eve?

If you’re in Tokyo and looking to hit the town for one of the most exciting live events of the year, then you are certainly in luck. Typically, there are events at some livehouses to ring in the new year, but this year there’s so many it’s difficult to keep them all straight! Some bands are playing two, three, even four shows in one day and you can kick it with some of the most popular Visual Kei bands in the scene. Read more

Codomo Dragon’s Label Change, 1st Full Album, & 2nd Oneman Tour

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Codomo Dragon's Label Change, 1st Full Album, & 2nd Oneman Tour
codomodragonHow off the release of their fifth maxi-single, “NEPENTHES”, and their first oneman tour of the same name, コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) has some great news for the new year!

The band has joined B.P. Records, the same label that Kiryu and Royz belong to. When the announcement was made, Codomo Dragon was on stage with Kiryu and Royz, and didn’t know it was coming. According to reports, the band members were extremely happy about the news.

This is one signing that has quite a nice little story behind it.
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Memento Mori Brings in a Strong Winter

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Memento Mori Brings in a Strong Winter



This winter, Memento Mori will release their 3rd single 「冬将軍」(Fuyu Shogun).  The release is set for December 12th, and will contain 2 new tracks and a DVD.  They will be celebrating this release with a one-man live.

Read more

Vkei Band Members Can Fight Over You Too!

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Vkei Band Members Can Fight Over You Too!
appHave you always wanted different members of different visual bands fighting for your attention? Well, now your dream can come true, with the release of the new iPhone and Anroid app, “ボクはアナタに恋をする – 二人だけのラブソング” (Boku wa Anata ni Koi wo Suru – Boku wa Anata ni Koi wo suru -Futari dake no Love Song-). The this “vkei love game” features Aoi of Aoi-168, Yugiri of DaizyStripper, Mahiro from Kiryu, Mitsu of v[NEU], yo-ka of DIAURA, and Subaru of Royz. Each of the artists recorded their character’s voice.

Taken directly from the official site, the story is:

A relative wants to help you with your dream of working in music industry and invites you to a wedding party of a record company president.
There you get to meet many famous musicians and in the end you get employed!
How will you act in front of the artists and how will your heart cope through the inevitable trouble…

Can’t speak Japanese? Don’t worry. The app is available in English, and their official website is in both Japanese and English.

On the app’s official site, you can check out images and profiles of the characters, as well as read a short three question interview with each participating member.

iPhone users can download a free version of the app at the iTunes store. The app will also be available for Android users.

I wanted to see what it was all about, so I downloaded it. You enter your name, which they then use in the story. It’s pretty cheesy, but it’s always fun to see our favourite artists doing something different. Click the photos to enlarge.

app2 app3app4

app5 app6 app7

If you download and give it a try, tell us what you think!

EDIT: I decided to tap my way through the story, to look into the voice packs. After you complete the prologue, you can download one voice pack per character. However, to collect all the voice packs, you do have to pay for individual stories once the prologue is complete.

Source: Visunavi, App OHP, iTunes

Nico Nico Nama Weekly– October 7-13

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly-- October 7-13
Hi there, folks! It’s time for your Nico Nico Nama broadcasts of the week!

コニコ生 (Nico nico nama) hosts many online broadcasts everyday. These are the broadcasts featuring visual kei artists in the upcoming week starting Monday, October 7.

: 『地中楼閣TV』vol.6
Date: October 7 (Mon.)
Time: 20:00 JST
Notes: A rerun of last week’s broadcast
Page: here

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Royz’s 9th Single

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Royz's 9th Single

For those of you who attended Royz’s “DIRGE OF EGOIST” tour final, you probably saw this coming!  On Monday, Royz announced some special news at their tour final in ZEPP TOKYO.

The lights dimmed and the resonance of an edgy, yet beautiful guitar rift filled ZEPP TOKYO, enchanting all who stood listening with open ears in the crowd. It was something new, something refreshing–yes, Royz played what was to be the title song of their next single, “LILIA.”

“LILIA” will be released in four types on January 15th, and they’re all ready for you to pre-order on CDJapan, so go check it out! In addition, we have information about a huge tour for you, so let’s take a look at the details. Read more


V-ROCK it with Your Favorite Visual Artists, Anime Style!

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V-ROCK it with Your Favorite Visual Artists, Anime Style!


Talk about an amazing line up!

V-ROCK xANIME recenty announced that their newest compilation album titled “V-ANIME ROCKS evolution” will be released on October 2nd with an impressive list of artists and popular anime openings and endings! Everything from Death Note to Digimon to Yu Yu Hakusho (many of you old-school anime fans will melt at the compilation’s track list, which you can read below!) will be covered by bands such as Ayabie, Daizystripper, Fest Vainqueur, and Roys!

This impressive compilation will set you back ¥3000, but for 13 tracks of some of the most memorable anime music since the 80′s, it is a small price to pay!

And there is good news for fans who are planning on picking up a copy– CDJapan still has several copies still in stock. It is important to note that there aren’t that many, so if you’re interested in grabbing this CD, do so quick!


VANIME ROCKS evolution

01. Anbaransuna KISS o shite (Yu Yu Hakusho ) / AYABIE
02. Rinbu -revolution- (Revolutionary Girl Utena) / WING WORKS
03. Tamashii no refrain (Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth) / A(Ace)
04. TBA / Kaya
05. happily ever after (Gurren Lagann)/ GALEYD
06. THE MEANING OF TRUTH (F-Zero: GP Legend) / Juri(ex.DELUHI) feat.Leda
07. the WORLD (DEATH NOTE) / Souiumono
08. LOVE sarigenaku (Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel) / SEX-ANDROID
09. Ai wo torimodose!! (Fist of the North Star: Legend of the Century’s End Savior) / DaizyStripper
10. Yuzurenai negai (Magic Knight Rayearth) / THE BEETHOVEN
11. BUTTER-FLY (Digimon Adventure) / FEST VAINQUEUR
12. Turn A Turn (∀Gundam)/ Megamasso
13. Hikari e(ONE PIECE)/ Royz

Any Anime and Visual Kei fans planning on picking this one up? And if so, which band sold you to it? Tell us in the comments below!


Source: CDJapan

Mix Speaker’s,Inc’s Halloween Party

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Mix Speaker's,Inc's Halloween Party

It’s never too early to celebrate Halloween, or at least not for Mix Speaker’s,Inc! Summer isn’t even over yet but Mix Speaker’s,Inc. already have started planning their Halloween Party…with a few extra surprises in store for their fans!

Let’s take a look at the details and see what goodies they have in store for us fans! Read more

Own the Essential Visual Kei Musical Chronology

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Own the Essential Visual Kei Musical Chronology

Are you a newcomer to the visual scene? Have you got a friend you’re trying to introduce to new (and old) music? Maybe you’ve been a fan for some time, but you’d love to learn the history of visual kei.

Well, Shinko Music Entertainment – the publisher responsible for ROCK AND READ mooks, among countless other music publications – has just the perfect book for you!

Read more

New Single + Preview for ROYZ

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New Single + Preview for ROYZ
In late April ROYZ announced that they would be releasing a new single! Within the last day, they’ve updated with more details, and they’ve also posted a preview on their OHP!

First off, their eighth single will be titled “EGOIST,” and be released on July 3rd, coming in four types. Two of the four will be limited editions, coming with two different DVD’s. For a bit cheaper price, the remaining two will be regular editions, and come with a bonus track and three karaoke  versions. You can preorder them currently on CDJapan, but act fast! If you order all four versions, you’ll receive a exclusive mousepad featuring the band! Check out the tracklist below.

type a

“EGOIST” Limited Type A – ¥1890
2. PARADOX ~ピアスとルージュ~ (PARADOX~pierce to rouge~)
“EGOIST” Music Video + Offshot


type b

“EGOIST” Limited Type B – ¥1890
2. PARADOX ~ピアスとルージュ~ (PARADOX~pierce to rouge~)
“EGOIST” Multi-Angle music video featuring all members


type c

“EGOIST” Regular Type C – ¥1575
2. PARADOX ~ピアスとルージュ~ (PARADOX~pierce to rouge~)
3. 夕月夜、淡い夢 (Yuuzukiyo, Awai Yume)
4. EGOIST (Karaoke Version)
5. PARADOX ~ピアスとルージュ~ (Karaoke Version)
6. 夕月夜、淡い夢  (Karaoke Version)


type d

“EGOIST” Regular Type D – ¥1575
2. PARADOX ~ピアスとルージュ~ (PARADOX~pierce to rouge~)
3. @bnormality
4. EGOIST (Karaoke Version)
5. PARADOX ~ピアスとルージュ~ (Karaoke Version)
6. @abnormality (Karaoke Version)


You can also attend several instore events for the release! You must purchase two of the four versions to participate.

07.03 Tower Records Shinjuku (21:00 start)
07.05 Jishuban Club (14:00 start)
07.05 Like an Edison Shinjuku (18:00 start)
07.12 Brand X (17:00 and 19:00 start)
07.19 ZEAL LINK Shinjuku (14:00 start)
07.19 little HEARTS. Shinjuku (18:00 start)
07.23 Shinseido Lala Square Utsunomiya (18:00 start)
07.27 little HEARTS. Sendai (14:00 start)
07.29 R.I.P (16:00 start)
08.05 ZEAL LINK Osaka (14:00 start)
08.05 Like an Edison Osaka (18:00 start)
08.09 Tower Records Fukuoka (18:00 start)
08.10 Duke Shop Matsuyama (16:30 start)
08.13 Hiroshima Magical Square (17:00 start)
08.18 fiveStars (17:00 start)
08.21 Ongaku Dokoro (18:00 start)
09.02 Like an Edison Nagoya (17:00 start)
09.09 Ash-LD’50 (18:00 start)
09.13 Like an Edison Harajuku (13:00 start)
09.13 ZEAL LINK Shibuya (18:00 start)
09.14 Tower Records Shibuya (18:00 start)


Wanna hear a preview of “EGOIST?” Check it out below!


Source: OHP


Nama Mail: Connect daily with artists by mail

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Nama Mail: Connect daily with artists by mail

Nama Mail

Nama Mail is an internet service that has been gaining some considerable ground in the visual kei world lately. Created by entertainment company Index, it sounds as though the service has actually been around for a little while catering to Japanese idol fans, but added visual kei artists to the lineup on April 19th. The site offers its service for 27 bands, meaning more than 100 bandmen.

So what is it?

Nikkansports reported, the day after the visual kei branch opened:

A fee-based membership service where mail is delivered in real-time from the very cell phones of the artists themselves. (Monthly fee of 315 yen per bandman.) With the artists’ own desired timing, “Nama Mail,” with attached photos, or “Nama Voice,” with attached audio messages will be delivered to registered fans. Since fans can reply to the messages they receive in real-time, they can convey their own feelings directly to the artists.


Participating visual kei artists are:
HERO, Avidit, Kiryu, Royz, FEST VAINQUEUR, KISAKI, DuelJewel, Black Gene For the Next Scene, A, CELL, MEJIBRAY, Griever, Carat, THE RHEDORIC, Gakido, Hana Shonen Baddies, the Sherry, LOST ASH, Panorama Kyokou Xenon, BIOSPHIA, cocklobin, Misaruka, AMARANYX, JokArt au Legal, Lycaon, One Star, and Tokyo Quartet.

That’s quite a list! Some of the artists included in the service have filmed short ads, like Lycaon’s below, that have been uploaded to the site’s official YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, even after checking out the service’s (brief) FAQ, we can’t seem to find any information as to whether it’s possible for fans outside of Japan to sign up for the service. If any readers have tried signing up, or want to sign up, let us know if you’ve been successful!

In any case, what do you think? Would you sign up for this? Is the price reasonable? We’re curious to hear your opinions.

Translation: Ku
Source: Nama Mail Website, Nikkansports

Mix Speaker’s, Inc. planned lives and DVD release

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Mix Speaker's, Inc. planned lives and DVD release

Mix Speaker’s, Inc. surely hasn’t been sitting still, because they will participate at the 2013 ZEAL LINK TOUR and even planned a summertour!

Planned concerts by ZEAL LINK TOUR-2013-

04.28 (Sun)@ KYOTO FANJ // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc./ BORN / DaizyStripper
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
04.29 (Mon)@ OKAYAMA IMAGE // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc. / BORN /etc
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
05.01 (Wed)@ FUKUOKA DRUM Be-1 // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc./ BORN / DaizyStripper
OPEN 17:15 / START 18:00
05.03 (Fri)@ OSAKA MUSE // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc./ BORN /DaizyStripper/etc
OPEN 16:30 / START 17:00
05.04 (Sat)@ NAGOYA E.L.L // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc./ BORN /DaizyStripper/Royz
OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00
05.05 (Sun)@ KANAZAWA AZ // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc. / BORN /DaizyStripper/etc
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
05.11 (Sat)@ KORIYAMA CLUB#9// ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc. / BORN /etc
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
05.12 (Sun)@ SENDAI Darwin // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc. / BORN /etc
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
05.18 (Sat)@ SHIBUYA O-EAST // ν[NEU] / Mix Speaker’s,Inc. / BORN/DaizyStripper/Royz
OPEN 16:30 / START 17:00

This summer Mix Speaker’s, Inc. will have a member produce day-tour in Shibuya. Each concert will have a different ‘sin’ as a theme.

七つの大罪 act,1 at SHIBUYA HELL / The seven sins act.1 at SHIBUYA HELL
07.21(Sun)Shibuya WWW 〜Pride〜MIKI produce day
07.22(Mon)Shibuya O-Crest〜Lust〜BangyaHime(the name of Mix fans) produce day
07.23(Tue)eggman〜Gluttony〜AYA produce day
07.25(Thu)SHIBUYA REX〜Sloth〜keiji produce day
07.26(Fri)渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL〜Envy〜S produce day
07.29(Mon)club asia〜Wrath〜seek produce day
07.31(Wed)duo MUSIC EXCHANGE〜Greed〜YUKI produce day

On top of that Mix Speaker’s, Inc. will release a new DVD at April 23th called promise – Hoshifuru Yuenchi – 2013.02.03 @ Shibuya Kokaido & 9clips.

promise – Hoshifuru Yuenchi – 2013.02.03 @ Shibuya Kokaido & 9clips
Price: ¥7,200
No: HMBH-1102
Available for pre-order at CDJapan.

Source: OHP, CDJapan.

Second Album for Royz

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Second Album for Royz
Royz, who’ve released their seventh maxi single 「Innocence」last October, have announced recently that they’ll be releasing their second full album this month!

Their latest release, 「Tears」will drop on February 27th in three types. Limited Type A, for ¥3675, will include eleven tracks and a DVD, of which holds the PV for 「Tear drop」and an offshot. Limited Type B, for the same price, will contain the same materials, except 「Tear drop」’s PV will be multi-angle, from the point of view of each member. And finally, the Regular Edition will, instead of a DVD, have twelve tracks for ¥3150. All can be purchased on CDJapan for pre order, and with the first press, you’ll receive an A3 sized autographed poster! The tracklist has yet to be listed, but we’ll keep you updated.

Also, they’ve announced several instore events that you’ll be able to attend!

02.27 Tower Records Shinjuku (21:00 start)
03.01 Like an Edison Nagoya (14:00 start)
03.01 Nagoya fivestars (18:00 start)
03.04 Hamamatsu Ash・LD’50 (18:00 start)
03.07 Shinseidou Lala Square Utsunomiya (18:00 start)
03.12 Hiroshima Magical Square (18:00 start)
03.13 DUKE Shop Matsuyama (18:00 start)
03.15 Shinseidou Canal City Hakata (18:00 start)
03.22 Like an Edison Shinjuku (14:00 start)
03.22 ZEAL LINK Shibuya (18:00 start)
03.23 ZEAL LINK Shinjuku (13:00 start)
03.23 little HEARTS. Shinjuku (18:00 start)
03.24 Jishuban Club (14:00 start)
03.24 Like an Edison Tokyo (18:00 start)
03.25 Tower Records Shibuya (18:30 start)
03.31 Niigata R.I.P (14:00 start)
04.07 little HEARTS. Sendai (14:00 start)
04.12 Ongaku Dokoro (18:00 start)
04.15 HMV Aeon Mall Akita (18:00 start)
04.19 Like an Edison Osaka (14:00 start)
04.19 ZEAL LINK Osaka (18:00 start)
04.26 Brand X (18:00 start)


And also! To contribute to their busy schedule, they’ll be touring come March! 「2013 SPRING 2DAYS ONEMAN TOUR「Lost Tears」will stretch from March to the end of April with 16 total stops. All lives will be ¥4000 (¥4500 day of) to attend, except for the tour final, which will be ¥4800 (¥5300 day of). Tickets went on sale on January 26th.

03.02 Nagoya E.L.L
03.03 Nagoya E.L.L
03.09 Okayama IMAGE
03.10 Okayama IMAGE
03.16 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
03.17 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
04.05 Sendai darwin
04.06 Sendai darwin
04.13 Hokkaido cubegarden
04.14 Hokkaido cubegarden
04.20 Umeda AKASO
04.21 Umeda AKASO
04.28 Nippon Seinenkan
04.29 Nippon Seinenkan


This is exciting! How many of you have already ordered your copy? Are you planning on attending the tour?

Source: OHP


Update to Black Gene’s New Single

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Update to Black Gene's New Single
Remember in December when we talked about Black Gene for the Next Scene’s new single? They’ve updated with more details today, as well as two new tours for the year.

To reiterate, 「桜乱トランスdestiny」(Sakuran Trance destiny) will be released on March 20th in three types. The Limited Edition will be CD+DVD for ¥1575, and Regular Types A and B will be CD-only at ¥1260. All can be preordered at CDJapan, so order today! You can reach the listings at the following links.

「桜乱トランスdestiny」Limited Edition – ¥1575
1. 桜乱トランスdestiny
2. 獄彩夢 (Gokusai Yume)
「桜乱トランスdestiny」PV + Offshot

「桜乱トランスdestiny」Regular Type A – ¥1260
1. 桜乱トランスdestiny
2. 獄彩夢 (Gokusai Yume)
3. New Song – A

「桜乱トランスdestiny」Regular Type B – ¥1260
1. 桜乱トランスdestiny
2. 獄彩夢 (Gokusai Yume)
3. New Song – B


Also, they’ll be participating with a multitude of bands in 「Stylish Wave Circuit ’13 春の嵐 (Haru no Arashi)」soon! All lives will cost ¥3500 (¥4000 day of) to attend and are already on sale.

03.09 Takadanobaba AREA
03.16 HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
with: DIARUA, MoNoLith, Moran, Crazy★Shampoo, Lycaon
03.17 Kashiwa PALOOZA
with: DIAURA, GOTCHAROCKA, DIV, Moran, Lycaon
03.20 Yokohama SUNPHONIX HALL
with: HERO, DIAURA, LANDZ, Moran, Lycaon
03.22 Sendai darwin
with: GOTCHAROCKA, MoNoLith, Moran, LANDZ, Lycaon
03.24 HEAVEN’S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2
with: DIAURA, GOTCHAROCKA, MoNoLith, Moran, Lycaon
03.31 Mito Lighthouse
with: GOTCHAROCKA, Crazy★Shampoo, Lycaon, LANDZ, MoNoLith
04.06 Kanazawa AZ
with: GOTCHAROCKA, LANDZ, Lycaon, DIV, MoNoLith
04.13 Osaka BIG CAT
with: HERO, MEJIBRAY, MoNoLith, Moran, Lycaon, Kameleo
04.14 Nagoya E.L.L
with: HERO, Kameleo, GOTCHAROCKA, MEJIBRAY, Moran, Lycaon


They’ll also be participating in the Black Gene/D.I.D coupling tour 「Black:ID」this May, which we briefly mentioned here. Each lives will cost ¥3000 (¥3500 day of) to attend, save for Shinjuku Blaze, which will cost ¥3500 (¥4000 day of.)

05.23 Sapporo Messe Hall
with: D.I.D, Halsion, 12012, Velbet
05.24 Sapporo Messe Hall
with: D.I.D, Halsion, 12012, Velbet
05.26 Aomori Quarter
with: D.I.D, 12012, Velbet, MoNoLith, CELL
05.28 Morioka club change
with: D.I.D, 12012, Velbet, MoNoLith, CELL
5.29 Koriyama #9
with: D.I.D, 12012, Velbet, MoNoLith, CELL
06.01 Yamagata Music Shouwa Session
with: D.I.D, 12012, Velbet, MoNoLith, CELL
06.02 Sendai JUNK BOX
with: D.I.D, 12012, Velbet, MoNoLith, DIV
06.09 Osaka MUSE
with: D.I.D, DIV, MoNoLith, Royz, Avidit.
06.11 Fukuoka Be-1
with: D.I.D, DIV, MoNoLith, Lycaon, Velbet
06.13 Okayama IMAGE
with: D.I.D, Cell, Lycaon, MoNoLith, Velbet
06.15 Nagoya Heartland
with: D.I.D, DIV, Lycaon, MoNoLith, Velbet
06.16 Yamanashi KAZOO HALL
with: D.I.D, MoNoLith, Velbet, and more
06.21 Shinjuku BLAZE
with: D.I.D, DIV, MoNoLith, Royz, 12012, ??? (announced February 16th)


Source: OHP


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Royz: Subaru & Kuina

Article: Ku
Photography: Evan Clark
Not for republication.

Every time Royz makes their way up to Aomori I’m impressed. I’m impressed by the ever-growing turnout, by the evolution of their sound with each new release, and of course by the boundless energy put to good use on stage. It wasn’t a hard decision to spend Halloween with the band at Quarter knowing that everyone would be in for a good time – and given the holiday, I could only speculate how the live might be different from their typical one-man show.

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Interview: Halloween with Royz

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Interview: Halloween with Royz
As luck would have it, Royz’s Aomori date of the “The UNLIMITED INNOCENCE RAY” tour fell on Halloween, which made for a very interesting opportunity for the band to talk about the holiday, discuss their current direction, and even answer questions from some of our readers.

Interview: Ku
Translation: Alicia
Photography: Evan Clark
Not for republication.



Thank you for meeting with us again.

All: Thank you.


First, can you each tell us what you’d wear for Halloween if you were to choose a costume?

Subaru: Today… everyone’s decided on a Halloween costume for the encore. Let’s start with Kuina.
Kuina: A black witch.
Koudai: Santa girl (laugh).
Tomoya: I’m gonna be a skeleton.
Subaru: I can see your bones anyways (laugh).
Tomoya: (laugh) Because I’m too skinny.
Subaru: I’m a gorilla (laugh). I’ve got a full body gorilla suit.
Kazuki: Dracula… he’s the best.

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