LOST ASH Sizzles at a Sweltering SUMMER PARTY (Part 2)

Part 1, featuring the pre-live activities and talk show, is over here! Article: jazz Live coverage: jazz, Yayoi Photography: Katie F. for Shattered-Tranquility.net Special Thanks: Ku, Alicia © Shattered-Tranquility.net 2014 ----- LOST ASH SUMMER PARTY 2014: LIVE Shibuya Rex - August 3rd, 2014 As the curtains rose and the lights dropped, the SE music began to flow, and immediately hundreds of fists pounded the air in rhythm, many lit by whimsical flashing LED rings. Throughout the evening, the Read more

LOST ASH Sizzles at a Sweltering SUMMER PARTY (Part 1)

  Part 2, featuring the full rundown of the live itself, is this way! Article: jazz Live coverage: jazz, Yayoi Photography: Katie F. for Shattered-Tranquility.net Special Thanks: Ku, Alicia © Shattered-Tranquility.net 2014 ----- In Japan, there are certain motifs that immediately evoke the image of summer. The persistent hum of cicadas, the mirrored burst and sparkle of fireworks reflected in a river, the flavor of fresh grilled takoyaki drenched in sauce and mayonnaise, the petrichor after summer Read more

Interview: LOST ASH

Finding a MESSAGE in the ASHes It may not be easy to place J-Rock’s Jacks-of-all-trades LOST ASH into one convenient category, for all the skills they have. If there ever were an example of “visual kei idols,” it would be LOST ASH, who have the talent, looks, style, and sound to garner both mainstream and niche appeal (and, with their web series and vocalist Daiki’s acting career, they’ve the film Read more

Interview: Chanty

  YOLO, YOLO A Pirate’s Life for Me Chanty first sailed into the Tokyo visual kei scene late last summer, when they shocked us with their hilariously imposturous introduction profiles. But we soon found out that Chanty were anything but imposturous. In just under a year they have pierced our hearts with their light, catchy melodies and left us wanting more. Shattered-Tranquility.net got the opportunity to chat with Chanty just before the Read more

Red Desire LILIA & A Look Back at Royz

After saying farewell to Kazuki last month and heading into the future with Royz, we'd like to take a look back to the spring at Royz's Red Desire LILIA tour, and even farther back, to the beginnings of the band. We caught up with Royz for the first time in more than a year at their Aomori performance of the tour this past April and were treated to another Read more

heidi. 8th Anniversary Live

It was overcast and cloudy in Takadanobaba on the day of heidi.’s Eighth Anniversary Live. This slightly foreboding weather, however, was not enough to stop the hundreds of fans that came to see this special event from flooding into the venue the second doors were opened. Clad in band t-shirts and stylish outfits made up of various mismatched colors, fans greeted each other on the floor, exchanging excited whispers Read more

Lucy goes on pause

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Lucy goes on pause
ルーシー (Lucy) have announced that on March 30th they will be going on an activity pause.

So far the only one to write in their blog about it is Taisuke, and this is what he had to say.

Thanks for the live at RUIDO K4.
We told you this today, but after our live on March 30th, Lucy will be going on an activity pause.

We currently have two lives left, so we hope that you’ll show you’re support.

There’s a chance that [the number of lives we have left] may increase, but for now, we have two planned.

I’m going to give you a rough idea [about our decision].

It’s hard to talk about, so I’m sorry i you feel uncomfortable.

I’m in this band for the sake of myself, and for the sake of the band. I’m not in it for everyone else’s sake.

We’re in a band for ourselves, and it’s taken on the form of a dream.

Besides, if you look at it, I think that the fans who come to the lives come because they think we look good.

On the contrary, if you can’t identify with us, don’t come to the live… I don’t care.

It’s not something that’s necessary for being a fan.

Although I guess practically everyone is like that.

I guess that’s how I feel.

However, it’s hard for your dreams to take shape!

It’s been about three years since we started our activities, and we’ve done this and that to make the dream closer, but it’s not really getting closer at all.

And there have been times where it’s become more distant. (Laughs)

Lately, we’ve gotten closer to it, but we’re not completely there.

Honestly, I feel really strongly that I don’t want to do lives where our dream is out of reach from it.

Putting it simply, it’s like you don’t plan to make bad tasting food or food that’s not great, but not bad… just normal.

You want it to be like, “THIS IS DELICIOUS!!”.

If it’s not delicious, you don’t want to serve it at a restaurant.

Because of course, I think that if a restaurant prepares their food half-assed, it’s just going to be embarrassing.

Until the restaurant can make and serve delicious food, they close down for a bit.

It’s okay if you don’t understand.

You can give us your understanding, but if you don’t, that’s okay too!

In the end, our values and our tastes are probably different. (Laughs)

We hate it when we do lives when we know that we could have done better, and because that is something that’s unacceptable we’ve decided to go on an activity pause.

As I kept writing, it got harder and harder to understand… (Laughs)

Please understand that this is a positive decision, and that this activity pause is not for limiting our dream, but for coming closer to it.

So that we can have no regrets…

Source: Grassthread, Taisuke’s Blog


Lucy members change names

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Lucy members change names
It seems that from the 1st of January the members of ルーシー (Lucy) have changed their names. Most of them are just romaji version of their previous ones though:

Vocal:(Sakaki)→ Sakaki
Guitar: 健斗 (Kento) → Kent
Guitar: 広未 (Hiromi) → Hiromi
Bass: 泰介 (Taisuke) → Taisuke
Drums: 憐華 (Ren) → Makoto

Source: Mobile OHP


random fact of the day

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random fact of the day
Did you know that three members from the band Lucy have been friends for awhile. They even have been in two previous bands prior to forming Lucy.

Kento, Taisuke and Hiromi have all been in Virgin and nine! Pretty cool that they have been good friends all this time.


Two three-man lives

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Two three-man lives
Both Megaromania and E’m~grief~ are teaming up for three man shows!

Megaromania’s is called -Formation of 3 pieces- 「Dark profound thought」 and it takes place on January 30th at Shinjuku RUIDO K4. They will be playing alongside ALSDEAD and SaTan.

E’m~grief~’s is taking place on January 31st, also at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, but is called -Formation of 3 pieces- 「Altar of the spirit」. Joining them are Art Cube and ルーシ- (Lucy).

Tickets for both shows cost 3000 yen, and go on sale starting November 28th.

Source: UCP OHP

L’eprica x Lucy 2man

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L'eprica x Lucy 2man
L’eprica and Lucy decided to team up for a 2man planned for the 12th of February 2010 and entitled 「L」. It will be held in Ikebukuro Chop and the tickets will cost 2500 yen in advanced sale and 3000 yen on the day of the event. The tickets will go on sale on the 11th of November.

Source: OHP

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random fact of the day

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random fact of the day
Time for the random fact of the day !

Today’s topic : what do you want to be in the future ? And our first answer comes from 榊 (Sakaki) ! Before he even formed ルーシー (Lucy), back in high school, he wanted to become another kind of artist : a mangaka ! Here’s a drawing he’s made a few years ago, not bad Sakaki, not bad !

Sakaki's Drawing

How about you guys ? Any similar dream ? Anyone willing to draw a magnificent picture of me ? Or to raise a statue for me maybe ?


NightingeiL presents【Night Humanist vol.00】

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 NightingeiL presents【Night Humanist vol.00】
NightingeiL will be presenting a live November 11th at Takadanobaba Area titled 【Night Humanist vol.00】. Performing at the live will be NightingeiL, emmuree, LuLu, ルーシー (Lucy), ネガ (Nega) and Calmando Qual. Tickets will cost 2800 yen in advance and 3300 yen the day of.

Source: Calmando Qual Ameblo

New look for Lucy

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New look for Lucy
Lucy got a new look!


Source: OHP


Calmando Qual restarts!

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Calmando Qual restarts!
There have been a lot of rumors swirling around about Calmando Qual disbanding but quite the opposite is happening – they’re restarting! And while they have done a few performances in Europe, it seems that this is an official restart in Japan as well. They will be participating in a live event presented by MUNIMUNI on June 18th titled ‘CRY FOR THE MOON GIG’ which so far will feature performances by Calmando Qual, MUNIMUNI and ルーシー(lucy). We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the restart of Calmando Qual.

Source: Twisted Clock Ameblo,ST reader noora

Oneman information

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Oneman information
DELUHI announces on their official site that because the general sale tickets for their second oneman which takes place on May 29th at Shibuya BOXX sold out in just five hours, they have decided to hold a third oneman on July 30th at Shibuya O-West!

A tickets which are available through phone reserving will go on sale on April 13th. The B tickets will be available through their merchandise table and ZEAL LINK, and C tickets can be bought from Lawson.

As I mentioned the other day, Lucy‘s first oneman will be on July 25th, and the tickets will go on presale through Shinjuku Holiday on April 14th. The general sale will begin on May 1st, and you can buy the tickets from Lawson, CHELSEA HOTEL or reserve them through the band.

Matenrou Opera will have their first oneman on July 27th, and the presale of the tickets started on April 1st, and ends on April 15th. The presale tickets can be obtained through lottery arranged by Club Citta.

Source: DELUHI OHP, Lucy OHP, Club Citta

Lucy first oneman

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Lucy first oneman
Lucy is finally going to have their very first oneman on July 25th! There are no details available yet on their official site, but of course we will inform you when details are updated.

Source: Sakaki’s blog


Lucy’s 4 sponsored events

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Lucy's 4 sponsored events
ルーシー (Lucy) will sponsoring four events for four consecutive months starting at the end of March!

The details that are available so far are as follows.
March 31st @ Shinjuku Holiday -
Title: 『The another world~序章~』 (Joushou; Prologue)
Cast: Lucy, emmuree, L’eprica, meth., SaTaN, ALSDEAD, 蜂-biene-, ヒトツメ (Hitotsume)

April 24th @ Shinjuku Holiday
Title: 『The another world~覚醒~』 (Gakusei; Awakening)
Cast: Lucky, munimuni, L’eprica, cocklobin, SKULL, オトガデット (Otogadead), gaudie. and brodiaea

May 25th @ Shinjuku Holiday
Title: 『The another world~変貌~』 (Henbou; Transfiguration)
Cast: Will be available at a later date.

June 25th @ Shibuya club asia
Title: 『The another world~深化~』 (Shinka; Deepening)
Cast: Will be available at a later date.

The events will cost 2500 yen to attend. 

Source: Visunavi


Good news for Lucy

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Good news for Lucy
Yesterday Lucy announced that they will release their second maxi-single on December 24th! The title and tracks of the single have yet to be determined, but the band will announce them as soon as they’re decided, and we’ll make sure to post the details here on S-T.net as well.

As for more good news, the band has also decided to hold their first sponsorship event on December 10th. Bands participating are Sugar(guest), emmuree, L’eprica, KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND, ReivieЯ and dis C, and at the event Lucy will also have a presale for the second maxi-single!

The name of the event is “THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS ~七つの大罪 (Nanatsu no daizai) The disorderly world~“, and the tickets which cost 2,500yen in advance went on sale yesterday (Sep 27) through Lucy. You can also buy tickets for the event through Lawson starting on October 16 and through the other bands from October 23 onwards.

Source: Taisuke’s blog, OHP

Lucy news

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Lucy news
As for some exciting news, Lucy’s first maxi-single, which Miku talked about in this post, was sold out already on the release date! The bandmembers were quite surprised, but of course very happy and grateful for this unexpected success of their single.

Because they want as many people as possible to hear their music, they’ve also decided that a second pressing of the single will be released! The first press was limited to only 300 copies, and the second press will be even smaller with only 200 copies, but hopefully this will mean that 200 more people will get to hear the single!

Also, this is not a news or anything, but just something I thought I should point out here, too: so far, ~歪~ has been romanized as ~Ibitsu~ everywhere, but the band has just updated their myspace and added the correct romanization for the song. Instead of ~Ibitsu~, the name should be read as ~Yugami~.

Source: mail magazine, official site, myspace


Lucy new release and myspace

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Lucy new release and myspace
The band ルーシー(Lucy) will be releasing their 1st Maxi single on May 7th called 『Discord』. It will cost 1260 yen and be limited to 300 copies. It will only be available at lives, their webshop and Like an Edison stores.

1.~歪~ (Yugami)

Also they posted a link to their official MySpace where you can listen to the song ~歪~ (Ibitsu) : http://www.myspace.com/officiallucy

Source: OHP

I really love their sound. I’m looking forward to this release although it’s really limited in number x-x