Interview: UnRealistic

Last month, we introduced you readers to UnRealistic, a 4-member band that kicked off band activities with their first mini album release on April 2nd. The band, featuring ex-Called≠Plan’s Yuuto, has only played a few shows so far, but this up-and-coming band is planning to take on 2014 with all they’ve got. Shattered-Tranquility had the wonderful opportunity to chat with UnRealistic in their first-ever interview. Each member opens up about Read more

Interview: METEOROID

METEOROID crashed onto the scene with a bang in late 2012, but began their true trek as a band with their first one-man and release of their first single, "DIVER," back on February 11th of last year. Since that day, this five-man monster of a band has released three more singles and put on dozens of performances, including two sold-out one-man events. However, that's not all that's in METEOROID's future: Read more

Seeking New Staff!

As you may know, is always accepting staff applications, but recently we've had a few openings in different areas and we'd like to look to our readership for newcomers! If you've ever considered applying for the team before, you'll notice that our applications have undergone a few changes. We hope these are only positive changes and encourage anyone interested to apply! Technically, there's no time limit as the Read more

Vote for the Biggest, Weirdest, and Best of 2013

Hello my lovey readers! It's time to do some voting! For the past couple of weeks we've been taking nominations for who you deserves to win 2013 in a variety of categories. I want to give a big thank you to everyone for all the nominations! We have quite the list of nominees to vote on, so take a look through and choose who you think deserves to win. Please Read more

Contest Winners & Celebrations

This year December 6th marks six years of activities for! We held a special Dress Ernie Contest to celebrate, but before we get to the winners, there's a few words from the site's Ku and Adrienne. Message from Ku First, let me thank those of you who entered the contest. I know it can be intimidating to put your art out there for all to see, but our staff -- Read more

Interview: Sophia & Season of Ghosts

  Originally hailing as a music promoter from Thessaloniki, Greece, Sophia suddenly emerged from the business side of the visual scene and into the limelight after she was accepted as Blood Stain Child's new vocalist after the departure of Sadew in 2010. Shortly after, Sophia became one of the most recognized female vocalists within the industry, known not only for her work with Blood Stain Child but for her collaborations Read more

random fact of the day

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random fact of the day
Jack Spooky updated that last month he and Peggy went to a wedding! Whose wedding you ask? Mr. Nasty aka Motoki, ex. 2nd Effect! Junn also ex 2nd Effect played guitar for the new happily married couple.


Did you know that Peggy played support for 2nd Effect? So did Tak of Calmando Qual!


Love when band members update with wedding pictures!

2nd effect disbands

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2nd effect disbands
Thanks to Samm. for letting us know about this announcement that 2nd effect had posted on their OHP!

It turns out, that the band will be disbanding on April 28th after their live at Shinjuku Holiday. They have been around for 10 years, and have finally decided to put an end to their activities.

They have stated clearly that they will not be coming back.

Their reasons for disbanding are that the members felt that they could not see a future for the band. However, they do hope that their final live can be one without any regrets, and they want to be proud of their last performance.

Source: OHP