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Meet the Staff

The staff at are all volunteers with an avid appreciation and understanding of both Japan and the Japanese visual scene.

Head & Lead Positions

Name: Adrienne
Position: Founder
Location: Canada → Nagoya, Japan → Ontario, Canada
Favourite Artists: R指定, Dir en grey, バービー, バビロン, meth., unfade, Adam Lambert, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga
Hobbies / Interests: Linguistics, my pets, tea, piano, writing, TV
Name: Shannon
Position: Executive Editor
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Favourite Artists: DIR EN GREY, sukekiyo, Malice Mizer, ZIZ, Acid Black Cherry
Hobbies / Interests: Lyric translation, bad TV series, karaoke, long walks
Name: Alicia
Position: Director of Public Relations
Location: Osaka, Japan
Favourite Artists: NoGoD, 摩天楼オペラ, D’espairsRay, Dir en grey, D, Alice Nine, GALEYD, Sadie, Moran
Hobbies / Interests: karaoke, going to lives, Disney, movies, internet, reading, painting, flowers, animals, naps
Name: Ku
Position: Live Coverage Lead
Location: Kanto, Japan
Favourite Artists: BUCK-TICK, lynch., LuLu, Ziggrat
Hobbies / Interests: Travel, sci-fi, reading, cosplay, nerd stuff, penguins, coffee, karaoke

News Team

Name: Kyoni
Position: News Staff
Location: New Mexico, United States
Favourite Artists: Dir En Grey, sukekiyo, X Japan, MUCC, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day
Hobbies / Interests: Languages, cultures, art, writing, video games, history, Society for Creative Anachronism
Name: Juri
Position: News Staff
Location: Seattle, WA
Favourite Artists: BORN, Plastic Tree / Androp, Alexandros, Last Alliance
Hobbies / Interests: Video games, coffee, violin/piano/percussion, detective novels, studying
Links: @jurifish
Name: Mash
Position: News Staff
Location: Miyagi, Japan
Favourite Artists: Femme Fatale, Omega Dripp, Yazzmad, Hollowgram, The 3rd Birthday, the Piass, Velvet Eden
Hobbies / Interests: Watching horror movies and eating takoyaki
Name: Yuuhy
Position: News Staff
Location: California, USA
Favourite Artists: MERRY, PIERROT, BUCK-TICK, DIR EN GREY, Metric, MUCC, My Chemical Romance, sukekiyo
Hobbies / Interests: Comics & manga, fashion, web design & development, television, Halloween

Support Team

Name: Misha
Position: (Head) Venue Navi Writer
Location: Japan
Favourite Artists: baroque (2001-2004 era), Souiumono, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, XAA-XAA, Death From Above 1979.
Hobbies / Interests: Going to VK lives; video games; surfing the Internet.
Name: Ysa
Position: Social Media Manager
Location: WA, USA
Favourite Artists: the GazettE
Hobbies / Interests: Movies, Fashion, Music, Food, Cartoons, Anime
Name: Chiva
Position: Researcher
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Favourite Artists: THE GALLO, lynch., deathgaze, CELL, The Gazette, LUNA SEA, BUCK-TICK, LuLu, amber gris, konig, deadman and Nagoya kei in general (kein, gullet, hybrid-zombiez, kusse, berry, meth, gemmik)
Hobbies / Interests: Japanese language, music, books, Showa period (eroguro, bousouzoku and psychology of delinquent youth, WW2 and occupation period), alcohol, sea, coconut, cooking, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, red, prostitution, public transport


Name: Ernie
Position: Mascot
Location: Classified
Favourite Artists: Yanni
Hobbies / Interests: Exercise wheels, cheese, pina coladas, bungee jumping, dancing, giant balls
Links: @theerninator
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