Friday, February 15, 2019


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    • Introducing: SIGMA MEMORIA

      Introducing: SIGMA MEMORIA

      It's been a while since we did a band introduction, so we figured, "Why not introduce a band with some new tunes being released soon?" SIGMA MEMORIA (シグマメモリア) is a five-member band ...

    • Introducing: SARIGIA

      Introducing: SARIGIA

      One of our readers, Sarah N, wanted to know more about this hot new band, so we thought we'd share it with all of you! SARIGIA is a band that formed in December 2017 and officially ...

    • V-kei Super Band “NANA” Officially Starts Activities

      V-kei Super Band “NANA” Officially Starts Activities

      Back in 2013, HERO's SARSHI had a little project going on called NANA (ナナ). Here's what they were like then: And this is the full-fledged form of NANA in 2018: Apparently, a lot ca ...

    • Introducing: Mamireta

      Introducing: Mamireta

      We wouldn't be surprised if you already know about the band we're introducing today: Mamireta (まみれた). Their concept is, in short, the "tainted" parts of humanity: jealousy, deceit, ...

    • Introducing: Verxina

      Introducing: Verxina

      Today's brand new band is Verxina (ヴィルシーナ), a Tokyo-based band that operates under the concept of "the greed, greed, greed of humans that are defined by the 7 Deadly Sins." They op ...

    • Introducing: TRNTY D:CODE

      Introducing: TRNTY D:CODE

      Forget pop - need some Visual kei metal in your life? With manipulators? This is TRNTY D:CODE, a band formed by former KILLANETH members Kai (丐) and 39. They announced their startu ...!!

    Before I start the news I was asked something recently and I just want to post a note here for anyone who might have the same question (it's also in the 'about' section now). If y ...

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    BACKDROP Zeroshiki

    BACKDROP Zeroshiki

    I haven't seen much posted anywhere about this band, so I thought I'd make a brief entry seeing as the members are all from bands that were pretty successful. There's a new band c ...

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    I was browsing around Visunavi this morning, and I saw news about the band SINCREA. Honestly, I don't think I've ever heard of them before so I checked them out. The band isn't ne ...

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