Thursday, May 24, 2018


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    • [Interview] umbrella on “Darwin”

      [Interview] umbrella on “Darwin”

      umbrella is a band that you may be familiar with for different reasons - maybe you're into a darker side of Visual kei. Maybe you followed vocalist Yui from his previous band, Loki ...

    • [Interview] A Chat with JILUKA

      [Interview] A Chat with JILUKA

      When we asked you all which bands you wanted to interview in 2018, an overwhelming amount of you said JILUKA. Well, your wish has been granted. With a big solo show coming ...

    • [Interview] THE GALLO’s Appetite for “KERBEROS”

      [Interview] THE GALLO’s Appetite for “KERBEROS”

      If you've heard of THE GALLO, it's probably because you've heard something like "their fans bring plates and spoons to shows," or "their lyrics are obscene." It's not a secret that ...

    • [Interview] Meet TRNTY D:CODE

      [Interview] Meet TRNTY D:CODE

      It wasn't long ago that we introduced to you TRNTY D:CODE, a band started by ex. KILLANETH members Kai and 39. The band is drawing attention not only because of the release of thei ...

    • [Interview] The Devil’s Proof in Deviloof

      [Interview] The Devil’s Proof in Deviloof

      You may already know about Deviloof. Maybe you read our live report of their solo show in December. Maybe this is the first time you're hearing about them. No matter your fan statu ...

    • Interview: sukekiyo on “ADORATIO”

      Interview: sukekiyo on “ADORATIO”

      sukekiyo, who you may have read about recently in our latest live report, are a band that's never quite the same. From their first album "IMMORTALIS" to their latest release "ADORA ...

    Interview with Black:List

    Interview with Black:List

    As many of you know, Black:List toured Europe with exist†trace last month. After their live in Finland the band sat down with us at the backstage of Gloria and took some time to g ...

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    Interview with Kanon

    Interview with Kanon

    We've talked about Kanon alot these days. And why not? So far she has shown us that she is a pretty unique artist! Even though this was posted a while back when her first single c ...

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    Q & A With ~KORO~

    Q & A With ~KORO~

    Today we bring something special for our readers. It is a first at our site and hopefully not the last of its kind. The Staff at Shattered Tranquility had the opportunity to do a ...

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