Plastic Tree Celebrates Their 20th Year in 2014

Plastic Tree Celebrates Their 20th Year in 2014
PURAWe’ve all seen bands come and go, and sometimes we visual kei fans are lucky if our bands make it past the 5 year mark. Despite hardships and negative trends, there are bands out there that charge through the decades, literally. And we’ve got a band here that shows no signs of stopping.

What’s the secret to their success? Well, there’s no obvious answer, but the fact that they like to please their fans definitely plays a role. And boy, Plastic Tree fans, prepare to be pleased!

Plastic Tree has announced that in the upcoming year of 2014, they will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary of their formation with a huge scale nation-wide tour and a mini-album!

The mini-album details are not out yet (the members themselves refer to it as March 5), but we know it’s coming in March! Keep a close eye on our site for updates later. What we do have details of at the moment are the dates for their nation-wide tour. Have a look, and if you plan on attending a live…plan accordingly!

Plastic Tree 結成20周年“樹念”ツアー (20th Year Since Formation “Memorial” Tour)
3.16 (Sun.)Chiba Motoyawata Route Fourteen
3.18 (Tues.)Tokyo・SHIBUYA-AX
3.21 (Fri.)Shizuoka・sound shower ark
3.23 (Sun.)Yonago・AZTic laughs
3.27 (Thu.)Saitama・HEAVEN’S ROCKさいたま新都心VJ-3
3.29 (Sat.)Kanazawa・EIGHT HALL
3.30 (Sun.)Nagano・JUNKBOX
4.5 (Fri.)Nagasaki・Be-7
4.6 (Sun.)Fukuoka・DRUM LOGOS
4.12 (Sat.)Kyoto・FAN J
4.13 (Sun.)Takamatsu・DIME
4.16 (Wed.)Sendai・Rensa
4.17 (Thu.)Morioka・CLUB Change Wave
4.19 (Sat.)Otaru・GOLD STONE
4.20 (Sun.)Kushiro・Club GREEN
4.26 (Sat.)Osaka・IMPホール
4.27 (Sun.)Nagoya・Zepp Nagoya
4.29 (Tues.)Nara・ネバーランド (NEVERLAND)

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