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llll-Ligro- Loses Their Hiro
Saturday, December 28, 2013 at 5:08pm in Departures, Hiatus, Translations

llll-Ligro- Loses Their Hiro

As 2013 comes to a close, things continue to look glum for llll-Ligro-.


After being caught up in a scandal earlier this year in response to an offensive video posted on YouTube, llll-Ligro-‘s anki faced harsh criticism. That, in addition to opposing views with the other band members, caused the guitarist to leave the band. As a consequence, the band entered a hiatus period.

The band was due to restart activities with a new system in place at the turn of the New Year. Unfortunately, drummer Hiro has also decided to leave the band. Unlike the former guitarist, Hiro still seems to be on good terms with the band. His reason lies in the struggles that the band has had to face in the pursuit of fame; namely, the increasing lack of time dedicated to composing music in favor of promoting the band via non-music-related activities. Read what he has to say for yourself in this blog comment below, translated by yours truly:

Thank you for your continuous support for llll-Ligro-.
We have an important announcement for all of our fans.
Following the 12/19 performance at Meguro Rockmaykan a few days ago,
The departure of drummer Hiro from the band was decided.


I, Hiro, have left llll-Ligro- as of the 12/19 live.

As for the reason, I have become unable to see any meaning in continuing with this band.

This kind of writing amounts to nothing, but from the start, I’ve been more of a behind-the-scenes, song-writing and mixing kind of guy than a bandman.
If I had to say, I think I’ve grasped the qualities that are required for that kind of job.
Because of that, I worked on a lot of the songwriting and mixing of llll-Ligro-‘s songs,
and that made me think that continuing on with the band was something worth doing.

However, more than continuing with the band, activities unrelated to music were by no means avoidable.
Every time we were pressed for time and the non-music-related activities kept piling up,
It made me feel the obvious separation between the necessity of being in the band and the way to associate with my ideal music.

The fact is that lesser-known bands need to do things like Twitter, blogging, checki, in-store events, and handing out flyers.
If you don’t do that, your band can’t create the foundation to get to higher places.

Those activities might not be necessary for bands that have a strong premise like good performance ability, good taste in music, or a strong connection with staff and good experiences.
But unfortunately, one thing that is plainly clear to me and the others is that llll-Ligro- already has a reputation so bad that we can’t undo it.

Since we’re still using those methods to develop and aim higher, I believe I understand the necessity of pressing forward.
However, I feel like these things that have no direct relation to music were taking up a lot of our time.
I started to feel that we were losing time and chances to face new challenges.
It seemed like a complete waste of time to me. It started to become really painful.

Until this decision, I was persuaded time and time again that I needed to understand that this was necessary for the band.

There will be music after I overcome this pain. I need to shut my eyes for now because the moment when we will be rewarded will come.
I told myself that this would be the result and gave it my best effort.
But, because of money problems, the lack of time, and my growing impatience,
There is nothing to save me from “now” and I am tired of aiming higher in order to be saved by “someday.”

I started seriously considering leaving llll-Ligro- as far back as one year ago before I came to this kind of thinking.
In spite of that, I didn’t leave the band until now because of the severe handicap the band would suffer if I stopped.

Finding new members takes a lot of time, and it’s largely due to fate.
Where even in the best of times, drummers are few and it’s hard to fill that hole, the loss of time that the band activities would suffer is by no means small.

Because I’ve taken part in the band since its beginning and I understood the difficulty they would have to face,
more than anyone, I didn’t want to cause trouble for Hinata and kazari.
I’ve come this far until now with that in mind and without saying anything.

The motive behind this decision was because of the members’ retirement and our activity pause.
What will we do about band activities? What should we do? While we talked about this over and over among the three of us, I noticed that I didn’t have the same enthusiasm as the other two.

While I understand that in order to start activities anew with a new structure, we have to set a stricter pace than before,
if I don’t have the passion, I don’t feel like I have the qualifications to go on in the same band as the two of them anymore.

After I told them my intentions, Hinata and kazari restrained me over and over.
I wasn’t the only one tired from there being no relief in sight.
In spite of that, the two of them shaved off whatever expenses they could for the band and our music to the point of insanity.
Because I saw that, I realized that I was by no means the only one suffering.
Even though it’s something that can be perceived as treachery, I think it’s something that can’t be helped.
However, even though the band members are grateful to me and say “We want to keep doing the band together!” to me, who wants to quit because of these reasons, I can’t go on.

My pride is that I’ve come this far as llll-Ligro-‘s drummer.
Because I poured all of my power into each and every work, and because of these members that have been there for me,
even in this state, I am able to finish activities without regret.

Thank you so much until now.

I wish for llll-Ligro-‘s success from now on from the bottom of my heart.

2013.12.28 llll-Ligro- Drum Hiro

We are deeply apologetic for an announcement like this just as we were about to restart activities with a brand new system.
Because Hinata and kazari are pushing forward towards the band’s revival, please continue to give us your patronage.

Remaining members Hinata and kazari still seem to be planning on the band’s revival. Without Hiro as their songwriter and anki as their businessman, what kind of band will llll-Ligro- become? Discuss your ideas with us as we await further news from the band.

Source: Hiro’s Official Ameblo


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