I love Japanese band names.

I love Japanese band names.
Wow the news is slow slow slow today!
But, I do come with information of a newish band.
The band’s name is “KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND” (キョクトウガールフレンド) and although they formed in September of 2007, they didn’t have their first live until November 11th at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo. (Kyokutou, just as a side note means Far East).

I don’t know if it’s their motto, or concept… but it seems to be all over the place.
“Improper Charisma”.

The members are:
Vocals - 林田倫堕 (Hayashida Linda)
Support Guitar – タイト (Taito)
Bass - サリー (Sally)
Drums - 亜門 (Amon)There aren’t any samples on their site, but for all the details in their profiles they’ve written “Since this contains unsuitable expressions, we have removed it on our own accord”. I don’t really know how to take that, haha.

Anyways, they’re another new band to look out for and they do have a good number of lives already planned for the New Year.

Source: Visunavi, OHP

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