Holiday Trivia #22

Yikes! Yesterday’s proved to be very tricky, so hopefully today’s will easier! (Here’s a hint: you can find two possible answers somewhere on S-T…).

Tickets for December 21st have not yet been sent out but will be done so in the next twenty-four hours. Please do not contact us regarding tickets from the 21st!

Don’t forget to double check that in the e-mail you were sent, your raffle ticket number matches the graphic number.

As always, you have from midnight EST until 23:59 EST to submit your answer. All those who submit the right answer will receive an e-mail with their raffle ticket enclosed!

Q: Name two bands that had members leave and then return. Include the band and artist’s names. Session bands and short time revival lives do not count, and it does not count if the whole band went on an activity break.

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