Another great band name

Another great band name
Lisa just passed some more new news on to me! (Yay, thanks!)
The news is good, it’s of another new band (it’s like, we lose one and gain at least two, that’s awesome!).

So, the band name (it’s another real winner) is “9GOATS BLACK OUT” (ナインゴーツ・ブラックアウト), and there are currently three members in the band:
Vocals - Ryo (ex-GULLET)
Guitar - utA
Bass - hati


The band is signed to an independent label called “Dalli” (ダリ) and plan their first release in the new year. Due to the fact they do not have a drummer yet, they have not made any live plans.

I really liked GULLET and I’m really glad that Ryo is back on the scene! I thought he had retired, so yay, he’s back! Haha.

Source: 2ch, OHP

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8 Responses to Another great band name

  1. Yanique

    But there’s only 3 of them.

  2. michael



    they’re going by multiples of themselves…

    and the middle guy’s hair is hot <3

  3. Yanique

    Yes sir.

  4. precious_metals

    middle guy, is that chin pubes or his shirt or his hair? i’m sick and my bloodshot eyes can’t tell :'(

  5. Adrienne

    We were actually debating that… I say it’s a goatee and Yan and Michael said his shirt.

  6. Kiri

    XD I love that name. Omigosh. Insane giggling…..

    I thought it was a smudge on my screen O.o;;

  7. Miku

    I think it’s both…shirt and hair *stares* ToT

  8. Hideko

    cool x

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