News from Juliette

News from Juliette
After the departure of Takumi, ジュリエット (Juliette) have now announced that they have added a new bassist to their ranks!

Their new bassist’s name is 緋遊 (Hiyuu) and you can find his blog at He had been supporting Juliette under the name Hinata, but has now become an official member of the band, and changed his name to Hiyuu.

The band has also announced that on January 27th, they will be releasing their first single with the new line-up called 「WORLD WONDER LOVE!」. The new single will cost 1600 yen and come with four tracks:
3. [Untitled Song]
4. 涙色モダンフィルム (Namida Iro Modern Film) [New recording]

Juliette will also be having a three days sponsored event and oneman:
April 14th @ Nagoya HartLand
Juliette’s Event – 「SPANKY ROCK PARTY 【vol.1】」

April 15th @ Nagoya HeartLand
Juliette’s Event – 「SPANKY ROCK PARTY 【vol.2】」

April 16th @ Nagoya HeartLand
Juliette Oneman – 『Jewelry Beautiful Story.』~世界で一番素敵な物語。~ (Sekai de Ichiban Sutekina Monogatari)

Source: vkdb, OHP


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  1. Weynheart

    Hurray!! ^_^
    Hiyuu looks amazing and I’m REALLY looking forward to the new single!

  2. dearest

    YAY! finally some activity from them again :3

  3. Karu

    I’m happy to know they’ll have a new single, but I really miss Takumi…

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