Holiday Trivia #17

Another day brings another question, and another chance at a raffle ticket!

Another reminder to read the questions carefully and also to check your answer before you press submit.

As always, you have from midnight EST until 23:59 EST to submit your answer. All those who submit the right answer will receive an e-mail with their raffle ticket enclosed!

Q: What is the name of Shi-no’s (from Gram∞Maria) pet dog?
A: Maro / Marotan

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16 Responses to Holiday Trivia #17

  1. keri

    oh.. I didn’t get the “ticket” attachment with my e-mail >w<

  2. pengin

    oh.. i did get the answer right, but i didn’t get an email at all…

    ehh.. ><

    • Adrienne

      I haven’t sent all the tickets out yet. Please give me some time. I’m doing this all by myself, and there are over 100 entries per day. It hasn’t even been 12 hours yet and I won’t get to it until I get home from work today, after 10:00pm.

  3. keri

    I’m sorry for being impatient!! >w<….

    sorry :(

  4. pengin

    ah… real sorry.. ><

    i understand, i’m was just being impatient.. :(

  5. pengin

    ah… real sorry.. ><

    i understand, I was just being impatient.. :(

  6. pengin

    ah… real sorry.. ><

    i understand now…sorry, I was just being impatient.. :(

  7. Adrienne

    It’s okay… you don’t have to apologize so many times, haha.
    I’m just a bit stressed out, because the contest is A LOT of work, and I have my jobs and stuff to do too. With Christmas coming up, there’s a lot to do around here and it’s time consuming to send out tickets. So I need a bit of extra time to get them to everyone.

  8. pengin

    ha ha.. yeah.. >< my computer was kinda freaking out and kept freezing/ posting..

    but, man! this contest is sooo awesome!! :)

    i must win!! ^w^

  9. Adrienne

    Ooh, hahaha. I can delete some of them if you want.

    I’m glad you like the contest! I honestly never thought so many people would want to enter, so I’m really glad that it’s turned out well. ^^

    There’s five prizes, so that makes the chances of getting a prize a bit better! Good luck!

  10. pengin

    yeah.. haha.. you could delete the other ones.. >w<

  11. Umbrella

    Are you still sending the “tickets” for #17 ? ._____.

    Because I wrote Marotan but still didn’t got a ticket ;___;

    • Adrienne

      I just checked, and we did send the ticket out to you. I can forward it again if you like, but please check your spam folder since a lot of people have had their tickets go there.

  12. Umbrella

    I still checked it and there is no mail.

    did you wrote the email adress right?

    would be glad, if you try to send it again.
    Thank you very much !

  13. Adrienne

    Yeah, it was right. I copy and paste them, and it didn’t bounce back. I’ll try forwarding it again though.

  14. Umbrella

    Got it!! Thank you!

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