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L&DS to Disband
Monday, December 16, 2013 at 10:25am in Disbandments, One-mans, Translations

L&DS to Disband

Well this was unexpected! It turns out that their next upcoming single “Lovers &…” will be their last, as barely a week after the announcement, they’ve come out saying they’re planning on disbanding just a few days after. The following was left on their OHP regarding the statement, and has been translated by our own Shannon, along with each member’s comments.

Thank you for your continued support for L&DS.
We have an important announcement for everyone.
At this time, following the 1/15 one-man live at Takadanobaba AREA, L&DS will end activities and disband.
This decision was made due to the members’ music activities and lives.
We understand that this sudden announcement will cause trouble to our supporters and those involved.
There is only a little bit of time left, but because all of the members will act together with their best efforts, we would be happy if you could continue to give us your unchanging support.


To those who are concerned with L&DS
And to [our] Lovers,

At the Takadanobaba AREA
L&DS will disband.

I’m very, very sorry to all the members and all of you Lovers.
During the time I performed as L&DS’ vocalist – which was by no means long – I really learned a lot and met a lot of people.

Because of the many people who aided L&DS, and because of the encouraging voices of our Lovers, we were able to perform as L&DS until now.

It’s only natural that our band activities weren’t always fun, but I think that we couldn’t have come this far without our Lovers.

“Hand in Hand, let’s walk together, smiling together”

Like those words, I think we were able to spend time together as L&DS and Lovers without any shame.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for allowing me to share the times when, hand in hand, while helping each other, we also overcame struggles and laughed from our hearts together.

Thank you very much for continuing to support L&DS until now.

I’ll be happy if you show me your wonderful smiles until the very last moment.



I’m very sorry
for this sudden announcement.
It was a really difficult decision.

I’m really happy and fortunate
that I was able to be L&DS’ guitarist.
Thanks to the members and all of you, I learned and grew a lot.
Right now,
Thinking about how short this time in L&DS has felt,
makes me really feel “that was really fun” even until now.

To all of our Lovers, and to those who have given us their support until now,
I’m really grateful.
Thank you so much.

As for the single,
and the few lives we have left,
I want to enjoy it to the fullest with everyone.



First of all,
to all of you who followed us until now,
thank you.

And I’m really sorry for this being such a sudden announcement.

It’s been about half a year since I joined the band.
It seems long, but it passed in the blink of an eye.
When I first started off as a new member, I had a lot of worries and I wondered whether or not I could really keep doing it,
But, starting with you Lovers, and the members and staff, the reason came this far is because of all of your support.

I’m really grateful.

Since I was ushered in as a member of L&DS and I gave band activities a try, of course that wasn’t all fun and games,
but, of course, when I saw all of your smiles at our lives, it made me happy enough to forget all of the things that were worrying me.

It really made me feel about how awesome the real power of music and the power of you Lovers and fans is.
For showing me times that were so fun like this, and for teaching me the importance of the connections from person to person,
thank you.

I’ll put my heart and soul into the remaining lives and one-man.

Until the very end, come see L&DS with your own eyes.

Since I don’t like the dark,
Show me your beautiful smiles until the end, okay?



I’m very sorry that this sudden announcement isn’t a happy one, but a painful one.

Honestly, it doesn’t really feel like we’re breaking up yet. The members that were usually there, and the smiles of everyone that were always there, the fact that at the border of January 15th, those will no longer be the norm – that is the saddest thing.

The kid I knew from high school who had the true strength of impertinence, was without a doubt, then and now, the best vocalist;
The raw ore I met at the end of my teens, without a doubt, was the guitarist who carried the devotion born in winter;
The last member whose meeting made me start to believe in destiny, without a doubt, was the guitarist with an honest and beautiful heart;
The partner who walked along with me on this long band life path, without a doubt, was the absolute coolest drummer;
And, you, who gave us your smiles no matter the time and loved me, without a doubt, were the best fans.

I’m sorry that we have to make all of you Lovers who accompanied us until now sad.

I’m sorry I can’t keep my promise that I wouldn’t show my sadness that the band is ending already.

You might become a liar and a cheater like me, but only my feelings of love for you all were true.

Until the end, only believe what’s in front of your eyes.



I’m sorry for causing confusion with this sudden announcement.

I’ve been in bands for a long time,
but for finally happening across the best members and feeling complete as a band,
I’m grateful to the members, Lovers, and all of those involved.

As Kru, a member of L&DS, the last band in my life as a drummer, it was the best.

Thank you for supporting me.

There’s only one month left, but show me your leaping selves.



Their last live and third oneman “Lovers & Duo Style” will take place as mentioned above, on January 15th at Takadanobaba AREA. Tickets cost ¥3000 (¥3500 day of) and they’re currently on sale. Once additional information about their final single is announced, including instore events, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: OHP
Translation: Shannon


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