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ALSDEAD Loses Setsua
Monday, December 16, 2013 at 7:09pm in Departures, Lives, News, One-mans, Tours, Two-mans

ALSDEAD Loses Setsua


ALSDEAD fans were shocked and saddened earlier today when it was announced that in less than a month’s time, the band’s drummer, Setsua, will be departing.

Setsua, one of the founding members of ALSDEAD, has announced that after the band’s One Man, CODE OF RESISTANCE FINAL — FINAL CODE, on January 12th at Shibuya WWW, he will be leaving. The reasoning is not one of fighting, of disagreements or anger, but that of new horizons and a desire to change musical genres. Setsua has stated that he wants to continue on as a soloist, and the remaining members of ALSDEAD are ready to support their long-time friend.

The following announcement and member comments have been translated by Shattered-Tranquility’s Shannon.

[An Announcement from ALSDEAD for Everyone]

Thank you for your continuous support for ALSDEAD.

At this time, following the 1/12 ALSDEAD ONEMAN “FINAL CODE” at Shibuya WWW, drummer Setsua will be leaving the band.

After repeated discussions between the members, we arrived at this conclusion.

We deeply apologize to fans who have been supporting him for this sad announcement.

We will be continuing activities with a support drummer for all lives and events after the 1/12 show.

We ask that you please understand us and continue to give us your unchanging support.

[Member comments] [Setsua]

I’m sorry for worrying you all.
After thinking a lot of things over, following my last live at Shibuya WWW on 1/12,
I’ve decided to leave ALSDEAD.
As for the reason, to be honest…
I’ve started to want to try challenging myself at being a solo drummer.
I want to challenge myself by playing more different kinds of music.

I don’t really know how much appeal I have in myself… but I thought that I don’t want to regret anything in this one shot at life I have.
For many years, I’ve spent my youth with these members, and having to part with them was really painful. Courage was necessary for that.
Because they’ve been my companions in good times and bad.
I think I happened across some really good friends.
And ALSDEAD’s music is awesome, right!
I’m really grateful to the members who understand my selfish actions.
I’m really sorry to all of the ALSERs* who spent that time with me, but these are my true feelings.
Anyways, I want to spent my last lives having fun without any regrets.

Please continue to support ALSDEAD and the drummer Setsua.


First of all,

I’m sorry for surprising all of our supporters.
It’s sad news for all of you.
The drummer Setsua, who we started ALSDEAD together with and went through the good and bad with, has become like a brother to me,
And he was someone I felt like I could talk about anything with at any time.
Even with that kind of relationship, our viewpoints on music were just a little bit different.
It became a problem too big for ALSDEAD to ignore,
and we’ve talked a lot about it among us 4 members until now.
In the end, when we asked ourselves what decision was best for the future of ALSDEAD,
with the 1/12 live, we came to the conclusion that we should part ways with Setsua and walk along separate paths.
Because we’ll always support whatever path Setsua has chosen,
we think he’ll continue to support ALSDEAD from now on, too.
Because of that, I don’t want to waste a moment of those 5 remaining lives.
And at the big crossroad of that 1/12 live, I want to overcome that and continue walking on with all of you.
Because ALSDEAD has a strong will, and we’ll keep moving forward.
Please trust us and come along with us.


Unlike the other members, I only joined ALSDEAD about two years ago.
The time I’ve spent with the members might be short, but since my love for ALSDEAD is unmatched, I also love the other members that much.
Even now, that is unchanging.
I had a lot of talks with my rhythm partner, Secchan.
We talked earnestly about music, and we also talked about stupid stuff.
But I guess things started to be different at some point along the way.
This kind of announcement about Secchan’s retirement is probably a huge shock to all of you ALSERs.
I’m truly sorry.
However, this is the answer we came to after discussing among the 4 of us.
We’re continuing on separate paths from Secchan, but the fact that we’re all moving forward is definite.
I’d be happy if all of you ALSERs understood that this decision means we’re all moving forward.
Please continue to support ALSDEAD and Setsua from now on.


First of all, I want all of you who have supported us to forgive us for this betraying announcement.
We continued fumbling around for every possibility as much as we could, but in order for the band to continue, we couldn’t choose any other solution.
But I want you to at least believe this – that the remaining lives as the 4 of us are to face towards a future with no doubt.
Setsua and I were raised in the same neighborhood; we grew up listening to the same music; and we came through the good times and bad together with the same will until now.
It’s the decision we came up with after growing for a long time together, and as a result, deciding that we should continue living on separate paths in order to reach our goals.
When I think about how we helped each other since the time when I couldn’t tell left from right, I’m overcome by a lot of feelings, but I realized that I’m steadily moving forward with my own legs.
Even though his shape has changed, I want to continue supporting the drummer and my best friend, Setsua.


The members comments have suitably broken hearts, and also has helped to mend the pains caused by this depressing announcement. While Setsua will no longer be part of ALSDEAD, the band will continue on. However before anyone says their goodbyes, there are a few more lives set for ALSDEAD before the One Man!

12/22 @ Ikebukuro EDGE
Door: 17:30/18:00
TICKET: ¥3,000/¥3,500

-Wonder Closet presents- BLACK LINE
12/26 @ Shibuya REX
TIME: 17:00/17:30
TICKET: ¥3,000/¥3,500

『Black Hole 2013 FINAL GIG』
12/30 @ Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE
ACT: ALSDEAD/Black Gene For the Next Scene / jin-machine / ensoku / D.I.D. / CELL / VelBet / SCAPEGOAT / Gallo / SAVAGE / Nihilizm
TIME: 11:30/12:00
TICKET: ¥3,800/ ¥4,500

12/31 @ Takadanobaba AREA
WING WORKS/Awoi/Grieva/Scarlett
TIME: 11:30/ 12:15
TICKET: ¥4,000/ ¥4,500

1/12 @ Shibuya WWW
TIME: 17:30/ 18:00
TICKET: ¥2,800/ ¥3,300

On December 15th, Setsua was unable to perform at their Takadanobaba AREA live and ex-GALEYD’s drummer, Nikky, performed in his place. It is unknown at this time whether or not Nikky will support the band on their  two upcoming tours and multiple lives after Setsua’s departure. ALSDEAD, in fact, seems ready to march forward to the beat… unfortunately, not of Setsua’s drum. The band has a full schedule until the end of March.

「EDGE Circuit’14-Spring-Summer-Winter-Fall TOUR」

2/8 @ Sendai HOOK
Act: Alsdead, Scapegoat, Sel’m, D.I.D, Baddies, MoNoLith
2/15 @ Nagoya ell.FITSALL
Act: Alsdead, Scapegoat, Sel’m, D.I.D, Baddies, MoNoLith, Lycaon
2/16 @ Osaka FANJ twice
Act: Alsdead, Scapegoat, Sel’m, D.I.D, Baddies, MoNoLith, Lycaon
2/22 @ Ikebukuro EDGE
Act: Alsdead, Scapegoat, D.I.D, Baddies, MoNoLith, Lycaon

Time: 16:30/17:00
Ticket: ¥3000/¥3500

2/28 @ Takadanobaba AREA

Act: Alsdead, Ecthelion, REIGN, LOUD GRAPE, Revolv’, Xenon, NAINE
Time: 16:00/16:30
Ticket: ¥3000/¥3500

3/15 @ Takadanobaba AREA
Act: TRIGGAH, Alsdead, Nocturnal Bloodlust, DEATHGAZE, xTRiPx, Nihilizm
Time: 16:00/16:30


「Spring Cup TOUR」 ~Ikuzee! PUSH!~
3/19 @ Takadanobaba AREA
3/23 @ Nagoya ell.size
3/24 @ Osaka RUIDO

Act: Alsdead, chanty, the Raid., Gallo, LANDZ, Liphlich
Time: 16:30/17:00
Ticket: ¥3000/¥3500


EDGE Ikebukuro 2nd Anniversary 『Ikebukuro Standard』
3/29 @ Toshima Public Hall
Act: Alsdead, R Shitei, Kiryu, SCREW, Lycaon, LEZARD
Time: 16:00/16:30
Ticket; ¥5000/¥5500

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ALSDEAD Loses Setsua Reviewed by on . ALSDEAD fans were shocked and saddened earlier today when it was announced that in less than a month's time, the band's drummer, Setsua, will be departing. Sets ALSDEAD fans were shocked and saddened earlier today when it was announced that in less than a month's time, the band's drummer, Setsua, will be departing. Sets Rating:
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