Holiday Trivia # 14

Well, it’s that time of day again!

Yesterday’s question proved to be a bit tricky, but today’s might be a bit easier.

As always, you have from midnight EST until 23:59 EST to submit your answer. All those who submit the right answer will receive an e-mail with their raffle ticket enclosed!

Good luck!

Q: Name one band member who has changed their name (a complete change, not just a spelling change) three or more times. Include each name and the band it was used in.

A: Well, today’s had a lot of different answers and they were really exciting to see! Before I get to a bunch of the correct answers, I do have to say that there were many people who misread names (especially kanji) resulting in wrong answers because there was actually no name change at all.

Since a good number of people tried this one I will add that 英 is read as Hide, and therefore was not a name change.If you have any questions as to why you didn’t receive a ticket, or if you think we made a mistake and marked your answer incorrect when it was right, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can work it out (using the raffle e-mail, preferably;

Here are some (not all) of the possible answers (artist name / band name). Please note not every part of their history is listed.

Hitomi – Fatima
Sanaka – Fatima
Kanoma – Fatima
Hitomi – Moran

殀磨 (Youma) – 月蝕 (Gesshoku)
殆磨 (Hotoma) – Visun
京 (Kyo) – Masquerade, La:Sadie’s, Dir en grey

SEIJI – AMADEUS / Brain Hacker
Seth – Moi dix Mois
Z – Art Cube

砦 (Sai) – ジャクラ (Jakura)
ミヤミチ (Miyamichi) – ルフィー嬋命 (Ruephy Alive)
朋 (Tomo) – Pashya
砦 (Sai) – Session work

椋 (Ryou) – The Royal Crow
躯 / 696 (Mukuro) – HATED, MaveRick
亮平 (Ryouhei) – EAT YOU ALIVE

Kazuma – Kress Devia
たくま / タクマ (Takuma) – CELLT
ミト / 拓真 (Mito) – CELLT, 真剣組 (Gachigumi)

ゆうり+みるく (Yuuri+Miruku) – Alc<αA>dia
NANA – MASK, Rosanna
AZu –
優希 (Yuuki) – Support / Session work

あげは (Ageha) – 苺 (Ichigo)
桃宮苺 (Momomiya Chihiro) えぃみ→☆ (Eimy)
勇者にけ (Yuusha Nike) – Pizzcato.

未波 (Minami) – シニカルビスケット (Cynical Biscuit)
三狼 (Saburou) – メイ (Mei), ギフト (Gift), KuRt
Zill – Moran

綾舞 (Aya) – Gimmick, ストロベリー (Strawberry)
アカネ / 緋祢)(Akane) – Garnet, Mudgett
RUI – juliadoll, Jewel

楓 (Kaede) – 魅琴 (Mikoto)
霧緋 (Kirihi) – Ma’die Kusse, L’ie:Chris
切茜 (Kirua) – Kar+te=zyAnose
流鬼 / ルキ (Ruki) the GazettE

Acul – Cell*June
酒井洋明 (Sakai Hiroaki) – 12012

Please remeber that there ARE more answers than just these, but there were so many different ones that we’re not going to post them all.

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9 Responses to Holiday Trivia # 14

  1. phi-san

    Umm, stupid question…
    So minimum, they have to have a total of 3 names or 4 names? o___O”

  2. Kiri

    Good question! Crap!
    Going by the question, it appears to be 4 total… but does it count if they change their name back? D:

  3. Hiru

    it’s 3 OR more, so minimum 3 is fine =D and yes, it still counts if the members change their name back, technically they’re still changing their names

  4. Jonny Magnum

    What if they changed their name several times and were in different bands at the time. Does that count?

  5. Adrienne

    As long as they used three or more completely different names, it’s okay.

  6. Jonny Magnum

    Oh, then this isn’t so bad. Sweet!

  7. aoki

    RENNY AMY – D&L – born.

  8. aoki

    OMGASH XD sorry i got the question wrong

  9. Kizu



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