Kaya to sing with Hizaki Grace Project

Kaya to sing with Hizaki Grace Project
Seems like our queen, Kaya will be joining forces again with Hizaki…but this time he is going to sing for Hizaki Grace Project for the Xmas Eve event! Hiazki wrote Kaya’s newest release, Carmilla and in my opinion the two work wonderfully together music wise! Seems like its going to be a fun event! If any of our readers go, please write a review about it!!



Sources: Kaya’s blog

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6 Responses to Kaya to sing with Hizaki Grace Project

  1. Miku

    I agree! They do make a great team, and they look good together xD

  2. Miku

    Oh, and I actually hope perhaps one HIZAKI grace project release in the future will have Kaya on vocals. That would be awesome xD

  3. mija

    yesh! I love these two together!! with their velvet lolita dresses and curls XD; AND even though some people thought Carmilla was blah, I thought it was great!!! I hope Kaya will record with Hizaki Grace Project soon!!!!!!

  4. Miku

    BULLSHIT!!! There was nothing wrong with Carmilla, people just suck xDD

  5. Shane

    I hope, too, that Kaya recorded Curse of Virgo with HIZAKI Grace Project!
    I would love to hear Kaya’s voice with HIZAKI’s guitar.

    But if it is Juka I won’t complain cuz i love Juka too.

    But it better not be instrumental,
    ill be supremely pissed

  6. Yanique

    Trannies unite! :x

    I love Kaya’s voice too though.

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