Holiday Trivia #10

Okay, today’s is a bit trickier than the past ones, as photo questions tend to be. Make sure you include everything the question is asking for, and please note that multiple entries will be deleted; only the first one you send in counts.

You have from midnight EST until 23:59 EST to submit your answer. If you answer correctly, you will be e-mailed a numbered raffle ticket.

You can do whatever research necessary to find your answer!

Q: Who is the artist featured to your right? What band is he currently in, and what position? You can click the picture to see an enlarged version.

Hint: The band he is currently in performed their first live at the beginning of the summer of this year.

A: The band member in the photo is Mashiro, who is currently the vocalist for お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 (Oyuugi Wagamama-dan x 【PaRADEiS】) (more easily known as ‘Parade’).

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3 Responses to Holiday Trivia #10

  1. ldb

    Argh, CRAP. No wonder he looked familiar…
    At the first glance, I thought of ‘himeyuri’. i wasn’t really that familiar with them, and I think i’d be 100% wrong anyway, so I didn’t even try to answer the qn. :(

  2. Kiri

    *flail* WHY did Parade not occur to me? XD Kept coming up too…

  3. tophie


    this question made me smile =D

    I adore him and read his blog everyday so I was happy that this question came up xD

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