Holiday Trivia #8

All right! It’s time to start off a brand new week with a holiday trivia challenge!

So far it seems like people are doing pretty well! But don’t worry, even if you miss some you still have a good shot at the raffle!

If you have not received your tickets from previous days, please contact us so we can get everything straightened out! You have from midnight EST until 23:59 EST to submit your answer. If you answer correctly, you will be e-mailed a numbered raffle ticket.

You can do whatever research necessary to find your answer!

Q: What do ブレア (Burea), ClearVeil, chariots and Lycaon have in common?
A: The answer we were looking for, was that they each have a member who was formerly in the band ジャガー (Jaguar). Rara from Burea, Naruka from ClearVeil, Yuuri from chariots and Rito (formerly Ichigo) from Lycaon. However, we also accepted that they are all performing at UNDER CODE PRODUCED events.

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