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Gekijo Tenor to End Band Activities
Monday, December 8, 2014 at 8:22am in Breaking News, Disbandments, Lives, One-mans, Translations

Gekijo Tenor to End Band Activities


Fans of 劇情テノール (Gekijo Tenor) only have a few months left to enjoy one of their favorite bands, unfortunately.

On April 29, 2015, Gekijo Tenor will have their final live performance at Takadanobaba AREA. The band originally set out to play for a limited time only – until 2013 – but the overwhelming support of fans have allowed them to continue almost two years longer than anticipated. The official announcement and member comments have been translated in full below (by yours truly):


Gekijo Tenor started activities in the summer of 2012, but following our Takadanobaba AREA one-man on 2015.04.29 (Wed), we will end band activities. Please support us until the end!

Below are the details of the announcement:

[Release information] 2015.1.8 Double release!
-5th Full Album “hide and seek”
-Acoustic Album “#2”

[Mail-order Thanks Project Information] -For mail order of new releases, goods, and photos. Each customer will receive a recorded DVD present.

[Live Information*ONEMAN LIVE Ticket Pre-sale Begins 11/19~]

~TaNa birthday Sponsored EVENT [LUNATIC BEAT EMOTION]~
-2014.12.22 (Mon) Shibuya REX

~Acoustic mini ONEMAN LIVE [#2]~
-2015.1.24 (Sat) Cafe Dolce Vita

~3-month Continuous Two-part History ONEMAN LIVE~
[Part 1] Premium live
[Part 2] Free live
[Venue] Birth Shinjuku
-2015.2.13 (Fri) [History~Gekijo Tenor] -2015.3.24 (Tue) [History~Shall we dance?] -2015.4.2 (Thu) [History~Pureness & Purezza]

-2015.4.15 (Wed) Ikebukuro Cyber

-2015.4.29 (Wed) Takadanobaba AREA

Shinjo Kasumi

I’ve been moved in some ways by Gekijo Tenor, but due to each member’s personal circumstances, we started the band on the pretense that we’d only perform for a limited time until spring 2013. However, because of everyone’s support and how fun it was, we kept going until now! No, we were able to continue until now! I’m really, really grateful! There’s only a little time left, but please support us until the end!

Furthermore, I think every member is going to continue on with music in some way, if there’s time, maybe we’ll produce something or perform together again! Kasumi will request the next job of each member at once! o(^-^)o We’re working hard to be able to be able to tell you soon, so please continue to support us!

First, enjoy Gekijo Tenor to your heart’s content until 4/29!!


Gekijo Tenor started in June 2012, but we’ve be able to continue activities longer than we planned.

This has been the most productive time in my musical career, song-wise.
Gekijo Tenor’s songs will live on even after we finish band activities, so I hope you’ll listen to them and remember us once in a while.
I’ve had a lot of experiences and learned a lot of things with Gekijo Tenor.

I’ll personally be continuing with musical activities without a break, but I’ll hold the songs that the band “Gekijo Tenor” created in my heart and move forward.

There are only a few months left until our last performance. Please give us your support even more strongly than before!


In the nearly two and a half years that Gekijo Tenor has performed, I’ve learned more and had more experiences in this band unlike any other.
It’s absurd, you know, that I understand so many new things from this band, but I love these faces.
Some members will continue with music even after Gekijo Tenor disbands.
I’m still not sure whether or not I’m making a clean break from music or continuing on full-speed, but that depends on whether or not I think music is still a strong influence on my life.
You could take that as a way of me saying that it’s over, but I, the members, and Gekijo Tenor will keep having a blast until April, so please, please give us your support.

Ginga Tsubasa

To all supporters of Gekijo Tenor,

Thank you so much for everything until now. I’m really sorry that we have to disband in the end.
I thought I could play with this band for the rest of my life.
Since I was the last member who was invited, I thought “only if it’s with them.”
Chasing our dreams with the other members itself is a miracle.

No matter what band it is, they can keep going until they’re over. Everyone knows that. The time I’ve spent making music with Gekijo Tenor will be my greatest treasure.

It’ll be in a different field, but I plan to continue on with music as Hatano Tsubasa.
This sounds selfish, but please continue to support each members’ activities if you can.

Finally, to everyone who was involved with me and Gekijo Tenor until now,
We’ll end activites on 4/29, but please support us until the very last moment!

Gekijo Tenor has been around since 2012, but in that rather short amount of time, they’ve managed to release an impressive 5 full albums (including an acoustic album). They have another double album release planned for January 5, 2015. Details on both releases will be made in an upcoming separate article.

Source: vkdb, OHP


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