Tokyo Kinema Club

Tokyo Kinema Club

Address | 東京都台東区根岸1-1-14
English | 1-1-14 Negishi, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
Contact | 03-3874-7988 or


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From JR Uguisudani Station

  • Take the South Exit from the station.
  • Just outside of the exit there is a bridge to the left. Head over this bridge using the pedestrian walkway on the right side. Don’t use the left!
  • As soon as you get to the staircase leading down to the lower street level, take it and go straight. The venue will be about in the middle of the next block.
  • Head inside and take one of the elevators up to the reception desk on the 6th floor.


General Information

  • Max Capacity: 600 standing; 120 seated.
  • Drink Ticket: ¥500.
  • Box Office: 6th floor just off the elevator.
  • Accessibility: Floor 5 & 6; while elevators will take you to the entrance on floor 6, unfortunately you can only reach the hall on floor 5 via the stairs.
  • Lockers/Cloak: Lockers located along the left side of the stage; ¥500.
  • Restrooms: Behind the lockers.
  • Merchandise: Tables set up along the back wall.
  • Rail: Unconfirmed.
  • Lining Up: Along the street in front of the venue and/or along the pedestrian bridge beside it.
  • Irimachi/Demachi: Unconfirmed.
  • Reentry: Unconfirmed.



  • There are two elevators, but oftentimes one of them is designated for the bands’ use only. Make sure you get on the right one!
  • If you can do without your stuff, there are ¥300 lockers at the station just after you step outside. They’re a little bigger, and cheaper!


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