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Contest Winners & Celebrations
Friday, December 6, 2013 at 10:42am in Site

Contest Winners & Celebrations

ernfireworkThis year December 6th marks six years of activities for! We held a special Dress Ernie Contest to celebrate, but before we get to the winners, there’s a few words from the site’s Ku and Adrienne.

Message from Ku

First, let me thank those of you who entered the contest. I know it can be intimidating to put your art out there for all to see, but our staff — and our readers — were delighted to see what you came up with! I also want to say thank you to everyone who voted, and then of course to our regular and intermittent readers as well. may run on the passion of its staff, but can only exist as long as there are overseas fans hungry for news from the scene, and who come to our site to read it. We’ve lasted these long years because of our readership, which gives our team its positive attitudes and enthusiasm! We love hearing from you in comments sections and on social media, whether it’s to let us know about a story we’ve missed, to say how happy you are about a new release, or to weigh-in on a heated topic, like Gackt’s latest scandal or eyeball-licking vocalists.

Our past year has seen some major changes in the site; not only did we update our layout, we’ve reorganized our articles, brought in new staff members, aimed for more opportunities to work directly with the artists that you love, and so much more. All along the way we’ve striven to keep both the quality and quantity of our articles high and to make the number-one source for in-depth information straight from the scene. You’ve responded by continuing your patronage, and for that, I’d like to give you the biggest THANK YOU imaginable from the entire team.

Shattered-Tranquility will fundamentally always be a work in progress; we’ll continue developing and evolving as we go to meet the needs of our readers in every way possible. We always have an ear open for your questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns about the site. Thank you for being part of our extended family for so long in this crazy, crazy scene.

Message from Adrienne

Six years ago today, a group of four friends who had bonded over their love of Japanese visual artists created a group blog. What started off as something casual, unexpectedly grew into something much more. It’s no secret that we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but with all the changes we’ve implemented over the past year, we’re definitely ready to take on the new year like never before.

Thank you to all of the readers that have stuck with us through the years, and to those who casually drop by to catch up on what’s new. We’ll continue to bring you all that we can from the visual scene, so that you don’t have to miss out on your favourite bands.

As the last remaining founding member of, it’s extremely moving to know that there are people who want the site to succeed, and who dedicate their free time working towards that goal. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has kept the site going.

With a new year, comes fresh ideas, and new opportunities. We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!

Now on to our Six Year Anniversary Dress Ernie Contest winners! All of the staff members at want to thank everyone who participated. We were so impressed with how creative all the entries were.

The Dress Ernie Contest Winners are… (drum roll, please)

Reader’s Choice
Favourite Holiday Costume: Junta
Favourite VK Costume: Ellen

junta ellen

Reader’s Choice
Favourite Holiday Costume: Elizabeth
Favourite VK Costume: Ritsu

ElizabethV ritsu

Congratulations to our winners! We’ll be contacting you within the next day or so to for you to select your prize!

If you didn’t win this time, or didn’t get the chance to submit your design, never fear! We have most contests planned for the future.

Contest Winners & Celebrations Reviewed by on . This year December 6th marks six years of activities for! We held a special Dress Ernie Contest to celebrate, but before we get to the This year December 6th marks six years of activities for! We held a special Dress Ernie Contest to celebrate, but before we get to the Rating:
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