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anki of llll-Ligro Attempts to Explain Bad Actions in Final Farewell
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anki of llll-Ligro Attempts to Explain Bad Actions in Final Farewell


Many Shattered-Tranquility readers will remember the announcement made earlier this week that anki of llll-Ligro announced he would be leaving the band on December 19th, after llll-Ligro’s final live prior to their hiatus. This choice seemed to come out of nowhere for fans, but it seems that the truth always comes out, no matter how difficult it is to read (or, in anki’s case, write.)

anki’s departure comes on the tail of what was an extraordinarily dramatic journey through the business side of the visual kei industry, where music clashed with time, and time clashed with money. Most of the visual kei ‘business’ many fans have little to no understanding, instead sticking with the comforts of the final product. So, it comes as no surprise that the “severe opposing views” were more to do with money than music.

According to anki, the issues within the band stemmed from his opinion that ‘marketing is the most important thing,’ which clashed with the opinions of his bandmates and their record label, Death Trap Records. This resulted in a very angry video placed on youtube, which received well over 300,000 hits. Unfortunately, the video has since been removed, and Shattered-Tranquility has been unable to find a copy of the video on other online sources. The video, however, depicts the band yelling and threatening fans at a live. According to the band, no other member took part in the distribution of the video, which brought much attention (whether it be negative or positive is up to debate) to llll-Ligro.

When we announced the upcoming hiatus and the departure of anki, we stated that comments would be forthcoming, and today we have anki’s comment. What seemed to be a simple job became extraordinarily difficult; the translation is the work of AdventureTim, Ku, and Shannon of Shattered-Tranquility. Without their dedicated work, the translation would not have been possible. Please remember that republication of translations completed by Shattered-Tranquility staff is prohibited.


This will be my last blog.

First, I want to apologize.

I’m the offender who uploaded the video『V系バンドが客にマジギレ 【llll-Ligro-】』(V-kei Band Really Angry at Customers [llll-Ligro-]) to YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

The true identity of “zodiacx38” is me.

It was me acting alone, with no relation to the other members.
I made the video private when a year had passed with 307,034 plays.

The reason I uploaded it had to do with getting publicity and boosting our sales figures.

I am truly sorry for causing confusion among our fans.

But I won’t apologize for uploading the video.

If only because “I’ve spread the truth.”

We met our mobilization and sales-boosting goals, too.

If you say things like, “You wouldn’t have shouted if you were famous,” or, “You can get away with it because you’re anonymous,” then sure, I’m the bad guy.

But it’s the same whether we’re famous or unknown.

This might have been understood, but the title of the video wasn’t ill-intentioned; it was just the result of leveraging human psychology.

llll-Ligro-‘s weak point is that they worry too much over the quality of their recordings and miss deadlines, and can’t manage their schedule efficiently because fundamentally, they just do things at their own pace.

So even if they’d made a plan to do a free release, it would’ve just washed away.

Ever since I joined the band, I’ve felt that publicity is more important than anything.

At least, during this time when there’s not much chance to be used by the media.

llll-Ligro-‘s MCs from a time when they were troubled were offensive.

In the special footage included in the limited edition of our fourth single, “Fuki,” I could say that it was either accidental or inevitable that the president of Death trap-Records filmed us because we were booed incessantly.

And I came up with a good idea.

“If I use this footage, it will help clear up llll-Ligro-‘s poor advertising.”

Just as you read, the number of views skyrocketed.

Next, in order to resolve llll-Ligro-‘s weaknesses we put together a tight schedule.

If we left Death trap-Records and our exposure decreased it would be like putting the cart before the horse. So, I used the video I uploaded as a trigger to give our marketing strategies more power.

・Take charge of making CDs and management
・Holding in-store events
・Advertisement strategy and free releases
・Work out expenses for band activities and PV shooting from our sales
・Releasing the PV with the full song
・Opening free downloads for past releases
・Nationwide sales

If we could accomplish all of that, then we could surely make our third one-man live a success.

In other words, “If we fail, we should disband.”

In order to clear our goals we had to stick to our deadlines with a more workable schedule.

I speak the truth.

Only a little of my sensibility is in our first full album,

Since I, too, am only human, time was limited and destroyed the quality.

That was when arguments among the members started to increase.

It was between me, who won’t use our time improving quality until everyone agrees, and the other members, who stress quality and ignore deadlines.

But if we raise the quality, we can’t handle business and management.

We also can’t deliver goods on time.

I chose without hesitation.

At the same time, I bought the other members’ distrust.

But, we had run out of possibilities.

The deadline was also missed because llll-Ligro- is not my personal property.

In the end, we pushed our schedule in various ways including the fifth single, “Higanbana,” and made advertisements (the “Ligro Tissues” that Hinata suggested) but it ended with a lot of them left over.
[Translator’s note: Many businesses in Japan distribute tissue packets with advertisements on them; this is likely what Anki is referring to.]

I think the reason the third one-man live was unable to reach its target figures was the failure of the “Ligro Tissues.”

Because the crucial part for reaching our target figures ended in failure, we’re closer to disbandment.

But this year’s CD sales have increased exponentially compared to last year.

Because we were able to produce a PV, we completed our schedule aside from the free release.

I can say it with confidence.

“If anki didn’t exist, this year llll-Ligro- could have had more lives and studio time and raised their degree of output, but CD distribution, sale of the insect T-shirts, PV production, and even the talk [about the band] wouldn’t have happened so implementation would have been impossible.”

So, inversely, the trench between the other members and I deepened, the awareness that llll-Ligro- was in fierce opposition completely burst, and it boiled down to whether “the idealists will vanish” or “the realist will vanish.” I resigned myself to fall from the balance.

So between a breakup or hiatus wouldn’t it definitely be the latter??

It doesn’t mean llll-Ligro- will go on hiatus because I’m leaving.
The opposite is true, too.

So, I look forward to the llll-Ligro- to come.

Really; it isn’t cynicism.

Because we kept moving forward while tilting our heads at each other.

I want them to show me how they bend my will.

The last job of the year was to complete the new free distribution release and spend the time before next year putting it out there.


But that was annihilated.

Because the consequences of differing beliefs surfaced.

I thought, “You should use me to the end,” but I guess llll-Ligro- thought, “The member who is disappearing this year will not participate in the recordings this year as well.”

Or should I say, “We’ll put it out once we rearrange it.”

It seems like even their motivations are changing.

I’m a bit different, but I understand the feeling of those who can prioritize quality to the point where it hurts.

I’m a bandman, too, so the truth is I lived thinking only about music.

I’ve always been envious of “freedom.”

It was a joke, but since it was malicious, I wanted to test out the “distrust” spoken by the other members; I won’t forget the their expressions when I said, “Please announce the reason for my departure being ‘Anki’s death.’”


As I said the other day.

12/19 (Thur) Meguro Rock Maykan
Cure v-splash PRESENTS “V-SPLITS Vol.06”

I will depart from llll-Ligro- after the above mentioned live.

I can’t be with the people who would be able to boast “I’ve been supporting Illl-Ligro- since they were no names!” after the band grows, but starting next year, I’ll be searching for a new path in life to continue on.

Since I’ve always given it my all, I don’t have one iota of regret.

If you like, you could think of it as a refreshing feeling, overflowing with possibilities like “I’ll go home to Osaka,” or “I’ll go abroad,” or “I’ll be washed away by destiny.”

The anki of Illl-Ligro- was a devil who couldn’t choose the [right] way to help the band reach their goals.

Because there was no escape.

It’s okay if you think the worst of me.

It’s extreme, but if your chances of success decreased if you didn’t choose between relying on your parents, relying on women, and being involved in crime, what would you choose??

I won’t deny it unless it’s “I’ve stained my hands with crime.”

Though he has chosen, the bandman who idles and misses his chance to succeed is out of the question, but there are more than you think.

As for me, while I choose, I’ll work by myself to double my savings and use all of my power to put it to a practical use.

This is from a while ago, but since I’d go out by noontime and not come home until late at night, and the savings I’d worked out would always be going to the lives or the studio or band work, I was completely cut off from girls, haha.

In the world of survival, if I said I’d only eat chocolate, then I’d starve and it’d be like putting the cart before the horse.

As long as can keep living, I’ll even eat the weeds by the roadside.
[Translator’s note: basically, he’s saying that if he was picky, he’d fail, but at this point, he’d do anything.]

I’m also tired of hearing stuff like “I sacrificed everything for my band…” but I’m not a bandman that can justify that.

I hated and loved it.

It’s late, but for those of you who supported me until now…

I’m sorry, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.

.0 dehcaer sah iknA gnirernroc rof nwodtnuoC ehT

If there is a next time, I want to stand on a more direct stage.

llll-Ligro- anki


Fans can say goodbye to llll-ligro in its current lineup at their last event live on December 19th, or at one of the other upcoming lives.


LIV’ERT Tour『The advent of a new age』

12/2 @ Sendai Hook
ACT: LIV’ERT/llll-Ligro-/Cross hearT/HERe:NE/XIBALBA
OPEN: 17:30/START 18:00

12/3 @ Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK
ACT: LIV’ERT/llll-Ligro-/Cross hearT/HERe:NE/XIBALBA/etc.
OPEN: 17:30/START 18:00
TICKET: ¥2200/DOOR¥2700

ACT: LIV’ERT/llll-Ligro-/Lil.y/UNDER FALL JUSTICE/Kronos Cat/暗黒狂戯界 (ankokyu) /Corpse Corps/etc.
OPEN: 16:00/START 16:30

12/6 @ Ash OSAKA
OPEN: 16:00/START 16:30
TICKET: ¥3000/¥3500

12/11 @ Ikebukuro EDGE
ACT: LIV’ERT/llll-Ligro-/NEMETH/etc.
OPEN: 16:30/START 17:00
TICKET: ¥3000/¥3500

Cure v-splash PRESENTS “V-SPLITS Vol.06″
12/19 @ Meguro Rockmaykan
ACT: GRIEVA/JyuLie/Crimson Shiva/DuA’l/Hangyaku-teki kisei noize Rozero/La’veil MizeriA/ELM/llll-Ligro-
OPEN: 16:00/START 16:30
TICKET: ¥3000/¥3500

anki’s post has both shocked and offended fans and those involved with the band, so now we ask you, dear reader, what is your opinion of anki’s farewell? And do you think it was right?

Please your comments below!
Source: anki’s Blog


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