random fact of the day

random fact of the day
Did you know that before he was called JEKYLL the singer for unique band Elm was known as Tetora of Kamikaze Boyz?


Its great that all of Kamikaze Boyz are in groups now…Syuri is in Girl Goomie and of course Keiji and Shingo are in Mix Speaker’s Inc.

Any other bandmates you were happy to see in new groups this year?

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  1. Lotus

    I’m delighted that Sechi, Tara, and Kasumi have formed the Riotts together. And I’m ecstatic about Yuta being a member of SLOD ^_^

    I still haven’t seen the two that I’m REALLY waiting for join new bands, though.

  2. takaeri

    i love Jekyll-sama <3

    well it would be great if ex-NEU Jun joined any band..he was really talented boy!

  3. Valerie

    Who are they Lotus?

    • Lotus

      Shunsuke of ex.bis and Toki of ex.176BIZ. My two favorite rockers (plus Kenzo of Ayabie and Kanon of An Cafe) ^^;

  4. Komishika

    I still think it’s great that all the guys from Kamikaze Boyz are working in other bands, but it still doesn’t make me miss them as Kamikaze Boyz any less… they were win while they lasted.

  5. fumi

    he looks so different… like.. in a good way ^_^
    and I also agree with Lotus, I am excited about the Riotts coming out.
    The person(s) I want to see come out of their shells are Yuma, kiaki and oto, ex. KuRt
    (KuRt fan/nerd)

  6. Charmy

    wasnt jekyll in a band with reita, uruha and ruki of the gazette years ago?

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