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chariots down to one
Monday, November 30, 2009 at 2:15pm in Departures

chariots down to one

chariots have announced that after their live on February 27th, Akito, Tomo, Loki and Reiya will be leaving the band. Each of the members have posted comments on the OHP regarding the decision:

In chariots, I have been able to express the things that I’ve wanted to. However, for a short time now, we’ve been looking at the five of us continuing activities, and our opinions on the direction of our music and activities has become scattered. This is the conclusion that the five of us came to, against our will, and it seems like this is the right way for the band to continue. More over, the result came from numerous meetings, and has taken this sort of form. I sincerely apologize for how it has turned out.

As far as my personal vision goes, I can clearly see the things that I want to do from here on in, so although it may be difficult, I will continue on with this realization. I haven’t completely thought about the future of the band from hereon in, but although Akito, Tomo, Loki and Reiya are leaving chariots, I plan to carry on with the band.

Both myself and the four members have been eagerly living out our experiences through chariots’ activities, and it’s now time for us to advance down new paths. Originally we announced our February sponsored event tour, as well as a tour for our upcoming release, however, due to the current state of affairs which I feel may be selfish, we have changed it to the last live tour with the current line-up.

To all of you who have cheered us on, to the staff who started KISAKI’s office, to all those connected with the livehouses, everyone who collaborated with us in our events, I apologize for our decision and for the trouble. However, until the end, the five of us will try with all our might to express ‘chariots’, so please support us.


Time has really flown, but it’s already been two years since chariots started. We’ve passed into a time where the subject matter is very deep, however, for about a year now, I’ve been starting to wonder if me being in this band has any significance, and that the songs I write, don’t suit the band. Therefore, I’ve been doing activities fully aware that I had this feeling of insecurity about being in the band. I felt that there was no way that I could convey these feelings to everyone who has been cheering me on, but I confronted the members and KISAKI with my feelings.
As time has passed, we’ve lost sight of the direction we wanted to take and things have become vague within our songs, and also the goals that the members have started to feel different.
I have some regrets, but to have been able to meet the other for members, and more than anything to be able to meet with the fans that have been cheering us on, is the most amazing thing, and something that I’ll always remember.
The same time that chariots comes to an end, I will also be saying farewell to the name ‘Akito’, as I am starting fresh, want to progress down a new path and I want to meet new challenges.

For the remaining lives, one by one, I want the best memories to remain, and ot have the best lives with the other members.
To all of you who have been supporting me, I am truly sorry for always taking and never giving anything in return.
Some day, I want to pay you back by putting my feelings into a song.
I truly thank you.
I also am grateful for all of the amazing memories.


Everyone, I have something that I need to tell you.
In February, after our last tour, I will be leaving chariots.
The reason is that between the five of us that are in the band, we are unable to come to an agreement on the direction of the band.
Each of us took time to think about the shape of chariots, and we came to the decision that it would be best for us to each progress down different roads, and therefore I have decided to leave the band.
I am truly sorry to all the fans for these circumstances.
The five of us will pour all of our power into the last tour, so if you can support us, we will be very glad.
There are about three months left of my time in the ‘cool’ chariots, so please continue to support me.


As expressed in the announcement, we have decided that the four people will be leaving the band.
As for my feelings, I’m fairly sad, and I feel that it’s shameful, and I’m sorry.
I feel like a band is a living thing.
I don’t think that it’s all of the time.
About the evolution of the band, it’s something you create without being able to see the model.
However, there were too many things… so it ended up like this.
I’m not sure, but in chariots, from even the beginning there wasn’t anything that held the gears together.
When I joined, the band was already a year old, and it was quite a fast decision….
I regret that there will be fans who have supported us that will feel betrayed.
I’m truly sorry.
There’s only a short amount of time left as a bandman, but I want to make it count.
So, at our remaining lives, let’s set off huge fireworks!


Our live in February, 2010, will be my last with chariots as I am leaving the band.
I’m deeply sorry for the sharpness of the announcement.
The recording for our three part single has come to an end, we finished up our twoman with Nega, and I think that the members, for quite some time, have strongly felt that we are not aimed towards the same road. There are a lot of things that I cannot write here, and I have a lot of regrets, however, I feel confident in the conclusion that chariots cannot continue as it is.
During our activities there have been tough times, difficult times, regrettable times, and tears, but of course above all, we’ve had a lot of good times.
In the tough times, I was rescued by the fan’s smiling faces, you have given me a lot of energy.
I feel apologetic towards those who have been coming to see us all this time, however, there’s a huge discrepancy in our opinions on both music and the direction of the band, and it’s even more difficult because I can’t express myself 100%. I feel that facing everyone, this is extremely rude.
As it is, the core and the music that is put out by chariots is something that I feel I cannot continue on in, however, I don’t want to lie and cheat myself out of what we’ve done, and I’ve honestly put my all into it.
Riku will be the only one left in chariots, but after this please don’t forget that me, and the five of us who stood on the same stage.
As for the band’s future activities, I think that is something that KISAKI, who remains the producer of UNDER CODE will discuss and decide.
I love music, and I love the drums, and I still have some way to go, so I will continue to play.
Please wait for me.
I think that there will be a lot of people who will be saddened by this sudden news, but please understand that this is a positive decision for each of the members.
There isn’t a lot of time left, but for all that I’ve learned in chariots, I feel grateful, and will tackle these remaining lives with my full power, so please support me.

The band’s last tour with the current line-up will be called 「carnage opera」, and the dates are as follows:

February 14th @ OSAKA MUSE
Performing: chariots, Nega, ClearVeil, Aicle., -OZ-, LuLu, Kalvary

February 16th @ Hakata BEAT STATION
Performing: chariots, Nega, Heisei Ishin, -OZ-, LuLu, Kalvary, Arc

February 17th @ Hiroshima NIMIKI JUNCTION
Performing: chariots, Nega, Heisei Ishin, -OZ-, LuLu, Kalvary Arc

Februray 18th @ Matsuyama SALON KITTY
Performing: chariots, Nega, Heisei Ishin, -OZ-, LuLu, Kalvary Arc

February 20th @ Nagoya HEART LAND
Performing: chariots, Nega, Heisei Ishin, -OZ-, LuLu, Kalvary, Juliette

February 23rd @ Sendai HOOK SENDAI
Performing: chariots, Heisei Ishin, -OZ-, Nega, LuLU, Kalvary, Wednesday, MoNoLith

February 24th @ Niigata JUNK BOX
Performing: chariots, Nega, Heisei Ishin, -OZ-, LuLu, Kalvary, Wednesday, MoNoLith

February 27th @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE
Performing: chariots, Nega, -OZ-, LuLu, Arc

Source: vkdb, UCP OHP


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