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Avidit. to Disband
Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 8:32pm in Disbandments, Lives, News, One-mans, Tours, Translations

Avidit. to Disband


Avidit. fans had a lot of hopes and expectations for the upcoming year. After the announcement of Avidit’s first full-length album, Amoeba, in October and their One Man on November 28th, things seemed to be flying high.

Then the announcement came.

Avidit announced on November 28th that the band would be disbanding come March  27th, after their final One Man live. This news, as it generally does, comes to a shock to fans but not to the band itself, who had come to this decision long before the announcement.

The following announcement was posted to all members’ blogs and the OHP, with additional information regarding their final live. The entry has been translated by Shattered-Tranquility’s AdventureTim.

■An Important Announcement from Avidit.■

Our warmest thanks to everyone who has supported Avidit. even more than in the past.
We know this comes suddenly, but after a pileup of discussions between the members, we have decided to break up the band after our final one-man live on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL.
Still, we’ve planned a number of sponsored events and one-mans in the time up until the aforementioned date!
For details, please check our HP* or our members’ blogs.
To the fans who have supported us up till now, and our various affiliates, we apologize deeply for causing such confusion and inconvenience.
For what little time Avidit. has left as a band, the members will be forging on with all their might, so we hope you’ll give us your heated cheers in return.

-Shimizuya Records-

In addition to their final One Man on March 27th at Nagoya ell.FITSALL, there will be an additional final One Man on February 1st at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE. Information for those lives has been added below.’

Avidit. Final One Mans

2/1 @ Ikebukuro Black Hole
3/27 @ Nagoya ell.FITSALL

DOORS:  17:00/17:30
TICKET: ¥2,500/¥3,500

*All visitors will receive a copy of Avidit’s final release “LAST SONG.”

Avidit. today also announced a final sponsored Tour event, which will span 12 days and 8 cities.

Avidit. Last Sponsored Tour
「Shunkashūtō – Vol. 1 -」

2/19 @ Shibuya O-WEST
2/27 @ Osaka MUSE
2/28 @ Nagoya ElectricLadyLand
ACT: AUBE/Avidit./Lycaon/Awake/CARAT/DOWNER/AvelCain/RAVE
DOORS: 15:00/15:30
TICKETS: ¥3,800/¥4,800

Avidit. Last Sponsored Tour
「Shunkashūtō – Vol. 2 -」
3/2 @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
ACT: Avidit./Lustknot./Lil.y/One★Star (40 Minute sets)
DOORS: 16:30/17:00
TICKETS: ¥2,000/¥3,000

3/3 @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
ACT: Avidit. /ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/Chanty/A&D/Romancing Sei/Regalia/Serial⇔NUMBER/DOWNER (25 minute sets)
DOORS: 14:30/15:00
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

3/4 @ Ash OSAKA
ACT: Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/Chanty/Romancing Sei/Serial⇔NUMBER/DOWNER /Lustknot./Lil.y/METEOROID (25 minute sets)
DOORS: 14:30/15:00
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

3/6 @ Hiroshima Nagimi Junction
ACT: Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/Cradle/DOWNER/elm/AvelCain/ METEOROID (25 minute sets)
DOORS: 15:00/15:30
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

3/7 @ Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
ACT: Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/Cradle/DOWNER/Crimson Shiva/Elm/AvelCain/ METEOROID (25 minute sets)
DOORS: 15:00/15:30
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

3/10 @ Sendai HOOK
ACT: Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/Cradle/Crimson Shiva/One★Star/AvelCain/ METEOROID (25 minute sets)
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

ACT:Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/One★Star/AvelCain/METEOROID (25 minute sets)
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

3/13 @ Yokohama FAD
ACT: Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/One★Star/AvelCain/Lil.y (25 minute sets)
DOORS: 15:00/15:30
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

3/14 @ Ikebukuro CYBER
ACT: Avidit./ASTRID CROWN/Sibile Bashir/Romancing Sei/GLEIVE/Lustknot./Lil.y/One★Star/ (25 minute sets)
DOORS: 15:00/15:30
TICKETS: ¥3,500/¥4,500

*All visitors will receive a copy of Avidit’s final release “LAST SONG.”

In addition to the final announcement, Shattered-Tranquility’s Sabra has translated the members’ final comments.

◆Vo. Rize

“If after a storm there is only more rain,
you just have to wait until the sun comes out again.”

This is still very sudden,
and I’m sure that there are those who are saddened by it.

The truth is that after deciding to disband,
until we made the announcement today,
every live was gloomy,
and it felt like we were lying to everyone.
Standing on the stage smiling every day,
while our eyes conveyed the truth,
was honestly very painful.

But being able to tell all of you the about the disbandment today,
has really cleared up my conscience.

Now I have nothing to hide.

If I go forward full force,
only looking at what lies ahead of me,
there wont be any need to close my eyes.

Among the billions of people on this earth,
we are only small group of five people.

But if Avidit. can once again,
make everyone smile,

“If you start to smile, then I will sing with all my heart.
Even if we are far apart, it will reach you.”

Avidit. Rize

◆Gu. Nagisa

As was said in the announcement, Avidit. is disbanding.
There were just too many things we had to deal with, and it seemed like we were going to loose sight of the things that are truly important. Thank you so much for coming to see Avidit. .
These past three years flew by, but they were full of times that were happy, and fun, and that were sad and painful. Thinking back I know that all of my precious memories, and time spent with everyone, will continue to live on within my sentiments of this time.
We said this in our announcement, but until the 03/27 ell.FITSALL, Avidit. will still be together.
Until that day and final moment, please don’t loose sight of us.
Lets make each and every day of our remaining time into a precious memory together.

Avidit. Nagisa

◆Gu. Yuki
To everyone supporting Avidit.,
Thank you.
And also, sorry.
To speak frankly, there were days when doing the lives was absolute agony.
Even thoug seeing everyone’s smiling faces in the middle of a show could almost make me forget it.
I got to thinking about various things during down time, like when we were in transit or preparing for a show.
And I thought that what I was feeling could have been somewhat different that everyone else, but it seems like all of the members were feeling the same way.
After talking about it together, we decided to disband. However there are still four months left until Avidit. breaks up.
In February and March, we are once again going to have lives in many districts.
And lastly we will have a one man show.
Make the most that you can of each and every remaining live, so that you do not have any regrets.
Let us carve out the reason for us being here.

Avidit. Yuki

◆Ba. Hinata

We announced this at our Twenty Thousand Volts (Niman Denatsu)* one man show, but we are after our one man show on 3/27 Avidit. will disband.

During this one year joining forces with everyone and participation as the bassist of Avidit., there were many fun times, but also some difficult times as well.

We did jokingly fight an awful lot, didn`t we?

I was only in it for one year, but I still hold dear all of the members of Avidit., as well as everyone who continued to cheer us on.

Now, coming to an end, we`ve made many good friends along the way, so lets make the last one man the best yet.

Avidit. will absolutely until the very end blaze forward with all our might, so all of you continue to support us with all of your might.

Avidit. Hinata

◆Dr. Kikyo

I know this is a sudden announcement,
but Avidit. is disbanding.
Whether it was,
fans of Avidit.,
people who bought our music,
or people who came to see our lives,
we were able to meet many new people after staring this band.
The chance of being able to meet everyone, as well as all of the memories we made, are treasures so great there is nothing that could be substituted for them in an entire lifetime.
To express this with words might be too trivial,
but it is what I want all of you to take away from our last lives.
I will concentrate all my efforts so that everyone can go towards the end enjoyably and with a smile.

Avidit. Kikyo

How do you feel about this disbandment? And will you be able to attend Avidit’s final tour or One Man? If so, drop it in the comments below!

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Avidit. to Disband Reviewed by on . Avidit. fans had a lot of hopes and expectations for the upcoming year. After the announcement of Avidit's first full-length album, Amoeba, in October and their Avidit. fans had a lot of hopes and expectations for the upcoming year. After the announcement of Avidit's first full-length album, Amoeba, in October and their Rating:
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