Doremidan disbanding & 10th anniversary tour

Doremidan disbanding & 10th anniversary tour
ドレミ團 (Doremidan) announced that they will be disbanding on March 20th 2012 after their last live.

However, prior to the disbanding, the band will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with their last tour.
The dates for Doremidan’s Last Tour are as follows:
[Doremidan 10th Anniversary Tour'12 '10 Nen Onkai']
01/29 (Sun) @ Nagoya E.L.L
02/04 (Sat) @ Okayama IMAGE
02/05 (Sun) @ Hakata DRUMSON
02/10 (Fri) @ Niigata RED STAGE
02/12 (Sun) @ Sendai HooK
02/18 (Sat) @ Sapporo COLONY
02/19 (Sun) @ Sapporo COLONY
02/25 (Sat) @ Nara NEVER LAND
02/26 (Sun) @ OSAKA MUSE

['10 Nen Onkai' GRAND FINAL 'The Lasty live']
03/20 (Tue) @ Akasaka BLITZ

Source: Music Japan Plus


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  1. bella

    Oha, are there any comments yet?

  2. Aurora

    welp going to go cry now

  3. Hizu

    …. I should stop listening to J-Rock. WHY ALL MY FAVORITE BANDS ARE DISBANDING ONE AFTER ONE????
    It really breaks my heart.. I really can’t take much more ._.

  4. AF

    OMG PLEASE DON’TTTTTTTTTT! :( I love Makoto!!!

  5. Morgan

    NOOOOOOO!! =(

  6. Makato_fan

    NO NOn NO…….. I love this band very much……………..

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