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Interview with Satsuki
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 11:25am in Featured, Interviews

砂月-Satsuki- began his solo career on February 14th, 2009, after spending seven years as the vocalist for RENTRER EN SOI.

His first solo release, 「AWAKE」 came out via his online shop on May 9th, and that month he also started his 「AWAKENING TO MOONLIGHT」 tour, which even made a stop in Los Angeles, California. His next release, 「CRYSTAL」 was out on August 21st, which was followed by his 「PEER INTO YOUR CRYSTAL HEART」 tour, where he preformed in both Tokyo and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Satsuki attended this year’s Oni-con, which took place from October 30th until November 1st, in Houston, Texas. Shattered-Tranquility.net was able to sit down with the solo artist for an interview, where we asked him about his trip, his music and his life.

Please note that everything written in italics, was originally said in English.

Shattered-Tranquility.net: This is your second time in Houston, as you came a few years ago with your previous band. Are there any sights that you got to see that you haven’t visited before?
Satsuki: No, I haven’t been out yet. I arrived in America and then the next day – LIVE! Then the next day…is today! (Laughs)
S-T.net: Oh! How tiring! How did you have the energy to perform?
Satsuki: No, no energy…I have no energy.
S-T.net: You did a great job though!
Satsuki: No no. I’m very tired and very sleepy. I’m jetlagged.

S-T.net: On your blog you said it took 27 hours for you to get to Texas! Why was the trip so long?
Satsuki: Yes it took a while because of weather issues.
S-T.net: What did you do to pass the time?
Satsuki: I actually brought my traveling piano, so I was practicing for the live.

S-T.net: Have you had a chance to try BBQ or any food from Texas?
Satsuki: I want to eat BBQ!
S-T.net: Go eat at Goode Company, they have the best BBQ!
Satsuki: Good information!

S-T.net: How are your American fans different from your Japanese fans?
Satsuki: The fans in America are more passionate. Passionate. At first, Japanese fans are very shy.
S-T.net: Yeah, we are everywhere.
Satsuki: Good, good.

S-T.net: Were you nervous to play for us at the live?
Satsuki: Just a bit.

S-T.net: Do you want to play anywhere else?
Satsuki: I want to go to France.

S-T.net: What is your biggest challenge performing overseas?
Satsuki: The language.

S-T.net: You have another oneman this Christmas, what do you have planned?
Satsuki: Oh, I’m glad that you know about it! And you’re reading my blog too! I’m actually going to perform an unreleased song on piano.
S-T.net: Oh, that’s going to be great! So what is your biggest inspiration?
Satsuki: My bath time – my bath time influences me.
S-T.net: Do you do a lot of thinking in the bath?
Satsuki: Yes.

S-T.net: Are there any specific places that you visit to get inspiration?
Satsuki: Temples. It doesn’t really have anything to do with religion itself, but it’s more the style of the buildings, and an escape from daily life. They have this mystical feel to them.
S-T.net: Is it refreshing because they are located away from the city?
Satsuki: That’s part of it. Living in the city, I don’t get a chance to see them all the time.
S-T.net: Have you visited churches in America?
Satsuki: Actually, the cover for Crystal was shot at a church in Los Angeles. I’d like to see some in this area as well.
S-T.net: We have old ones in downtown Houston.
Satsuki: I’d really like to go.

S-T.net: What connection do you have with the religious imagery in your music?
Satsuki: To Japanese people, it has a pure kind of feeling to it, and an American image. In Japan, we have Buddha, and in America there’s Christianity, with Mary and Jesus. So, it’s a connection to America.

S-T.net: Your costumes and packaging are all very beautiful. Do you want to design any clothes or accessories?
Satsuki: (points to his outfit) My own design. I have no desire to actually make things myself. I’d rather convey my ideas to other people, and have them make it for me. Everything is my idea.
S-T.net: Then, is the direction of your PV and CD covers your ideas?
Satsuki: Yeah, it is.

S-T.net: Is that an advantage to being a solo artist, you can oversee everything?
Satsuki: 100% – I want to do everything. So…solo is good.

S-T.net: Do you ever get nervous performing solo?
Satsuki: I don’t get nervous, but it’sso lonely.

S-T.net: What was your most embarrassing moment as a solo artist?
Satsuki: Nothing has happened yet as a solo artist, but when I was in RENTRER EN SOI, my fly was open. It was totally, fully open! But I don’t think anything worse than that has happened.

S-T.net: Which song is your favorite to perform?
Satsuki: La Lune

S-T.net: What is your writing process in creating new music?
Satsuki: It’s different, depending on the song. For example, for ‘Veil of MARIA, I actually made the music first. For ‘La Lune’, it was composed on guitar first.

S-T.net: How did you get into music?
Satsuki: When I was in school I did it as a hobby, but after I graduated, I wanted to do it professionally.
S-T.net: Did you start off singing?
Satsuki: I started out on piano, guitar and drums!
S-T.net: Everyone was impressed with your playing on guitar and piano last night at the live. Then you headed towards the back with the drums and we were all hoping you would play them.
Satsuki: I should have played them! (Laughs)

S-T.net: Were your parents supportive about getting into the visual scene?
Satsuki: Not really, but now they are.

S-T.net: Can you share with us a childhood memory that you have?
Satsuki: Hmm, a memory? I used to walk every day as a kid, and one day I found a high spot in the street. My goal was to one day be able to jump off from that high spot. Recently, I returned to that spot, and realized that it wasn’t that high… it seemed so big when I was a child.

S-T.net: Do you have any other talents besides music?
Satsuki: Impersonations. (Laughs)
S-T.net: I would ask you to do one, but I am not sure you will.
Satsuki: I would but you might not know who they are. They’re of Japanese people.

S-T.net: What is your current obsession? Do you have anything that you’re collecting?
Satsuki: Crystal. I’m collecting glass crystals.
S-T.net: Is that inspiration for your release Crystal?
Satsuki: Yes.

S-T.net: What do you do on your free time?
Satsuki: See movies.
S-T.net: What kind of movies do you like?
Satsuki: Hannibal! I like Hannibal Lecter!
S-T.net: Do you like all of those movies?
Satsuki: Yeah! Red Dragon, and Silence of the Lambs.

S-T.net: If you could be a super hero, what power would you like to have?
Satsuki: Spider-Man!

S-T.net: I notice that you have tattoos, are they personal and will you get more?
Satsuki: Yes, they are. I won’t get any more right now.

S-T.net: Do you mind telling us your weak and strong points?
Satsuki: For my weak point, my likes and dislikes are very clear. And my strong point is that I’m a prince. (Laughs)
S-T.net: Only you can get away with an answer like that!
Satsuki: (Laughs) Thank you.

S-T.net: Can you tell us a secret about yourself?
Satsuki: I’m a really fast runner, but no one really knows that I am. I’m seriously fast. I’d never get caught if we were playing tag. It’s a secret… you can write it, but it’s a secret. (Laughs)

S-T.net: If you were on a deserted island, and you could only take three items with you, what would you bring?
Satsuki: Rice, ochazuke, which is a Japanese food… and a piano.
S-T.net: Rice and a piano?
Satsuki: Practice, eat, practice… (Laughs)
S-T.net: You can sing a rice song.「
Satsuki: (Laughs) RICE SONG RICE SONG!
S-T.net: New single: RICE!
Satsuki: (Laughs)
S-T.net: So if that comes out, that idea was mine!
Satsuki: OK!

S-T.net: What is your personal goal for 2010?
Satsuki: Learn more English! Study!
S-T.net: So far so good!
Satsuki: No no no, more more more!

S-T.net: Please give a message to your fans.
Satsuki: Please support me from now on. Even when I’m Japan, I’m always thinking of my fans in America.

Shattered-Tranquility.net would like to thank CURE Media USA for giving us the opportunity to talk with Satsuki. We also appreciate both Satsuki and Midori for taking time out of their busy schedules for this interview.

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