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Monday, November 11, 2013 at 9:27am in Contests, Site's Dress Ernie Contest

ernfireworkHello my dear readers!

Do you know what’s happening on December 6th, 2013? I’ll give you a few hints.

1. It’s a very important day to
2. It’s not my birthday.
3. SIX.

Did you get it? December 6th, 2013 is’s sixth year anniversary! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been going for so long, but we’re hoping for many more years to follow! In celebration of making it six years, will be hosting a contest featuring yours truly.

The Contest

All you have to do is dress me up in either a visual band inspired themed costume, or a holiday themed costume (since the holidays are right around the corner, and I absolutely love Christmas!). We’re giving away prizes in four categories:
Best VK Costume (chosen by readers), Best Holiday Costume (chosen by readers), Best VK Costume (chosen by staff), Best Holiday Costume (chosen by staff)

First you’ll need to download the file of me below (the blank one). The way you decide to dress me is totally up to you. You can print me out and draw, color, or throw paint on me, decorate me in a program like Photoshop or Paint, use your tablet to give me an awesome costume… whatever you feel comfortable using. And I want you to know that we’re not judging based on your artistic prowess, so if you can hardly draw a stick figure, don’t worry. We’re looking for something fun, creative, and that catches the spirit of the contest.

Here’s an example.

Once you’ve made me all fancy, save, scan, or take a photo of your creation. Head back to this page, fill out the form, and send us your file.

On December 3rd, we’ll release a voting page where you can check out the other entries, and vote for your favorite. The winners will be announced on December 6th; our six year anniversary!

The Rules

1. Only one entry per person is permitted.
2. Your submission must be original.
3. Submissions must be sent in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.

The Prizes

Now I’m sure this is what you’ve been waiting to hear about, because really now, what’s a contest without prizes? Our lucky four winners can choose from any of the lovely prizes in my Treasure Chest. Check out what’s there now, but keep your eye on it because we’ll be adding more in the upcoming days!

The File

This is the file you’ll need to make me (even more) awesome. (Click to get the large and easy to download version).

The Submission Form

Please fill out the submission form, and be sure to include either a URL to a place where your entry is uploaded, OR send your entry via e-mail to contact[@] (remove the square brackets) right after sending the form.

NOTE: We’ve had readers report problems with the form. If the form is not working for you, feel free to submit your entry via e-mail (to contact[@], without the square brackets). Please be sure to include your name, costume theme (Holiday or VK), costume description, your dressed up Ernie, and any additional comments you may have.’s Dress Ernie Contest Reviewed by on . Hello my dear readers! Do you know what's happening on December 6th, 2013? I'll give you a few hints. 1. It's a very important day to Hello my dear readers! Do you know what's happening on December 6th, 2013? I'll give you a few hints. 1. It's a very important day to Rating:
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