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v[NEU] disbandment comments
Monday, November 10, 2014 at 5:51am in Breaking News, Disbandments, News

v[NEU] disbandment comments

neu kaisan

We mentioned last month about v[NEU]’s impending disbandment, here are some comments from the band about the break-up. Translations are courtesy of Shannon:


A while ago, the 5 of us ate dinner together.

I tried to write it again, but recently all of the members have been eating and drinking together more often.

Maybe it’s because that, even when thinking back to when we first formed the band, now is the time when we can talk about anything. Now is when our hearts feel closest.

The announcement we made the other day is the decision made by the 5 of us.

I know a lot of you are thinking, “I want to know why! I want to know why!”

But, you see, all of us members talked about it over and over.
If we’re forced to come up with a reason why we’re disbanding, we’ll find tens or hundreds of things both big and small.

But these past irreplaceable five years, we’ve achieved our dreams, spending our lives seeing it through to the end.

I’m sure something happened to trigger this, but there isn’t one thing that makes me think, “That’s the cause!” or “It’s his fault!”
Honestly, if there is, it doesn’t matter.

More than finding that reason, thinking of all of the long and fun memories, the stupid talks, the voices, the laughter, seeing the passion of lives,

the gratitude I feel for the people around me and all of our v-freaks…

I want those thoughts to be more important.

The one thing that has left an impression on me is when our leader said, laughing together, “Isn’t it funny that the reason for this band’s breakup isn’t because of the usual reasons like musical differences or disputes between members? Haha. I know in my gut that we couldn’t have gone on if it wasn’t as the 5 of us.”

I’m sorry if that sounds egotistical.

Of course, I’m sad and a little hurt.

We’ve gotten comments from people whose names I don’t know or whose faces I’ve never seen like, “I thought you’d always be here! Backstabbers! Take some responsibility!” (bitter smile)

But we’ve gotten a lot more different comments than I imagined!

A lot of different voices are reaching us. Thank you.

You know, today makes me think that we’ve finally been able to accept those words.

Maybe it was our most recent live? Or even before that?

Even when I wake up, even when morning comes, it doesn’t feel like the beginning.

Time stopped…That sounds kind of corny, though. (laugh)

That was the first time.

The words wouldn’t come out, no matter who I was speaking to or what I was doing.

No, more like even when I talked about it, in my heart it didn’t feel like anything – like it wasn’t there.

Everyone around me was worried, but it felt like it was happening to another person.

But today, for the first time in a long time,

It’s like my eyes finally opened. It’s like morning finally came.

I got in touch with the members and staff. I was thirsty. I picked out clothes to go outside.

It felt like I was finally living the pulse of everyday life again.

I think it was since the announcement?

So I thought it was time for me to think of what I wanted to say,
And so I’m putting it into words.

I think it sounds bad because I haven’t written in a while? (laugh)

Well, this has gotten long,

But on our December 29th performance at Shibuya Kokaido, v[NEU] will disband.

Thank you for the support you’ve given us until now.

Even though we’ve announced it, the end isn’t until the end of this year.

For the remaining 2 months, I don’t want all of you supporters to spend your time being sad; I’ll sing with all of my might in the hopes that we can spend our time together wonderfully.

I’ll be happy if we can put on a good show together.

I’m nothing but grateful. Thank you.
Hiro’s Twitter

The five of us feel the same. The saddest thing will be when we lose the power to convey the music we love. We have the most power and values right now, and we are continuing to rise up. It’s different for every band, we’ve decided that the peak of that will be on the day of our disbandment. People will always die. In this one life that I have, I’ll place my bets on v[NEU] to see what dreams we can achieve, and what the 5 of us can leave behind.
Rel’s Twitter

In out 5th year, the decision we came to as the 5 members of v is disbandment. I understand our decision. We’ll play v’s music and make the time to make sure we have a place in your heart until we burn out. Let’s make our time left together as wonderful as we can.

As mentioned in the comments, the band’s final show as a unit will be December 29th at Shibuya Public Hall, click here for ticket information.

Source: v[NEU] Twitter, v[NEU] Mitsu’s Ameblo


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  • Chisa

    Somehow it was funny to read it but somehow it was a bit sad. They was one of my most favourite bands. v[NEU] will disband, than the Korean 2ne1 will break up,… so I will loose some of my most favourite groups. Hope some of them will be still doing music in the future.

  • Flora

    I THINK I get what he’s trying to say…

    There are some people in the world for whom success is a turn-off. The thing that really makes what they do enjoyable is the struggle, the trial-and-error, the seeing how fast & far you can take your craft. But in most cases, once you’ve hit it big, that’s the end of that – you’re encouraged to stay the course & play it safe so as to not jeopardize things. (Not to mention that being in a successful band is extremely time-consuming, so side projects have probably been on the back burner for a long time.) So they get bored; some eventually say “f*** success” and quit whatever it was to start over somewhere else.

    One of life’s great ironies: the people who desire fame & fortune the least are the most likely to get it.

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