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Kagrra, Announces Dissolution
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 11:01pm in Disbandments, News

Kagrra, Announces Dissolution

It seems the rumors are true. With great sadness, can now officially confirm Kagrra,’s sudden decision to disband.

From the OHP:

The Demise

We wish to announce that it has come to it that, as of the Thursday, March 3, 2011 concert at C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Kagrra, who had been continually active since their June 3, 2000 formation, will cease activities as a band.

For giving us your support over these 10 years, we thank you most sincerely.

The band members, as well, humbly offer their most heartfelt gratitude.

Embracing everybody’s feelings of gratitude, we will release one more album, titled “Hyakki Kenran,” on Wednesday, February 2, 2011. We will hold a countrywide “Angya – Hyakki Yakou ~Hi~” (“Pilgrimage – Mischief Night – Sun”) tour commencing on February 13, 2011, and concluding with the March 3, 2011 “Shuuen -Sakura mai chiru ano oka de~” (“The end ~Upon that hill where the sakura flutter~”) live at Shibuya’s C.C. Lemon Hall.

It’s naught but a short time we have left, but we hope for your continued favor in supporting us to the end.

November 11, 2010
PS Company, Ltd.
Tomomi Ozaki, Representative Director

I don’t have a lot to say. I’m still trying to process this. Kagrra, was really a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable act. I wish the members the very best in whatever future endeavors they pursue and thank them for the music and memories they leave behind.

ETA: The tracklist for the final album, courtesy of pinkbloodblog:

『百鬼絢爛』”Hyakki Kenran”
February 2, 2011 ON SALE

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) ¥3,990(tax inc.)
Item Number: YZPS-10003
*The DVD contains the PV for “Chigiri” and a very special collection of off-shots)

Regular Edition (CD only) ¥3,150(tax inc.)
Item Number: YZPS-10004

Track Listing
1.百鬼跳梁 (Hyakki chouryou)
2.契 (Chigiri)
3.隠恋慕 (Kakurenbo)
4.白ゐ嘘 (Shiroi uso)
5.鬼還 (Kikan)
6.月に斑雲 紫陽花に雨 (Tsuki ni murakumo, hana ni ame)
7.鬼咆 (Kihou)
8.魔夏の世の夢 (Manatsu no yo no yume)
9.四季 (Shiki)

It seems there are also plans for a final fan club “lunch party” trip in January in Sendai, the details of which can be found here and in the fan club mailer.


ETA 2: The official translations the members’ messages have been posted on the Official Myspace, along with dates for the last tour and information on how to enter the lottery for tickets from overseas.

It’s the time for Kagrra, to cease the activities, which have lasted for 11 years. This is the demise.

During these long years, thanks to the members, fans, staff and all the persons concerned, Kagrra, was able to create a unique culture pursuing the best music. However, we have found a final form in it as a result.

However, we believe that we should not be complacent with our current condition, therefore, we call it a demise.

As to the time I’ve spent with Kagrra, it’s no exaggeration to say that there are so many memories that I can not possibly resolve my feelings, even after I made this conclusion. As Isshi of Kagrra, I want to focus all my energy on to the end with all of you.

I want to say sorry to all the fans, staff and people concerned, who have been supporting us till now. However, I still believe that the music and the words that we have left will be alive forever in the future. We will pursue all the possibilities and begin our own activities in the future, although it’s hard to imagine how the future will be for myself. I will feel very happy if we can have your unchanged love from now on.

The belief that I had in saying “Where Kagrra, is, is where everyone is. Where everyone is, is where I am.” will not change.

Although it’s a farewell, I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have been supporting Kagrra, and Isshi.



We have a very important announcement for everyone today.

Kagrra, will stop activities after the live concert at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall on March 3rd, 2011.

The five of us have been making music for more than ten years, as Kagrra, it has been ten years.
I’ve met the best band members, we shared a dream and we grew up together.
A lot of things happened; not only good things,
but we have the best memories with our fans who loving our music and the staff we can trust.

Although we have celebrated our 10th anniversary,
in order to aim for a higher place,
we have had several discussions on the course of our future activities,
and reached a tough decision after considering all kinds of opinions.

To those who have been supporting us,
I’m so sorry to make such a sad announcement.

We are a band, which can not exist without Isshi, Shin, Nao, Izumi.
Our music will remain forever because it is unique,
and I will always be proud of Kagrra, as the most important band for me.

Thank you for being with us for ten years.

In the time remaining, the five of us will try our best to present the whole world of Kagrra,
with all our might.
Please support us until the very end.



As an unexpected announcement, after the discussion among all band members, Kagrra, will cease activities and come to a “Demise” after the live concert on March 3rd 2011.

The reason differs by each member. but to me, at the moment we have done what we can do and want to do as Kagrra,. It would be by pressure only if we continued these same activities without a pause.

Thanks to the support from a lot of people, we have made it through ten years, which is a long time.
The ten years with Kagrra, have become a life style to me, and I kept growing both as an artist and as a human being.

I’m proud of the band Kagrra, and at the same time I can never thank enough to everyone who has been supporting Kagrra,.

Thanks to every member of Kagrra, the fans, and the staff concerned.

There is still a little time left before the “Demise”, please keep your support up until the last minute with Kagrra, until then, we keep work as hard as we can



I’m so sorry for the sudden and unexpected announcement.
Based on a lot of discussions, we decided this is not possible to keep the band anymore.

Kagrra, is a band that has been supported by a lot of fans, staff and persons concerned for ten years long.
It’s been 10 years already and I keenly feel that the time goes by so fast.
Lives, tours, KITANSAI, in-store events, fan club trips. Amongst a lot of memories, the most impressive ones are “KITANSAI” and the “fan club trips”.
We had a lot of fun, planning how to make everyone happy, although there were some tough times like when being too busy during recording. We have found the fulfillment and sense of accomplishment in these events.
These were some of the few events where we could communicate with you.
The final two events have been scheduled, but we will try our best to make them more fun than ever, for you to enjoy.

I have spent 1/3 of my life as Nao of Kagrra,.
And although it makes me feel anxious and lonesome to leave Kagrra, But I will not bend down my head!
I will focus on the future and move forward with belief in myself.
The announcement might make you, who loves Kagrra, sad, but please don’t feel down and let’s move forward.
I am proud of everyone and “Auga” who have been supporting us.
There is little time left, but I hope we can say goodbye with a smile.

Thank you for being with us for ten years.



It’s a very disappointing result.
Celebrating the 10th anniversary, I felt that Kagrra, would have a new start.
I wanted to continue.
No matter for what reason, I wanted to continue this forever.

We started to discuss about this even before the tour “HYAKKI YAKO” starts, but hadn’t reached a conclusion for a long time. It was a tough tour.
However, we have had a lot of good memories from a pleasant tour.
In retrospect, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.
I really felt that we could still go on.
Unfortunately, I could neither save it nor stop it.

To be honest, there are moments I feel tired.
Why someone who would like to continue have to suffer? I questioned myself, but got no answer.

It has been great ten years.
We have received a lot of passionate support from you so we could continue on.
We got a lot of experience.
We created a lot of memories.
We have gained a lot of happiness. I could never thank you enough.

I believe that Kagrra, is a great band.
Now and ever.
It’s really nice to be a member of this band.
Kagrra, is everything to me.

Thank you very much to all of you.
Thank you very much for your love.
And, thanks to Kagrra,.

I am still Izumi of Kagrra, until next March.
Please keep up your support.
Let’s enjoy it until the very last minute.


Sources: Kagrra, OHP, Kagrra, Official Myspace, jrocknyc, VKDB, pinkbloodblog


Kagrra, Announces Dissolution Reviewed by on . It seems the rumors are true. With great sadness, can now officially confirm Kagrra,'s sudden decision to disband. From the OHP: The Demise We wish to a It seems the rumors are true. With great sadness, can now officially confirm Kagrra,'s sudden decision to disband. From the OHP: The Demise We wish to a Rating:
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