Moran’s restart & oneman

Moran's restart & oneman
We talked about Moran adding SIZNA and the event called 「Over The Edge ’10」 over here. Now the band has already restarted with a live on October 14 at Shibuya O-East! Their next event will be a oneman entitled 「Awake」 on December 24th at 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA).

Also this is the first look with SIZNA added. What do you think?

Source: OHP


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8 Responses to Moran’s restart & oneman

  1. bman_japan


  2. Valerie

    It’s great. I wonder if they have a bassist though.

  3. Aurora

    I love this look.

  4. Kiru

    I agree with everyone else, they’re looking great! Sizna fits in perfectly, I’m glad he joined Moran =)

  5. JenericTen

    I rather like Sizna with a relatively normal looking eyebrow. The ones he and Loki used to sport in Sugar were just epic. Though, in Moran, I think he looks fantastic and I am really excited for the band and very happy that they are continuing activities.

  6. P.Jelly

    I’m so happy they’re back ♥

  7. Sheena

    I’m really glad this band is continuing. :) I think we can all agree that Sizna is a great addition as well. And I’m really diggin’ this look.

  8. kittikotka


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