Kameleo: Something New, Something Old

Kameleo: Something New, Something Old

If you don’t remember, we introduced to you guys earlier a band called Kameleo. The details on the band were very limited– no band member identities, no blogs, no info except that they’re releasing a demonstration album.

However, there are now full details on their OHP now! And more ever, their appearance has been revealed. Do they look familiar to anyone…? No? Well maybe it’ll help you if I gave you their names and their faces. Here are the members:Left to Right: Ba. Kouichi, Gt. Takashi, Vo. Hikaru, Gt. Daisuke, Dr. Takeshi

Yes, these are the members of Kalvary who disbanded earlier in January 2011! However, Botan now goes by Daisuke, and Cinema now goes as Hikaru. I hope you Kalvary fans are happy to see them back in the music scene! I’m certainly surprised, and a little perplexed, but most definitely glad to see them again.

So, any excited Kalvar–I mean, Kameleo fans out there?

Source: OHP

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3 Responses to Kameleo: Something New, Something Old

  1. bella

    I knew it <3

  2. johnesh

    What is it with all these bands disbanding and then reforming with a new name but exactly the same members? Anyhow, hope their sound doesn’t change too much, as Kalvary was great.

    • Juri

      There are many possible reasons! Maybe they just wanted a fresh new start. Or perhaps they are unhappy under the company they are in.

      But yes, I hope their sound doesn’t change either. I really liked Kalvary’s music– very unique and characteristic, especially when they manage to incorporate some jazzy elements into their songs!

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