Haruma leaves DecoLa Hopping

Haruma leaves DecoLa Hopping
cul9n2ahqbA Thanks to Susanna for getting us to check this out! Haruma, the drummer of DecoLa Hopping, will be leaving the group after their oneman performance on January 24th at HOLIDAY NAGOYA.

In the message he has posted on the OHP, he explains that his decision is not due to bad blood between the members, or even a dislike for their musical direction. He basically feels that his skills in performing are weak, and that he wants to take a break from being a band member. His dreams are different now, and he therefore feels that he cannot continue in a band, and doing so half-heartedly.

He thanks all the fans who have been supporting home, and hope that they can do so until the end.

The band will also be having a last release with their current line-up, which is their 1st DVD CLIPS collection, 「fairy’s movie~えほんの世界へようこそ!~」 (~Ehon no Sekai e Youkoso~). The DVD will be out on January 27th and will contain two PVs plus a bonus track for 1575 yen.

The PVs included will be 「気まぐれ!?フェアリズム☆」 (Kimagure!? Fairyism) and 『トラヤムール』 (Torayamuuru).

Source: OHP

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3 Responses to Haruma leaves DecoLa Hopping

  1. Tay

    Mah, so they’re already losing their second drummer.
    I hope they’ll find a new one soon, ’cause I really like them.
    And I hope he’ll find his way in life.

  2. Jinx

    This band isn’t doing well with members. I hope this doesn’t hold them up. I really want to see them do well. ♥

  3. p o n

    ‘He basically feels that his skills in performing are weak’ thats so sad ;o; that he would think that of himself, but i guess he wants whats best for the band and would rather have them with skilled members ;^;

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