Girugamesh news

Girugamesh news
Let’s start with release news – Girugamesh has now own Android application available. You can check latest news, blog entries and Twitter updates with it. So if you got Android phone, check it out! Secondly, new live DVD will come out next year in February. Details aren’t yet announced.
And then, the band will hold special 13 days long live oneman events at Shibuya WWW.

東京Sadistic~ぶっとおし13days~ (Tokyo Sadistic ~buttooshi 13 days~) will start on February 27th. It got own site here.


“ガチンコバトル”day (“Gachinko battle”day)

“~13’s reborn”day

“バンドやろう”day (Band yarou”day)


(“Livehouse wo Akiba ni shiyou”day)

The movie girugamesh [3 performances]

(Setlist wo kimeru no ha ANATA”day)


裏ギルガメッシュ(生) (Ura girugamesh (nama))

“ガチンコバトル”day (“Gachinko battle”day)


東京Sadistic day

Tickets ¥4,200 each,
expect for March 4th ¥2,100 each

March 4th 劇場版ギルガメッシュ (Movie version Girugamesh) really includes three performances, and each part got own title:
エピソード1[新たなる絶望(仮)] | Episode 1 “The New Despair” (tentative) | Open 12:30 / Start 13:00
エピソード2[ギルガメの逆襲(仮)] | Episode 2 “Return of Girugame” (tentative) | Open 15:30 / Start 16:00
エピソード3[チバへの帰還(仮)] | Episode 3 “Return to Chiba” (tentative) | Open 18:30 / Start 19:00

Interesting, don’t you think?

If you will be around then, tickets will go on sale January 14th. Official Mobile Fanclub members also can get limited edition tickets which cost 50,000 yen and allows entry to all lives.

Source: OHP, tumblr

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  1. Hitsu

    I really wanted to check this app out :C it keeps saying it’s not available in my country though orz.

  2. Shin

    Ryoooo D: What have you done to your haaaaaiiiiirrr? D:
    Shuu o.o WTF? YOU LOOK HOT *O*

  3. Nathalie

    13’s reborn day… I’m in!

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