Ask Ernie: Do you know who this band is?

Ask Ernie: Do you know who this band is?
A reader who goes by DokiDoki Danger on twitter presented me with a quest about a mystery band!

Q: @stdotnet do you know which band is this?

A: I actually do know this band is! This band is レクレンズ (Rekurenzu). We talked about them over here.
Line up includes:
Vocals – みさき (Misaki)
Guitar & Programming – クマ (Kuma) [ex-beaU, ex-AibeLL, ex-GizeL]
Bass – ゆずき (Yuzuki) [ex-jail, ex-Homura]
Drums – まぁ (Mar) [ex-SectMa, ex-GizeL] (her twitter)

The band JUST came out with their first maxi single on October 16th and nation release will be on November 13th. They are also gave out a free one track single at their October 16th live. Check out their new site here.

I hope that helps DokiDoki Danger!! This concludes another edition of Ask Ernie!


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4 Responses to Ask Ernie: Do you know who this band is?

  1. jane_cutieh

    they look… funkey! XD
    by just looking at the pic, I was certain Mar’s on it. XD

  2. Hayapeko

    ohh i did not know mar is a girl~, but well, i was not much into sectma and GizeL~

  3. Mythomanya

    Like Jane_Cutieh, I knew Mar was on it when I saw the picture lol.
    I’m happy you mentionning it’s a girl. There’s a lot of people who still think she’s actually a male LOL

  4. Aurora

    omg mars outfit. she always has the cutest outfits ;3; i’m gonna have to follow them cause they look like their sound is gonna be fun

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